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Bastion Treasures: Locations and Loot

by Laura
all bastion treasure chests

All treasure chests in Bastion. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Treasures of Bastion, part of the meta achievement Bastion Bested. Contains all Bastion mounts, pets and toys that drop from treasures. Have fun!

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Abandoned Stockpile/way 46.1, 45.3Located in a cave. Cave entrance /way 46.5, 46.65
Broken Flute/way 35.85, 48.1Instrument: Ascended FluteTo open this treasure, you need a Broken Kyrian Flute. The Broken Kyrian Flute is a rare drop from Unsettled Etherwyrms in the area.
Experimental Construct Part/way 51.5, 18Fist Weapon: Re-Powered golliath FistsTo obtain the treasure you need to find an Unstable Construct Anima first. This is a blue barrel that spawns in a random location somewhere around the Eternal Forge.
Gift of Agthia/way 39.1, 54.5 Flame
/way 35.1, 58,1 Gift of Agthia
Instrument: Unearthly ChimeTo open the Gift, grab Agthia's Flame at /way 39.1, 54.5, interact with the Path of Courage Pillar at /way 38.5, 57 and follow the path while interacting with pillars on the way.
Gift of Chyrus/way 70.5, 36.5Go to the transport pad at /way 69.3, 40.4 to reach the Gift of Chyrus, then /kneel in front of the treasure to gain Proof of Humility
Gift of Devos/way 27.6, 21.8Instrument: Benevolent GongThe buff Proof of Loyalty is required to open Gift of Devos. You can gain Proof of Loyalty by using the Flame of Devotion at /way 23.9, 24.9 and bringing it to the Brazier of Devotion at /way 27.5, 21.6 . Interact with the Sparkling Glimmerfly near the Flame of Devotion for a speed buff. You lose the Flame buff if you take damage, so clearing the mobs in the area beforehand is advised.
Gift of Thenios/way 40.5, 18.7Look below this table for instructions on how to gain the Proof of Wisdom buff and open Gift of Thenios.
Gift of Vesiphone/way 64.9, 71.2Pet: White VulpinOpening the Gift of Vesiphone requires the Proof of Purity buff. You gain this buff by using the Bell of Purification near the treasure, then standing below the waterfall near the wall.
Larion Tamer's Harness/way 58.3, 40Larion Tamer's HarnessIn a cave. Cave entrance /way 55.7, 43
Lost Disciple's Notes/way 59.3, 60.9Item: Lost Disciple's NotesJump down to the lower level of the waterfall to get the Lost Disciple's Notes.
Memorial Offering/way 56.5, 17.15You need the Memorial Offering Key to open this treasure. You can get this key by buying Memorial Wine from Kobri in one of the nearby rest zones, then placing this wine on the Drink Tray at /way 56.8, 19
Purifying Draught/way 52.04, 86.2Item: Purifying DraughtNear the angel statue, on the edge of the well
Scroll of Aeons/way 53.5, 80,4Toy: Scroll of AeonsTo activate this treasure, take 2 Purians at /way 54.2, 82.6 . Offer one at each of the Tributes at /way 56.1, 83 and /way 54.4, 83.8
Stolen Equipment/way 40.45, 49.8Back: Fallen Disciple's CloakOn the carriage
Vesper of the Silver Wind/way 36.04, 26.5Mount: Silverwind LarionYou can find a guide on Vesper of the Silver Wind and obtaining the Silverwind Larion mount here.
Vesper of Virtues/way 58.7, 71.35Instrument: Kyrian BellInside the building

How to open Gift of Thenios

To open the Gift of Thenios you will need the buff Proof of Wisdom, which can be obtained by lighting incense in the right order.

Note that if the World Quest Flight School: Up and Away! is up, you will need to clear this World Quest first to unlock the Transport Pad at /way 41.7, 23.3 . Once you are at the Transport Pad, follow the next steps:

  • /way 41.7, 23.3 – Use Transport Pad
  • /way 39.6, 19.0 – Use next Transport Pad
  • /way 40.7, 18.8 – Use next Transport Pad
  • /way 40.8, 15.6 – Click Incense of Knowledge
  • /way 40.5, 15.5 – Use Path of Wisdom
  • /way 37.1, 18.3 – Interact with Incense of Patience 
  • /way 36.9, 18.6 – Use Path of Wisdom
  • /way 37.3, 19.1 – Use Path of Wisdom 
  • /way 41.9, 18.5 – Use Path of Wisdom 
  • /way 40.8, 15.6 – Click Incense of Knowledge 
  • /way 40.6, 15.5 – Use Path of Wisdom 
  • /way 36.9, 18.6  – Use Path of Wisdom 
  • /way 37.3, 18.7 – Click Incense of Insight 
  • /way 37.3, 19.1 – Use Path of Wisdom 
  • /way 41.9, 18.4 – Use Path of Insightful Wisdom 
  • /way 41.9, 15.8 – Click Incense of Judgment – you should now have the Proof of Wisdom buff
  • /way 41.7, 15.8 – Use transport pad 
  • Time to collect the treasure!

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