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Korthia Treasures: Locations and Loot

by Laura
korthia treasure chests locations

All treasure chests in Korthia. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Treasures of Korthia, part of the meta achievement Breaking the Chains. Contains all Korthia mounts, pets and toys that drop from treasures. Have fun!

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Glittering Nest Material/way 38.35, 42.85Korthian ArmamentsJump down from the cliff above, around /way 38.4, 41.8
Lost Memento/way 53, 14.75On the ground, in the left hand of the body
Amina Laden Egg/way 29.55, 53.4Anima Laden Egg (contains Anima)The Anima Laden Egg is in the tree; jump down from the cliff at /way 28.95, 54.1
Helsworn Chest/way Desmotaeron 66.05, 48.9Stygic Cluster (contains Stygia)In Desmotaeron
Infested Vestige/way 40.15, 59The cave entrance to Infested Vestige is at /way 42.72, 59.6
Forgotten Feather/way 68.9, 29.8Toy: Forgotten FeatherUse a goblin glider (or be a demon hunter) around /way 63.8, 28.9) to reach the feather
Dislodged Nest/way 47.4, 29.4Korthite CrystalUse a Noxious Moth (like the one on the branch at /way 44.1, 30.90) to ride a bear. Run the bear into the tree to drop the nest.
Displaced Relic/way 50.5, 84.5
Jeweled Heart of Ezekiel/way Desmotaeron 66.5, 62.2Neck: Jeweled Heart of EzekielIn Desmotaeron, in a small cave
Offering Box/way 45.3, 66.9Toy: Offering Kit MakerYou need the Small Offering Key on the building at /way 43.55, 67.7 . Climb up the building to grab it.

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