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Maldraxxus Rares: Spawn Locations and Loot

by Laura
all rare elites maldraxxus/adventurer of maldraxxus guide

All Rares in Maldraxxus. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Adventurer of Maldraxxus, part of the meta achievement Maldraxxus Mastered. Contains all Maldraxxus mounts, pets and toys that drop from rares. Have fun!

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Maldraxxus Rares A-I

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Bubbleblood/way 52.5, 35.5Bubbleblood patrols in the blood pool around its spawn point. Kill the adds to prevent it healing back.
Collector Kash/way 49.8, 23.2Axe: Kash's Favored HookPatrols along the green river. Can disarm you; walk to the golden spot nearby to grab your weapon.
Corpsecutter Moroc/way 26.4, 26.3Inside a building; go up the little stairway at /way 27.1, 27.4
Deadly Dapperling/way 76.8, 56.1Pet: Shy Melvin100%Tip: eat a few Edible Redcaps in the area for increased damage and dodge chance.
Deepscar/way 46.7, 44.9, /way 48.1, 51.9, /way 53.9, 45.5Mace: Slobber-Soaked Chew ToyDeepscar can be found inside one of the wings of the Theater of Pain.
Devour'us/way 44.9, 28.3Patrols in a small area.
Gieger/way 31.6, 35.4Mount: Predatory PlaguerocExact drop rate unknown. The Predatory Plagueroc mount can only drop for players of the Necrolord CovenantGieger can only be spawned by players with the Necrolord Covenant. Other players can participate in the kill. Activate the Anima Conductor and channel to House of Constructs. Drag the Final Thread at coordinate location to Gieger to activate him.
Gristlebeak/way 56.33, 50.6Crossbow: Arbalest of the Colossal PredatorDestroy Unusual Eggs at /way 57.7, 51.6 to pull Gristlebeak.
Indomitable Schmitd/way 38.8, 42.5Legs: Knee-Obstructing LegguardsUse the Fuseles Special bombs in the area to break Indomitable Schmitd's shield.

Maldraxxus Rares I-Z

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Necromantic Anomaly/way 72.9, 28.9On the platform above
Nerissa Heartless/way 65.8, 35.3Mount: GorespineLow; exact drop rate unknown
Nirvaska the Summoner/way 50.5, 63.4Nirvaska the Summoner is only active during the world quest Deadly Reminder.
Pesticide/way 53.7, 61.3Head: Scarab-Shell Faceguard
Ravenomous/way 53.9, 19.2Pet: Foulwing HatchlingSpawn Ravenomous by running over Boneweave Spiderlings. A few minutes should be enough to summon him. The respawn timer of Ravenomous is between 1 and 2 hours.
Sabriel the Bonecleaver/way 50.7, 47.4Mount: Armored Bonehoof TauralusThe Armored Bonehoof Tauralus seems to drop only for players of the Necrolord CovenantSabriel the Bonecleaver can only be activated by players with the Necrolord Covenant. Other players can join in for the kill. Channel the Anima Conductor in the base into the Theater of Pain. Sabriel the Bonecleaver will spawn when Drolkrad appears.
Scunner/way 61.4, 76.1Pet: Writhing SpineCan wander a bit away from his spawn point; use /tar Scunner to find him quicker.
Sister Chelicerae/way 55.4, 23.6Pet: Boneweave Hatchling3%Way can be blocked by Intricate Webbings; simply kill it. You will get attacked by spiders, so do be careful. Sister Chelicerae's respawn timer is only a few minutes.
Smorgas the Feaster/way 42.3, 53.9Pet: Feasting Larva
Pet: Corpselouse Larva
Interact with the Bloody Lump on the ground to activate Smorgas the Feaster.
Tahonta/way 45.05, 50.6Head: Tauralus Hide CollarTahonta patrols in a large circle around spawn point; use /tar Tahonta to find quicker. Can be tamed by Beast Mastery hunters as a Tenacity pet. The respawn timer of Tahonta is just a few minutes.
Taskmaster Xox/way 50.6, 20.1Taskmaster Xox has a respawn timer of 5 to 10 minutes, but shares a cooldown with Taskmaster Mortis and Taskmaster Bloata. You might have to kill them several times before Taskmaster Xox spawns.
Thread Mistress Leeda/way 24, 42.8Head: Leeda's Unrefined MaskIn a chamber, entrance at 24.1, 39.5 . To summon Thread Mistress Leeda you have to kill the two Razorthread Weavers. They have a respawn timer of about 5 minutes. Thread Mistress Leeda has a chance to spawn instead, so keep killing them until she appears. It can take between 2 to 5 waves of Razorthread Weavers.
Warbringer Mal'Korak/way 33.5, 80.7Mount: Blisterback BloodtuskAbout 2%Warbringer Mal'Korak is on top of the tower. Grab the buff on the table near him to make the fight easier. Respawn timer seems to be between 1 and 2 hours on PTR (may be updated later)
Zargox the Reborn/way 28.9, 51.5Wrist: Boneclutched ShacklesTo summon Zargox the Reborn you first have to complete the quest The Aetherlife at /way 26.3, 42.7 . Afterwards you can speak to Synder Sixfold and ask for an Aetherlife Orb. Use this orb at Zargox's spawn location, near the Bone Mass to spawn him.

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