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Rozzi Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura

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Rozzi’s Skills

Rozzi is a comparatively newer release in the game. However, she is still a reliable player. Most of her skills are long-ranged with fatal damage-causing effects. This article will provide you with ample guidance regarding her skills, build options, playing guide, duo & squad gameplay options, and her strengths & weaknesses. Let’s discuss her passive, QWER, and weapon skills first.  

Easy Shot (Q)
60 SP; 6 secs cooldown
Rozzi fires her pistols in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit. If she hits an enemy, her next movement command within a few seconds will be a dash and the cooldown of Easy Shot is reduced.
Flutter (W)
70 SP; 9 secs cooldown
Rozzi unloads a barrage of bullets in an area around her, dealing damage to enemies in range, decreasing their defense for a few seconds and stopping their Life Steal, HP regen and recovery from food.
While Rozzi is shooting, her movement speed is increased and she reloads her gun.
Gun Vault (E)
70 SP; 18 secs cooldown
Rozzi vaults over her target and shoots them, dealing damage. While jumping, Rozzi is untargetable and cannot take damage. Rozzi can use Gun Vault again within a few seconds of an enemy being hit, knocking them back, dealing damage, and stunning them if they hit a wall.
Semtex Bomb Mk II (R)
90 SP, 30 secs cooldown
Rozzi launches a semtex bomb that explodes a few seconds after attaching to an enemy or the ground, dealing damage.
Enemies with the bomb attached have their movement speed decreased.
Normal attacks on the target a few times will cause it to explode immediately, dealing additional damage equal to a ratio of the target's Max HP, reducing its cooldown, and increasing Rozzi's movement speed. Attacking enemies with a skill while the bomb is attached counts as a few normal attacks.
Dual Wield (Passive)
No Cost
After Rozzi uses a skill, her next normal attack within a few seconds triggers twice consecutively, dealing damage.
Rozzi gains SP equal to a ratio of her HP recovery when she eats food made from chocolate.
She gains HP equal to a ratio of her SP recovery when she drinks something made from chocolate.
Aya_MovingReload_DWeapon Skill: Moving Reload (D)
No cost; 55 secs cooldown
Increase movement speed and quickly reload your gun.
The cooldowns of all your other skills are reduced, except for your passive and weapon skills.

Dual Wield – Passive

Rozzi unleashes two bullets with her Normal attack after she casts any of her QWER skills. Besides this, she can also gain her HP and SP once she eats or drinks items with chocolate. The skill damage for the Dual Wield is up to 70%, and the duration is 3 seconds.

Easy Shot – Q

The Brazilian fighter fires her weapon in a targeted direction and deals damage. The Q skill of Rozzi also enables her to dash in a specific direction after she successfully hits her enemies. The cooldown for the Easy Shot attack also gets reduced once she successfully hits her target. The cooldown time for this move is 6 seconds, and the SP cost is 70-110. 

Flutter – W

Rozzi unleashes several bullets in a given direction with her W skill. This move has insane damage with a low cooldown and moderate HP cost. The attack range for this skill is relatively more limited, i.e., 3 meters only.  

Besides, she also reduces the defense of her target by 12-20%. With this, she then increases her movement speed, and she reloads her pistol. 

Gun Vault – E

With the Gun Vault attack, Rozzi leaps over the head of her target and fire bullets afterward to cause damage. The vaulting ability of the Brazilian character enables her to change her direction quickly. She can also stun her opponents if she manages to push her target to a wall or other physical block. The Gun Vault’s cooldown time is 10-18 seconds, and the SP cost is 70-110.  

Semtex Bomb Mk II – R

Rozzi fires a Semtex Bomb in a given direction to cause damage with her ultimate skill. Enemies hit by the Semtex Bomb get their movement speeds reduced and become vulnerable. Hitting the target with any other skills will also give Rozzi extra speed and lesser time for the bomb to explode. The cooldown time for this skill is 20-30 seconds, and the SP cost is 90. The attack range for the R skill attack of Rozzi is 5 meters.   

Moving Reload – D

You can quickly reload your pistol weapon with this weapon skill. The best part is that you can also reduce the cooldown time for other skills except for the passive skill of Rozzi with the moving reload. The cooldown time for this weapon skill is 30-50 seconds, and movement speed increases by 25-70%.   

Skill Leveling Order

Passive> R> W> Q> E

Rozzi’s skills are pretty balanced. It is tough to make a skill order of characters such as Rozzi. However, we would recommend you to put the maximum points in maximizing the passive and the ultimate skills of Rozzi. 

You can opt among any of the last three skills (W, Q, and E) to put more points based on your preference. But do remember to give more importance to the Dual Wield and the Semtex Bomb Mk II skill attacks. This skill order is helpful for both of the builds we are mentioning below.  

Rozzi’s Builds

Rozzi Build with Magnum-Boa

best rozzi pistol build

Rozzi Build with Magnum-Boa; Shared Plan ID 317044

Our first build choice is to go with the Magnum-Boa. This pistol type is fully loaded with attack power and attack speed. Other than this, it also has six bullets in its magazine. So, you can unleash six straight shots without worrying about the reloads to cause more consecutive damage to your opponents. 

Overall, this build is more oriented for the late gameplay dominance. So, the best idea would be to remain careful and quietly find your items first and then unleash the attacking powers of Rozzi. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Magnum-Boa
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet 
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Leg: Bucephalus
  • Accessory: Magazine

Desired route for this build: 

Avenue> Chapel> Hotel> Alley> Dock

You would need to pass through five zones to build your items altogether. This build path will enable you to form your primary weapon after the first three zones. The build route might seem a bit harder with all the zones being away from each other. However, there are teleporters in every zone and once you acquire the Magnum-Boa, you will find it easier to compete with your opponents. 

The most challenging thing about this build path is that you would be starting your journey from Avenue. Avenue is a relatively more competitive zone to get things started. If you manage to survive the early gameplay in this build route, you will dominate the latter part of the game. 

Rozzi Build with Electron Blaster

easy rozzi pistol build eternal return

Rozzi Build with Electron Blaster; Shared Plan ID 317046

The second build is a relatively easier and more effective one with Electron Blaster as the primary weapon. Electron Blaster is a very effective pistol variant with an Attack Power of +61, Attack Speed of +50%, Extra-Normal Attack Damage (ENAD) of +25, and Movement Speed of +0.1. Overall, it is a super quick build type with fewer zones to travel. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Electron Blaster
  • Chest: Crusader Armor
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet 
  • Arm: Vital Sign Sensor
  • Leg: White Rhinos
  • Accessory: Schrodinger’s Box

Desired route for this build: 

Uptown> Factory> Chapel> Cemetery

A four zoner build path is always welcoming in this game. You do not often see the four-zoner build routes for building your items ultimately. The unique factor about this build path is that most of the zones are closer to each other and are less competitive than the first build route. 

You can quickly build all the required items and then hunt down your opponents. It is a two-zoner weapon build-up, so you can quickly try your hands at the Electron Blaster after the second zone. Factory zone can also be a killing zone for Rozzi once she gets her Electron Blaster. Aggressive gameplay is only for the final stages of the game in this build, so be quick in going through the four zones and then kill as many opponents as you can afterward. 

How to Play Rozzi

Rozzi is an ultra-attacking and aggressive player. You cannot hold her back and play defensively. Actively hunt down your opponents, especially when you have built your pistol weapon properly. Following guides regarding each of her skills will surely help you in this regard. 

Passive Skill Guide

The Normal auto attacks of two gunshots are an added advantage while playing as Rozzi. This passive attack helps you to cause more damage with the QWER skills of the Brazilian Mercenary. Since the move has no cost and is automatically activated, you should not bother about activating the passive skill of Rozzi. 

However, you can also utilize the passive skill of Rozzi for HP and SP gain. Just eat food made of chocolate or drink anything made of chocolate, and you will not run out of HP or SP.  Chocolate can be found in Uptown, Avenue and the Archery Range, so go scavenging there for ingredients!

Q Skill Guide

Easy Shot has a range of 5.5 meters. You can easily target your rival character by standing a bit farther as well. The cooldown time for the Q skill of Rozzi is low, so you can afford to use it quite often. 

However, it would help if you were accurate in hitting your enemies. Once you do that, the cooldown for this skill will be reduced. Besides cooldown reduction, you can also dash in a given direction if you properly fire the Easy Shot. The quick dash in a given order is convenient, especially if you are fighting against a team. 

W Skill Guide

The Flutter attack is convenient. You can harness it for multiple purposes. It has skill damage along with defense reducing and HP regen stoppage for enemies. Rozzi can also increase her movement speed with this skill and ultimately reload her weapon.

This skill attack can save you if you get encircled by enemies. Just unleash a series of bullets to surprise your opponents. Reduced defensive skills of the hit enemies will also allow you to use any other skill attacks afterward. You can even use the ultimate skill of Rozzi over an enemy with reduced defense— after the W skill attack. 

E Skill Guide

The best use of this skill attack would be to stun enemies. The Unconscious opponents can be damaged further with other skill attacks. Keep in mind that Rozzi cannot be targeted once she leaps towards her target. This factor also makes the E skill more reliable against a team or a squad. 

R Skill Guide

The ultimate skill of Rozzi is genuinely inescapable. Enemies find it tough to get away from this attack. Once you hit your opponents with this attack, unleash other skill attacks over them to cause a rapid explosion. Using any of the Q, W, and E attacks over already hit enemies will reduce the Semtex bomb attack’s cooldown time. Try to use this move quite often as it has a lesser cooldown with moderate SP cost.  

Weapon Skill Guide (Moving Reload) 

The weapon skill can prove to be a savior move for you if you use it properly. The reloading need for bullet weapons often pinches the game players. However, you can use this weapon skill to reload the pistol weapon of Rozzi quickly mid-fight. 

Use this skill while running away from the dominating enemy or when you are catching a fleeing enemy. Always keep an eye on your ammo before picking up any fight and reload your weapon when needed with this weapon skill. 

Teams and Match-ups for Rozzi

The Brazilian Mercenary gets even stronger once she gets some company. In duo and squad gameplay, she can dominate any team if given the right players as her teammates. Rozzi can have the following suitable options for the duo and squad gameplay styles. 

Duo gameplay

Rozzi has a pistol as her only weapon choice. When we look at the list of players with the same weapon, we find Aya, Silvia, and Isol. But we would recommend you to either go for Aya or make Isol your teammate for Duo games. In this way, you would stay closer to your teammate with similarities in weapon choice. 

However, keeping Isol or Aya in your duo team would not certainly mean you can dominate any team. You will have to remain careful of Chiara, Jackie, and Magnus. Any of the above three players can give you a strenuous time in Lumia Island. Other than these characters, you can win against other players with the right strategies. 

Squad gameplay

We would suggest you keep at least one player with better defensive skills for the squad style of play than the above three. For this, we highly rate Magnus. Magnus, along with Aya, Isol, and Rozzi, can do fair damage. We believe you can easily dominate rival groups if you play safely at the start and then go ultra-attacking in the later gameplay. However, it would help if you still kept an eye on Zahir, Sissela, and Jackie, as they can prove to be the challenging opponents.  

Rozzi’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Rozzi has long-ranged skill attack options: She can target her enemies with the long-ranged QWER skills. These attacks can be handy to catch the fleeing enemies. 
  • She is a quick character with fast-moving feet: Rozzi has some wheels. She is a fast and furious character who can rush through the enemy’s defense. 
  • Most of her skills require lesser cooldown time and moderate SP cost: Rozzi has cooldown time for her skills between 6 and 30 seconds. The SP cost is also between 70 and 110. 
  • She has low SP cost for her ultimate skill: Rozzi only requires 90 SP cast her R skill. 


  • Rozzi has only a Pistol to choose from: One of the drawbacks that we see with the Brazilian Mercenary is the lack of variety in weapon choice. 
  • Rozzi is not very easy to master: Getting to know Rozzi and her abilities takes some time

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