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Maldraxxus Treasures: Locations and Loot

by Laura
All maldraxxus treasure chests locations

All treasure chests in Maldraxxus. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Treasures of Maldraxxus, part of the meta achievement Maldraxxus Mastered. Contains all Maldraxxus mounts, pets and toys that drop from treasures. Have fun!

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Ornate Bone Shield/way 47.3, 62.1Shield: Hauk's Battle-Scarred BulwarkThe Ornate Boneshield is leaning against the skull
Halis's Lunch Pail/way 30.8, 28.8Random food
Stolen Jar/way 66.1, 50.4Item: Reclamed VesselThe Stolen Jar is in a cave behind a few mushrooms. Reclamed Vessel can be turned in for 75 reputation with The Undying Army at Overseer Kalvaros /way 54, 50.9
Sword of Oonar/way 51.4, 48.5Pet: Oonar's Arm Sword: SorrowbaneRead full instructions on how to obtain Sorrowbane and Oonar's Arm below this table
Chest of Eyes/way 49.5, 15.1Toy: Sp-eye-glassThe road to the Chest of Eyes starts at 51.5, 13.7
Glutharn's Stash/way 72.9, 52.5Kill the mobs in the room to open Glutharn's Stash
Plaguefallen Chest/way 57.7, 75.9Pet: Reanimated PlagueTo get to the Plaguefallen Chest, first grab 10 stacks of the Concentrated Plague buff in the green slime around 62.6, 76.5 for Plaguefallen. Enter the cave at 62.3, 76.6 while Plaguefallen and interact with the Pipe to get to the treasure
Kyrian Keepsake/way 32.7, 21.3Speak with the Kyrian Corpse to get the Kyrian Keepsake
Vat of Conspicuous Slime/way 59.9, 18.9Toy: Phial of Ravenous SlimePick up the Empty Plague Bottle on the table and use it on the Vat of Conspicuous Slime
Necro Tome/way 42.4, 23.3Toy: The Necronom-i-nomTo get the Necronom-i-nom toy you have to be on the quest Read Between the Lines. Start the questchain by speaking to Ta'eran at /way 40.7, 33.05
Forgotten Momentos/way 22.5, 30.6Enter the building at /way 24.5, 31.8 and go left. The chest will be behind a fence in the wall; walk past, take a right and pull on the Vault Portcullis chain at /way 22. 30.4 to open
Misplaced Supplies/way 62.4, 60The Misplaced Supplies Treasure is on top of the big mushroom; start climbing at /way 61.9, 58.5
Runespeaker's Trove/way 31.8, 70Shoulder: Stained Bonefused MantleKill Runespeaker Phaeton at 38, 70.2 to get the Runespeaker's Key, which you need to open Runespeaker's Trove
Ritualist's Cache/way 64.7, 24.8Item: Page 76 of the Necronom-i-nomTo loot the Ritualist's Cache you must first stop the binding ritual. Loot the Missing Ritual Pages from the bone pile at /way 69.9, 31.1 . Go inside the building at /way 71.7, 35.4 and interact with the Book of Binding Rituals. You now have 5 minutes to open the Ritualist's Cache
Blackhound Cache/way 44.1, 39.9Not part of the Treasures of Maldraxxus achievement. Blackhound Cache can only be opened by players with the Necrolord Covenant. Bring 100 Anima-bound Wraps to Summoner Gerard Visectus and escort him to the treasure.
Note: mages and players with the Night Fae Covenant can blink through the gate, though this usually causes the treasure to despawn.

How to get the Sword of Oonar, Sorrowbane and Oonar’s Arm

To get the Sword of Oonar treasure, which contains the pet Oonar’s Arm and the Sword Sorrowbane, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Wait for a day that the World Quest ! A Few Bumps Along The Way is up
  2. Buy a Potion of Unusual Strength from Au’larrynar at /way 53.6, 47.8 . To unlock this vendor you must have completed the side quests in the area. Do not drink the potion yet!
  3. Buy a Strength of Blood potion from Ta’tru in Revendreth, /way Revendreth 51, 78.8 . Do not drink the potion yet!
  4. Put your Hearthstone at the Theater of Pain (Innkeeper is Slumbar Valorum at /way 50.9, 53.1)
  5. Complete WQ ! A few Bumps Along The Way to get two stacks of the Battle Hardened buff. This buff lasts 10 minutes.
  6. Go to Glutharn’s Decay at /way 76.8, 56.9 and grab 4 stacks of the buff Edible Redcap by interacting with red mushrooms. Watch out for the rare mob Deadly Dapperling – you do not want to engage him now.
  7. You should now have 2 stacks of the Battle Hardened buff, and 4 stacks of Edible Redcap. Use your hearthstone to get back to Theater of Pain.
  8. Run down the stairs or use a goblin glider kit to get to Sorrowbane.
  9. First drink the Strength of Blood potion, and then Potion of Unusual Strength.
  10. You should now have 4 buffs active: 2 stacks of Battle Hardened, 4 stacks of Edible Redcap, Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength.
  11. Pull out the sword.
  12. Pull out Oonar’s Arm.

Obtaining Sorrowbane will also grant you the achievement Harvester of Sorrow.

Note: to pull out Oonar’s Arm, you only need the 4 stacks of the Edible Redcap buff.

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