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Revendreth Treasures: Locations and Loot

by Laura
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All treasure chests in Revendreth. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Treasures of Revendreth, part of the meta achievement Revendreth Resolved. Contains all Revendreth mounts, pets and toys that drop from treasures. Have fun!

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Lost Quill/way 37.7, 69.3Pet: Refilling InkwellTo get the treasure and the Lost Quill pet, first go to /way 37.7, 68.7 under the wall and loot the small bottle of Forbidden Ink. Then climb up the wall and talk to the Lost Quill.
The Count/way 57.4, 43.4Pet: The Count's PendantYou need 99 Infused Ruby to open the The Count treasure. You can start looting Infused Ruby after completing the sidequest The Endmire at /way 65.1, 63.5 . They are a drop from some World Quests or can be farmed by killing Depraved mobs in the Halls of Atonement area.
Vrytha's Dredglaive/way 70.15, 60.05Warglaive: Vyrtha's DredglaiveUnder the bridge
Taskmaster's Trove/way 63.05, 72.2Interact with the Ingress and Egress Rites scroll at /way 63.4, 74, then walk to the treasure without touching any orbs.
Forbidden Chamber/way 47.5, 55.35Toy: Stonewrought SentryEnter the tower at /way 46.7, 55.6 . To open the door, you first need to use the Discarded Anima Canister (/way 47.6, 55.3) to Drain 5 Silent Observers. Open the door, collect the treasure and use the lever to exit.
Stylish Parasol/way 38.4, 44.3Toy: Stylish Black ParasolUse the elevator at /way 42.1, 47.1 , then turn right and follow the stairs down.
Rapier of the Fearless/way 80, 37.1Sword: Rapier of the Fearless
Makeshift Muckpool/way 29.7, 37.2Toy: Muckpool CookpotThe path to Makeshift Muckpool starts at 28.2, 38.0 . You need 30 Infused Ruby to open Makeshift Muckpool. You can start looting Infused Ruby after completing the sidequest The Endmire at /way 65.1, 63.5 . They are a drop from some World Quests or can be farmed by killing Depraved mobs in the Halls of Atonement area.
Blanchy Assisted/way 63.2, 43.1Mount: Blanchy's ReinsThe respawn timer of Dead Blanchy is between 1 and 2 hours. Click here for a guide on how to assist Blanchy and obtain the Sinrunner Blanchy mount. No longer required for the Treasures of Revendreth achievement
Smuggled Cache/way 31, 55.1Item: Bundle of Smuggled Parasol ComponentsItem starts the quest Parasol Components, which rewards 35 Infused Ruby.
Filcher's Prize/way 64.2, 72.7Item: Orb of Burgeoning Ambition
Remlate's Hidden Cache/way 61.5, 58.6On the outer wall of Darkhaven. Go to /way 60.4, 60.2 right of the flight master and carefully make your way along the outer wall.
Gilded Plum Chest/way 75.2, 56.5Item: Tantalizingly Large Plum (trash item worth decent gold - as long as you hold it you cannot heal by eating)To get the Gilded Plum Treasure you need to kill the Greedy Soul who patrols along the road. It will drop the treasure when you defeat it.
Chest of Envious Dreams/way 69.4, 77.9Toy: Mirror of Envious DreamsOpening this chest will cause mobs to attack you, so tread carefully
Wayfarer's Abandoned Spoils/way 68.5, 64.6Reach the Wayfarer's Abandoned Spoils by using the Bounding Shroom at /way 68, 64.6
Fleeing Soul's Bundle/way 46.6, 58.1The path to the Fleeing Soul's bundle starts at /way 44.3, 58.7 (near the elevator). Alternatively you can use the Bounding Shroom due east to jump up.
Abandoned Curios/way 51.8, 59.6Reach the Abandoned Curious by using the Bounding Shroom at /way 52.5, 59.2 or by taking the path starting at 51, 59.6


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