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The Maw Events: All Bonus Bosses

by Laura
maw rare coordinates

All bonus objective bosses/special events in The Maw. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Handling His Henchmen and the consecutive achievement It’s About Sending a Message, or to farm Stygia and reputation with Ve’nari. Contains all special events in The Maw. Have fun!

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The Maw Bonus Objective Bosses

Special EventLocationNotes
Agonix/way 22.75, 42.2Agonix is inside a cave, cave entrance at /way 21.3, 38.8
Akros/way 34.0 74.8To reach Akros you need the achievement Prepare for Trouble!
Cyrixia/way 28.7, 25.2Cyrixia patrols in a small area around the spawn location
Dartanos/way 27.6, 17.4Reach Dartanos by using the teleport at the bottom of the stairwell, /way 27.55, 17.3
Dath Rezara/way 19.1, 58.1
Drifting Sorrow/way 33.2 21.2Kill Agonizing Shades around the coordinate location to spawn Drifting Sorrow
Houndmaster Vasanok/way 60.1, 64.95To safely reach Houndmaster Vasanok you need the achievement Make it Double!
Huwerath/way 21.5, 29.6Inside a small cave
Krala/way 30.75, 68.8To open the gate to Krala you need the achievement Prepare for Trouble!
Malevolent Stygia/way 27.3, 17.6Malevolent Stygia is in a small cave/hideout to the right of the bottom of the stairs
Odalrik/way 38.5, 28.8
Orrholyn/way 25.5, 48.9
Ratgusher/way 22.8 42.6Ratgusher can be found in a cave, entrance at /way 20.9 38.9 . Ratgusher drops the pet Decaying Mawrat.
Razkazzar/way 25.85 37.2
Sanngror the Torturer/way 55.9, 67.3Unattackable; kill the two souls near him first. Requires the achievement Make it Double! Drop the pet Sharpclaw
Skittering Broodmother/way 61.7, 77.6Skittering Broodmother is inside a cave, cave entrance at /way 59.35, 80.1
Soulsmith Yol-Mattar/way 36.6, 37.2Soulsmith Yol-Mattar patrols in a small area around his spawn point
Stygian Incinerator/way 37.2, 44.4
Valis the Cruel/way 40.7, 59.7To summon Valis the Cruel you need to click the three Runes of Cruelty on the floor in the right order. The correct rune order is random, and clicking the wrong rune inflicts damage and a debuff, so be careful.

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