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Starry Dreamfoal guide: How to open Cache of the Night

by Laura
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The Cache of the Night is one of the chests required for the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement. The chest contains the battle pet Starry Dreamfoal.

In short

The Cache of the Night is protected by a barrier. You will need a Fae Dreamcatcher to dispell this barrier. To make the dreamcatcher, you have to collect 3 items spread across Ardenweald.

Fae Dreamcatcher Item Locations

The Fae Dreamcatcher consists of 3 items.

  • Raw Dream Fibers can be found at /way 37, 28.8 (Gossamer Cliffs). You can take the bridge at /way 36.8, 27.8 to get there. The Raw Dream Silk is in the single basket hanging near the wall.
  • Fae Ornament is on top of the tree platform in Shimmerbough at /way 51.6, 61.6 . You can take the bridge at /way 51.6, 57.2 . The Fae Ornament is near the edge of the platform on the floor, behind a branch.
  • Enchanted Bough is located at the Star Lake Ampitheater at /way 42.4, 46.7 behind some bushes under the platform. It looks like a spiraled twig and leans against a tree trunk.

/way 36.8, 27.8 Bridge to Fibers
/way 37, 28.8 Raw Dream Fibers
/way 51.6, 57.2 Bridge to Fae Ornament
/way 51.6, 61.6 Fae Ornament
/way 42.4, 46.7 Enchanted Bough
/way 35.1, 62.2 Path to CotN
/way 36.25, 65.25 CotN

How to remove barrier and open Cache of the Night

Once you have collected all 3 parts, use of of them to combine them into a Fae Dreamcatcher.

Go to the Cache of the Night at /way 36.25, 65.25 (path starts at /way 35.1, 62.2 , then go up the ramp at /way 35.35, 65.25). The Cache of the Night is in a little hollow inside the dead tree.

Simply having the Fae Dreamcatcher in your inventory is sufficient to open the chest.

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