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The best squad compositions for Apex Legends

by Laura
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Apex legends is designed around having 3 legends per team, but having four possible roles. The idea is that a team is always lacking something, preventing a team from being perfect. With the recent addition of duos the question what Legends pair well becomes more important. So without further ado, here are the best apex legends team compositions at the moment.

Wraith, Wattson, Gibraltar OR Pathfinder

This comp has to be mentioned first due to its absolute dominance of the professional scene. In all of the latest online championships a composition with Wraith, Wattson and either Gibraltar or Pathfinder was used. Wraith is the highest kills per match Legend and has an ultimate ability which allows for attack and retreat. Wattson can create a base, regardless of buildings as any chokepoint will do. In the competitive scene the importance of establishing a good position for the final ring is so important Pathfinder’s passive, scanning for the next ring, becomes invaluable. Gibraltar is simply a solid pick thanks to the added protection and an ultimate, which together with Watton’s base building, can turn the fight.

Bloodhound, Bangalore, Caustic

Bloodhound can see through the Bangalore smoke or NOX-gas with his ultimate ability and let everybody see through these gases temporarily with his tactical. This also goes for Bangalore’s and Caustic’s ultimate abilities, where the disarray created by the carpet bombing of an area is normally also vision impairing to other Legends. The combination of Bloodhound and Bangalore is a conscious choice from the developers.

Duos? Leave Caustic behind. Bloodhound and Bangalore are both more suited to an aggressive playstyle. Bloodhound’s passive tracking and additional speed while using his ultimate and Bangalore’s extra speed while being shot at pair well to overwhelm an enemy team.

Gibraltar, Wattson, Caustic

Find yourself a good building or chokepoint and jam-pack it with fences and gas cans. Then when the enemy is looking to attack, or just pass through, poke from a cozy safe haven or better yet: use Gibby’s ultimate and force them to go into your base or out into the bombs. Even when it’s your team that’s passing through you can quickly reinforce Gibraltar’s dome with traps and fences to prevent enemies from pushing.

Duos? Take Wattson over Caustic. It’s not that Wattson is friendlier (although she is) it’s that Caustic’s gas can be a nuisance to his own team. Wattson’s fences not so much, they even turn off when you walk through them! How considerate. I don’t think Caustic cares.

Crypto, Revenant, Lifeline

Crypto’s ultimate ability, along with his vision provided by his drone, set up for an excellent attack. EMP the enemy shields and attack while they’re weaker. Revenants ultimate allows to follow-up this attack relatively safely by setting the totem up in a safer location. When the fight is done and you’ve become the kill leader Lifeline can quickly heal everybody back up. Alternatively, Wattson could replace Lifeline, allowing for a safer location of the totem by setting up a fenced area.

Duos? Lifeline should watch from the sideline. The core of this combo mostly uses Crypto’s and Revenant’s strengths.

Gibraltar, Octane, Mirage

Gibraltar is at his core a defensive Legend, while Octane and Mirage are more oriented towards fighting. Use Gibby to set up a base or draw fire which he can absorb with his passive, Gun Shield, while Octane and Mirage flank (or even vanish and attack from behind). Additionally, Gibraltar’s tactical and Mirage’s decoys can be thrown using Octane’s ultimate ability, the launch pad. For more tips and tricks like this, check out this article!


Do not: Octane and Lifeline. Despite Octane and Lifeline being close friends, I’d advise against going into duos with them as a pair. Octane’s passive, allowing him to passively heal, strongly reduces the value of Lifeline’s tactical ability. On top of that, Octane’s speed, mostly used for nicking loot from teammates, doesn’t have value if Lifeline can place her birthday presents (her ultimate ability).

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