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Xiukai Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
Xiukai Xuikai guide eternal return

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Xiukai is not that much of a popular character in the game, but his unique skillset attracts some players to try him. The Chinese character is a bit slower and needs food items to survive. If you are interested in trying Xiukai, you should check out this article to completely understand this character. This article would discuss his skills, build options, playing guide, duo and squad gameplay strategies, and his strengths & weaknesses. The coming paragraphs will explain his passive, QWER, and weapon skills. 

Xiukai’s Skills

Lost in the Sauce (Q)
20 HP; 7 secs cooldown
Xiukai throws his sauce barrel in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and reducing their movement speed.
Heavy Meal (W)
20 HP; 16 secs cooldown
Xiukai slams his giant wok on the ground, dealing damage and reducing the movement speed of enemies in an area around him. Enemies with impaired movement receive an additional damage and their movement speed is reduced for an additional time.
Wok It Off (E)
20 HP; 18 secs cooldown
Xiukai slides on his wok in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit. Enemies with impared movement receive additional damage and are knocked airborne.
Burnt to a Crisp (R)
100 HP; 60 secs cooldown
Xiukai dishes out fire from his wok, dealing damage to enemies in a cone in front of him. He deals additional damage with each Juggernaut Chef stack. Enemies with impaired movement have their defense reduced.
Juggernaut Chef (Passive)
No cost
Food and beverages made by Xiukai have bonus recovery. When crafting a consumable of Uncommon or higher rarity, he earns a stack of Juggernaut Chef, increasing his max HP for each stack.
Weapon Skill: Cloak and Dagger (D)
No cost; 45 secs cooldown
Activating the cloak skill causes you to become transparent and increases your movement speed. The increased movement speed decreases again after some time.
If you use a normal attack on the enemy when the dagger effect is activated, you move behind the enemy and deal critical damage, along with a fixed amount of the enemy's current HP as additional damage.
Fiora_ShadowStab_DWeapon Skill: Shadow Stab (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Powerfully lunge your spear in the targeted direction, dealing damage. You also deal damage to enemies within a certain range.
Enemies hit by the attack have their movement speed reduced, and all enemies in a certain range get knocked back.

Juggernaut Chef – Passive

The passive skill of Xiukai is more of an HP level increaser than being a damage dealer skill. He gains bonus recoveries and stacks of Juggernaut Chef stack once he crafts foods of the highest rarity. Stacks he gains per food range from 1 to 3 depending on the food type. 

Lost in the Sauce – Q

Xiukai casts his sauce in a given direction and deals damage. This skill attack is also helpful in reducing the movement speeds of the targets being hit. Every time Xiukai targets his opponent with the Q skill, the enemy’s movement speed gets reduced by 30% for 2 seconds. This skill’s cooldown time is 5-7 seconds, and the attack range is 8.5 meters. HP cost for this skill ranges from 30 to 90.  

Heavy Meal – W

Xiukai smashes his food wok on the ground to deal damage to the enemies around him. Targeted enemies get their movement speeds reduced by 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit with the Heavy Meal attack receive extra damage and more reduced speeds if they have impaired movement. This skill’s cooldown time is 8-16 seconds, and the HP cost is 30-90. Xiukai can target his opponents in a range of 4 meters with this skill attack. 

Wok It Off – E

The E skill enables Xiukai to swing himself forward — knocking enemies in the way. If he hits enemies with impaired movement, they are knocked airborne and get fair damage. This skill’s cooldown time is 8-16 seconds, and HP cost is 30-90. You can target your opponents as far as 7 meters with this skill attack.   

Burnt to a Crisp – R

Xiukai unleashes fire in a targeted direction to deal damage. The ultimate skill has the highest damage causing capability among all his skill attacks. The cooldown for this skill attack is also the highest, i.e., 60 seconds. At the same time, the HP cost is 100-140. You can burn your opponents in a range of 6.5 meters for 3 seconds. 

Cloak and Dagger – D (Dagger)

With this weapon skill, Xiukai can become invisible and have his movement speed increased. It also helps you dash towards enemies and deal critical damage. The cooldown time for this weapon skill is 30-45 seconds. The movement speed increase is 90%, and the skill duration is 4 seconds. 

Shadow Stab – D (Spear)

Xiukai can powerfully lunge his Spear in the enemy’s body to deal damage and knock them back. This weapon skill has higher damage causing ability than Cloak and Dagger. The cooldown time for this weapon skill is 30 seconds, and the attack range is 2-4 meters. 

Skill Leveling Order

R> E> Passive> W> Q

The ultimate skill of Xiukai has the highest damage causing ability. Whenever it is available, do not hesitate to cast it. Other than the ultimate attack, the Chinese Chef can also deal with a fair amount of damage with his E skill. He can charge in a given direction and run away from the dominating characters of this game. 

The E skill should be your ideal choice after R, as it has lesser cooldown time and moderate HP cost with excellent results. You should keep the same skill order for both the builds we are mentioning below.    

Xiukai’s Builds

Xiukai Dagger Build with Mount Slicer

xuikai dagger build erbs

Dagger build for Xiukai with Mount Slicer; Saved Plan ID 332616

In this dagger build, you will be using Mount Slicer as the primary weapon. This weapon is the only skill amp based dagger weapon and is pretty helpful. The weapon of choice will provide you with additional attack power (+35), movement speed (+0.1), cooldown reduction (+10%), and skill amplification (+30%). 

Along with Mount Slicer, the Imperial Burgonet has an option to provide you with added Skill Amp and Max SP. Overall, this Build is an excellent choice to try, and it has the potential to see you through solo, duo, and squad games. 

Items needed for this Build are: 

  • Weapon: Mount Slicer
  • Chest: Commander’s Armor 
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Leg: EOD Boots
  • Accessory: Schrödinger’s Box

Desired route for this build: 

Archery Range> Cemetery> Factory> Hospital> Pond

This Build has a five zoner build path. Archery Range zone is the starting place in this route, which is not that competitive. However, you will have to travel a few zones to reach the Cemetery. You can either run or take a nearby teleporter. Once you get there, all the remaining four zones are closer to each other. 

Factory and Hospital zones are a bit denser and competitive. You would have to be careful for the last three zones as you will ultimately build your weapon in the Factory zone. 

Xiukai Spear Build with Fangtian Huaji

xiukai spear build erbs

Spear build for Xiukai with Fangtian Huaji; Saved Plan ID 332617

This spear build is very effective in terms of providing added attack power to Xiukai. Fangtian Huaji is the primary weapon in this Build, and it is mighty effective. The weapon for this Build has an Attack power of +88 and Extra skill damage of +31. 

Besides additional attack power, other build items are also helpful in adding max HP and max SP to the Chinese character list. Overall, the Build helps those who love using the Spear as the primary weapon, and you can rely on it for the duo and squad gameplay. 

Items needed for this Build are: 

  • Weapon: Fangtian Huaji 
  • Chest: Sunset Armor 
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet 
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Leg: Steel Knee Pads
  • Accessory: White Crane Fan

Desired route for this build: 

Avenue> Factory> Cemetery> Pond

In terms of the build path, the Spear Build has a four-zoner route. Avenue is a starting point for this Build, and you will then move towards Factory and Cemetery to finish the Fangtian Huaji weapon. 

Generally, the Factory zone is considered a bit tougher to manoeuvre. However, with the right strategy, you can handle your rival characters quite easily. This Build is an ideal choice for those who love to finish all their items quickly.

How to Play Xiukai

Xiukai can push his opponents beyond their limits with his skill attacks. He is a Dive composition player; the Chinese Chef can run into the enemy’s defense and deal damage. His ultimate skill is robust, making him an opponent to watch out for. You can afford to play aggressively with Xiukai. Following skill guides will surely help you understand this character. 

Passive Skill Guide

Increasing the max HP of Xiukai is highly important to survive with this player. He consumes HP for each of his Q, W, E, and R skills. We would recommend you to actively pursue getting stacks on the passive skill of Xiukai to increase your HP as much as possible.

Q Skill Guide

Lost in the Sauce attack is helpful to deal with damage and reduce movement speeds of enemies. It has a lesser cooldown time, which means that you can use this skill attack quite often. 

However, it’s important to keep an eye on your max HP level. Make sure to stack the passive skill of Xiukai to upgrade your HP level constantly. In this way, you will be able to cast all the skill attacks of Xiukai without worrying too much about his HP level. 

Players can also use the Q button with other skill attacks of Xiukai. To make things worse for your opponents, cast the ultimate skill of Xiukai over a slowed enemy. 

W Skill Guide

Heavy Meal attack is ideal for enemies with impaired movements. The effect of this attack increases by a considerable amount for those with weaker speeds. This move is perfect for getting away from animals. 

Moreover, this skill attack has spread range; therefore, you should cast the W skill to hit animals around you. Also, this move is suitable for duo and squad opponents. You can target more than one opponents around you with the Heavy Meal attack. 

E Skill Guide

The E skill attack is ideal for Xiukai. You can cast this skill attack more often as it has a lesser cooldown and moderate HP cost. Like the W skill, this skill attack also has more significant damage results for impaired movement enemies. You can make your opponents airborne if they have weaker movement speeds. 

You can also use this skill attack defensively. Run away from the dominating enemies if you cannot compete with them with the E button. This defensive tactic is beneficial for a squad or duo gameplay.  

R skill Guide

This burning skill attack is convenient as it can cause damage in a 90-degree area. Xiukai can dish out fires six times, and the best part is that he can change the direction of his attack during the ultimate. This option to change the targeted area makes this skill attack almost impossible to escape. HP cost for this move is also moderate. However, you still need 60 seconds to use the ultimate skill of Xiukai again. 

As the W and E skill attacks, the R skill also has additional effects over enemies with impaired movement; their defense is reduced.

Note that the skill damage of Burnt to a Crisp gets higher the more stacks of Juggernaut Chef you have; even more reason to keep cooking!

Weapon Skill Guide (Dagger)

Cloak and Dagger weapon skill is convenient in two ways. Firstly, you can escape from a dominating enemy by becoming invisible and increasing your movement speed. Secondly, you can also use this weapon to charge forward and deal critical damage. 

Moreover, attacking an enemy can teleport you behind him/her. You can use other skills as well after appearing behind them.  

Weapon Skill Guide (Spear)

Quickly striking enemies with the Spear is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, enemies receive critical damage, and they are knocked back. Secondly, their movement speeds also get reduced. It means you can surely use this weapon skill against a charging or attacking enemy to slow them down. 

Slowed and knocked back enemies can further be dealt with with additional skill attacks of Xiukai. The best way to use this skill move would be to add the ultimate skill attack with the Shadow Stab. This combination of attacks has the potential to completely knock down enemies with ease . 

Teams and Match-ups for Xiukai

Xiukai is a bit different from other players in the game; he has unique gameplay and diverse skillsets. Choosing the right player for duo or squad games can be a difficult task. It would help if you evaluated Xiukai first and then go for the players that fill the Chinese Chef’s weak spots. 

Following are a few workable options for Xiukai to play well in duo and squad games. 

Duo gameplay

Before choosing a player for making a duo team with Xiukai, do keep in mind that this character has lesser movement speed and a dire need of SP and HP level. We suggest you team up with Zahir or Fiora. 

Fiora is pretty fast and has a similar weapon choice as Xiukai. Zahir is also a valuable option for duo games due to his long-ranged skill attacks and more remarkable ability to survive tough outings. Either of the two characters can be a winning choice with Xiukai. 

Squad gameplay

Xiukai is a melee character with the abilities that fit well in a Dive composition group. He can push his enemies with his heavy attacks. Considering his vital attributes, we suggest you make a squad of Hyunwoo, Jackie, and Xiukai. These players can be handy in knocking down a group of opponents. 

However, it does not mean that you should adopt an ultra-attacking strategy against all opponents. You would still need to be careful against Magnus, Aya, and Rozzi. Especially, Rozzi and Aya are super-fast and can harm you at any time. So, be cautious and deal with them carefully. 

Xiukai’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • This character has two weapons to choose from: You can either opt for a dagger weapon or go for the Spear with Xiukai. This weapon variety is instrumental, especially for varying build options. 
  • Ultimate Skill attack of Xiukai has insane damage: You can literally kill your opponents with just the R skill of the Chinese Chef. The Burnt to a Crisp attack is one of the highest damage causing ability in the game. 
  • Most of his skills have lesser cooldown time: Cooldown time for the Q, W, and E skills of Xiukai ranges from 5 to 16 seconds which is relatively low. Only his ultimate skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds. 
  • Xiukai has long-ranged skill attacks: Xiukai has powerful as well as long-ranged skill attacks up his sleeves. He can target as far as 9 meters to deal damage and reduce his opponents’ movement speeds. 


  • All skills of Xiukai require health instead of SP level: You would have to drop a few health points to execute his QWER skill moves. His HP level dependency is quite irritating as sometimes you may run out of HP level with lesser food items.  
  • He is too reliant on food items: Xiukai needs food to use his skills and raise his HP level. It can sometimes be an irritating thing for you as you may run out of food.  
  • You need to find items ánd food: Aside from scavenging for build items, you also need to be on a constant lookout for different ingredients. This is a love it or hate it kind of situation; some players love this unique ability, while others find the hunt for weapons and gear alone bothersome enough.

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