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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks

by Laura
Apex legends tips

Do you wonder how to improve at Apex Legends? The boring truth is that the best way to get better at Apex is to practice. However, there are a few Apex Legends tips that could just give you that slight edge you need to emerge victorious. Here are 35 tips and tricks sorted into several categories.


Here’s at least one tip for (or against!) each legend!


Octane TipsOctane’s ultimate ability, the Launch Pad, can launch Gibraltar’s and Caustic’s tactical abilities. Throw a dome onto the pad and follow it to jump further away directly into safety, or bombard distant players with gas.


Pathfinder’s tactical, the grapple, can hook onto any zip-line. Use this to quickly reach a zip as an exit strategy or even to swing yourself forward.


Apex Legends Caustic TipsWhen you encounter a hostile Caustic’s tactical trap, a gas can, shoot the bottom of the trap to deactivate it. If you do it right the trap won’t trigger and release the toxic gas!


Similar to removing a Caustic trap, Wattson’s fences can be removed by shooting the base of the nodes.


Bangalore’s tactical, a smoke screen, has three points of impact which do damage. This damage is designed to gauge where the enemies are in your smoke!


Wraith’s ultimate, the portal, can be used to delay or protect yourself. While traveling in the portal you cannot take damage. You can use this to your advantage, for example when the ring closes in. An example of this in action can be seen in the Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #4 – Europe Finals:


Gibraltar’s passive, the Gun Shield, is extra visible from a distance. If you’re going for a long-range engage getting the first shot in without them knowing you’re there is much better. Maybe they’ll stand still and compensate for bad aim?


Lifeline’s tactical, the D.O.C. Heal Drone, can be moved around by walking into it. Most of the value in this lies in annoying your teammates, but you could also move it into better cover.


Crypto’s tactical, the Surveillance Drone, has a wild array of uses but one of the lesser used but highly valuable ones is to reveal the enemy position to other teams. When you find a, preferably somewhat distant, team and you are in a hidden and safe spot antagonize them by flying the drone around them. Hopefully they’ll start shooting the drone, revealing their position to kill-hungry teams.


Revenant’s passive, Stalker, allows him to crouch faster (and climb higher). Ideally you preface every fight by crouching towards the enemy team and standing up right before the fight. Put crouch on toggle and make your life much easier!


Bloodhound’s ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, also speeds you up! Remember that it’s not just vision- and tracking that’s changed, meaning you can use the added speed to flank, chase or worst case scenario: flee.


Mirage’s tactical, Psyche Out, can be “thrown”. If you jump forwards before using the tactical the decoy will start off high allowing it to jump over obstacles. This can be used to throw a decoy over an obstacle you’re behind.

Furthermore, send decoys to stand at open supply bins or death boxes, since them just standing around looks like you’re looting.

Are you worried the next area you go in has enemies, throw a decoy in first in plain sight and see if it gets shot.

Lastly, his ultimate, Vanishing Act, works better on solid surfaces. His footsteps kick up dirt, remember this when you play as or against him!


The fluid movement of Apex is a part of what makes the game great, here’s some tips for extra greatness.

  • Sliding down a hill is faster than running, and more fun. You can also use a consumable while sliding down a hill, negating the slow you usually have to deal with during the consumption. No running with syringes, but you can slide!
  • When you drop from the ship onto the map, if you want to cover distances further than 600 meters, use what is typically called the dolphin-drop method. When you drop you aim down for a moment, then back up for a period of time. Personally I think “crooked-stairs-method” is more accurate, but it sounds less appealing.
  • While on the topic of dropping, you can open a door before you’ve touched the ground. If you’re in a hurry for loot this can make the difference.
  • While on the topic of doors, use them to climb up areas. Specifically the large doors that open upwards are useful for this. Step 1: Stand on the closed door, Step 2: open the door, Step 3: get lifted up, Step 4: ???, Step 5: Profit.
  • While on the topic of climbing, you can use a supply-drop or lifeline-package to climb areas you usually wouldn’t be able to reach (not talking to you, Pathfinder).
  • If you and your team are running from the ring and one of you needs to heal, punch the healing ally forwards. It’ll make a small difference, but maybe just enough to escape the ring.


Here’s some surefire tips regarding Apex’s weapons.

  • The Havoc takes the Selectfire Receiver hop-up, allowing it to single fire. Every Havoc-“single-fire-shot” uses 4 bullets instead of 1!
  • The Charge Rifle will, when shot from the hip (not aiming down sights) heavily sway. However, the final blast for the big damage will be exactly on point!
  • The Wingman has perfect accuracy on hipfire.
  • The Peacekeeper takes the choke as a hop-up. Fully focused the shotgun has additional range to it.
  • The Digital Threat optics, the scope, does not work on further ranges. The target will only be marked red within a range of 50 meters.


I’ve laid out some tips for the maps.

  • World’s Edge
    The cargo bots that fly around change color. Blue is the worst, then purple, then gold.The window for the gold-colored cargo bot is small, so you want to shoot the rig the ball is attached to. This takes less shots, just think of the savings!
  • King’s Canyon
    There’s large pterodactyl-like birds flying in King’s Canyon carrying death boxes. If one of the dinosaurs is grounded, you have to “activate” its flight first. Shoot it once so it starts flying, wait a beat and then let loose so it loosens its grip on the loot. Don’t empty everything into a stationary bird because you’ll waste bullets. Even more savings!
  • World’s Edge has cargo bots, but so does King’s Canyon. Spread around the map in random but always tucked away corners are cargo bots that look exactly like the Apex Packs! Listen for the faint robotic noise they make.


Lastly, here’s an assortment of random tips and tricks.

  • A door can be blocked by standing in front of it. If an enemy does this because they are healing or afraid, don’t kick the door in. The animation for the kick cannot be cut short and takes long enough after the door breaks for the enemies to light you up. Use a grenade instead!
  • Regardless of which mode you’re in, it’s a team-effort. Give the golden helmet, faster recharge on tactical and ultimate abilities, to whoever uses it best. So give the golden backpack, a better and faster pickup, to Lifeline or Gibraltar!
  • If you encounter high-tier loot you or your team doesn’t fancy, remember that there’s enemies around that might want it. A Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is a killing machine in the right hands. In mine? Might as well be a Mozambique. Hide the Kraber you find away from the drop, maybe even throw it in nearby lava. If you want to go the extra mile, there’s a bug (ahem feature) that lets you delete items. Climb on top of an open door and throw the item exactly on it. The item should rest on top of the door. Break the door and poof… item gone! Here’s a video showing this:

Heard about being able to destroy items by placing them on top of a door then destroying the door. Done it yesterday, think it’s a helpful tip so thought I’d share! from r/apexlegends

  • You can equip quips to your quip-wheel, giving your Legends voice lines. Enemies can hear these quips! Don’t use it when you’re being sneaky, or do if you want to bait a fight.
  • Have you been knocked and are you 100% sure it’s over? Deny those aimbotting cheaters your loot by crawling into lava. This doesn’t really help you, but it’s satisfying to know that “EpicWraith.TTV” isn’t getting your 300 light rounds.
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