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Shimmermist Runner guide: How to reach Shizgher

by Laura
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In this article I will explain how to reach the rare Shizgher in Ardenweald and obtain the Shimmermist Runner mount. This event shows on the map as the Tamed Gladerunner treasure. This treasure and Shizgher are not required for Adventurer of Ardenweald or Treasures of Ardenweald.

In short

The Shimmermist Runner mount is located in the Mistveil Tangle area in Ardenweald. At the treasure location on the map, an elite named Shizgher is taming the horse. To get to Shizgher, you need to solve the riddle by following a specific path through the maze. Killing Shizgher awards you the Shimmermist Runner mount.

If you do not follow the exact path as outlined below, Shizgher and the mount will despawn.

Shizgher/Shimmermist Runner respawn timer

The respawn timer of the Tamed Gladerunner event is between 60 and 90 minutes. Note that the treasure will despawn if you take the wrong path through the labyrinth – meaning you will have to wait for it to respawn again.

How to get to Shizgher and the Tamed Gladerunner

A scroll hanging from a tree at /way 31.5, 53.02 reveals the solution to the Tamed Gladerunner riddle:

Let the light guide your way. Passage through the veil has already begun.

You might have noticed the blue lantern at the start of the maze. These blue laterns are the key to the solution; take the paths with blue lamps through the maze. Taking a wrong path (with a purple lamp) will result in a failed attempt.

shimmermist runner blue lamp

These blue lamps can be found on the ground as well as hanging from trees.

Path through maze coordinates

The correct path through the maze can be mapped out using the following coordinates:

/way 31.05, 54.5
/way 29.6, 55.75
/way 30.02, 57.5
/way 29.55, 57.9
/way 29.3, 59.1
/way 28.8, 58.7
/way 27.55, 57.85

Maze to Shimmermist Runner Map

shimmermist runner riddle map maze

Shimmermist Runner Video guide

In the video below you can see the path you need to take for the Shimmermist Runner riddle.

How to kill Shizgher

Killing Shizgher isn’t all too hard; reaching him is where the real pain is. If you manage to make your way through the maze, simply keep damaging him until he dies. His health pool is pretty high, but fortunately he doesn’t do that much damage. Try to interrupt his Shrink ability if you can; otherwise you deal less damage and it takes even longer.

Once you have defeated Shizgher, you can click on the horse to obtain your Shimmermist Runner mount. Anyone who participated in the kill is able to click the horse; if you have not damaged Shizgher and arrive after he has been defeated, you cannot obtain the mount.

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