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Zahir Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Zahir is an endearing character with fatal skill attacks and multiple weapon choices. You can trust his damage-causing and speed-reducing attacks to win you solo, duo, or squad gameplays. This article will guide you regarding various aspects of Zahir: his skills, different build options, playing guide, duo and squad gameplay strategies, and his strengths & weaknesses. So, let’s start this article with Zahir’s passive, QWER, and weapon skills.  

Zahir’s Skills

Narayanastra (Q)
70 SP; 8 secs cooldown
Zahir calls upon God's strength, dealing damage in a targeted area.

Eye of Azrael effect: Narayanastra deals extra damage and the enemy's defense decreases for 2 seconds in proportion to the difference in kills between you and them.
Gandiva (W)
No Cost; 0.5 secs cooldown
Zahir throws a Chakram in the targeted direction, dealing damage.
If Zahir hits an enemy with any skill but Gandiva, he gains 2 Chakrams that float behind him for 20 seconds.

Eye of Azrael effect: Hitting an enemy reduces their movement speed by 30% for 1 second and reduces the cooldown of every skill, excluding Gandiva, by 1.5 seconds.
Vayvayastra (E)
100 SP; 20 secs cooldown
Zahir summons and launches a gust of wind, dealing damage. The first enemy hit is launched airborne for 0.5 seconds and their movement speed is reduced by 30%.

Eye of Azrael effect: The enemy is launched airborne for 1 second.
Bhargavastra (R)
12 SP; 100 secs cooldown
Zahir calls down Chakrams from the heavens to damage enemies in a wide area, dealing damage. Bhargavastra applies an Eye of Azrael indicator to enemies if they don't have one.
Eye of Azrael (Passive)
No cost; 300 secs cooldown
If Zahir hits an enemy with a skill, an Eye of Azrael indicator is applied to the enemy for 6 seconds and Zahir's movement speed increases. If you hit an enemy with the indicator with a skill, it deals extra damage and an Eye of Azrael effect is applied to the skill used. If you kill an enemy, you see corpses in the current area for 20 seconds.
Adriana_Smokescreen_DWeapon Skill: Smokescreen (D)
No cost; 35 secs cooldown
A smokescreen appears at the targeted location. Enemies inside the smokescreen have their vision reduced and their movement speed decreased.
Emma_Caltrops_DWeapon Skill: Caltrops (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Throw caltrops in an area, dealing damage to enemies that step on them and reducing their movement speed. Stepping on additional caltrops deals 30% of the initial damage.

Eye of Azrael – Passive

The passive skill of Zahir is the Eye of Azrael. When Zahir Hits an enemy with any skill, the targeted enemy gets an Eye of Azrael indicator. The applied indicator lasts for 6 seconds, increasing the movement speed of Zahir by 25%. The cooldown time for the passive skill of Zahir Singh is 300 seconds. 

Narayanastra – Q

Zahir summons God’s strength to deal damage with his Q skill. Narayanastra attack works in a particular range and on a specific spot, i.e., 6-meter range. The cooldown time for this skill attack is moderate, i.e., 6-8 seconds, and SP cost is 70-130. This move also reduces the enemy’s defense for 2 seconds if you manage to hit your target with God’s strength. 

Gandiva – W

Zahir throws a Chakram in a targeted direction to cause damage. The Gandiva move is a long-ranged skill of Zahir that is handy in reducing enemies’ movement speeds and causing damage. This move becomes more deadly with an activated Eye of Azrael. The cooldown time for this move is 0.5 seconds; however, you will need at least one Chakram to execute this attack. 

Vayvayastra – E

The E skill of Zahir enables him to summon a gust of wind. With this wind, he causes damage to his opponents. Enemies under this attack are lifted in the air for 0.5 seconds. If they have the Eye of Azrael indicator, the airborne time will be 1 full second. This skill’s cooldown time is 12-20 seconds, and the SP cost is 100-180. This move causes damage as well as reduces the target’s movement speed. 

Bhargavastra – R

Zahir’s ultimate skill is the most damage-causing attack among all his skills. He calls down Chakrams from the heavens in a targeted area to cause damage. This skill’s cooldown time is 70-100 seconds, and the SP cost is 120-180. Zahir’s ultimate skill also gives him an Eye of Azrael indicator that results in increased movement speed and more skill damage. 

Smokescreen – D (Throw)

The first weapon skill of Zahir is Smokescreen. This throw weapon skill is more of a disguising trick than a damage-dealing attack. Zahir pops up a circular smokescreen in front of his targets, and enemies in a smokescreen have reduced vision and reduced movement speed for a certain period. This skill’s cooldown time is 15-20 seconds, and the attack range is 7 meters.  

Caltrops – D (Shuriken)

When using Shurikens you unlock Caltrops, the Shuriken weapon skill to cause damage to your opponents. Unlike the Throw weapon skill, the Shuriken weapon skill causes damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies. The cooldown time for this skill is 35 seconds, and the skill duration is 6 seconds. 

Skill Leveling Order

Passive> R> Q> W> E

The Eye of Azrael should be the skill you invest most of your points in. Other than Zahir’s passive skill, we recommend trying his ultimate skill attack to cause more damage. We have placed Zahir’s E skill at the last spot due to its lesser target hitting chances. Enemies may get away from the Vayvayastra attack, so it is better to use this move only when it is needed. You should keep the same skill order for all the builds we are mentioning below.  

Zahir’s Builds

Shuriken Build with Azure Dagger

shuriken build zahir

Shuriken Build for Zahir; Saved Plan ID 331762

The first Shuriken build we are suggesting utilizes the Azure Dagger as the primary weapon. It is a very early gameplay-oriented weapon that will help you kill your opponents fast. You can slay enemies and take their items to have the upper hand over other players for the later part of the game. Overall, it is a winning build, and many steam players rely on it to win solo, duo, or squad games. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Azure Dagger
  • Chest: Sunset Armor 
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet 
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: White Crane Fan

Desired route for this build: 

Alley> Temple> School> Forest> Avenue

This build has a five-zoner route to build your items and a two-zoner weapon route ultimately. This build will help you gain better vision during the night and more defensive stats with maximum HP. The Straitjacket Sneakers are pretty helpful for Zahir as they provide more speed options. 

You would be starting from Alley. It is a relatively quieter place in the early stages, so try to find your items as quickly as possible and move on to the next zone. The second zone will enable you to build your weapon fully. After that, you can hunt as many opponents as you want and dominate the game in the later stages. 

Throw Build with Ruthenium Marble

zahir marble build

Throw build for Zahir; Saved Plan ID 331753

And secondly, you can also try a Throw weapon build with Zahir. In this Build type, you would be using a Ruthenium Marble weapon. This weapon has tons of Attack Power, Healing Reduction Skills, and Spell Amplification. Besides the primary weapon, you can also rely on another high max HP, max SP, and Defensive abilities. It indeed is a winning build with overall stats and item options. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Ruthenium Marble
  • Chest: Kabana
  • Head: Imperial Crown 
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Leg: Boots of Hermes 
  • Accessory: White Crane Fan

Desired route for this build: 

Archery Range> Alley> Forest> Avenue> Dock 

The first two zones are somewhat less competitive and easy to start your journey from. However, you’d face a bit of difficulty going into the map for the third, fourth, and final zones. This build has a three-zoner weapon build-up, and Forest is the zone where you’d have the Ruthenium Marble fully built. The journey will not stop there, as you would still cover a considerable distance to reach the final two zones and finish all your items.

The best strategy to play efficiently in this build would be to consciously and quickly pass through the first three zones. Once you do that, you can be a bit aggressive with your primary weapon fully built. Overall, it is a winning build with a Throw weapon in your arsenal. 

How to Play Zahir

Zahir has powerful skill attacks up his sleeves. You choose to be ultra-attacking against some of the characters; however, you still need to be careful against players like Magnus, Aya, Jackie, and Chiara. Zahir is quite gear-reliant and scales strongly as he picks more items and more health stuff. You can take on any of your opponents in the latter part of the game. It also means that you should avoid being excessively attacking at the start of your journey. Following skill guides will help you understand the skillsets of Zahir. 

Passive Skill Guide

The passive skill of Zahir applies a debuff to enemies. You can use this move to cause more damage and increase Zahir’s movement speed for a given period. However, this move’s cooldown time is way higher, so being precise in using this skill is the best option. 

Using the Eye of Azrael with other fatal attacks of Zahir is a viable option. With passive indicator on, you can use other QWER skills of Zahir to cause 10-60 + 30% AP more damage for each skill. Moreover, if you would kill enemies with an indicator on them, you can then see all player corpses on the entire island for a moment. So, make sure to knock enemies down while the Indicator of Eye of Azrael is active on them.     

Q Skill Guide

The Narayanastra attack of Zahir becomes more deadly with an active indicator. Try to use this skill over an already hit enemy and an active Eye of the Azrael. In this way, you will be able to deal more damage.

Moreover, this move is also a defense reducer attack for enemies, so using Zahir’s other skills just after the Narayanastra attack would be pretty helpful. 

W Skill Guide

Whenever you hit an enemy with any skill other than the Gandiva, you would gain a pair of Chakram. This weapon material will float for 20 seconds, so you should use it for the W skill attack to harness the maximum damage. 

You can use this skill in pair with other moves as well. The Eye of Azrael indicator is always a suitable option for every other attack, and the Gandiva attack is no exception. Use this skill attack with the passive skill of Zahir to increase damage and reduce the movement speed of enemies. 

E Skill Guide

Vayvayastra skill of Zahir is quite valuable considering its damage and speed reduction capabilities with a lesser cooldown time and moderate SP cost. You can afford to use this move quite often. Launching enemies airborne is an added advantage besides skill damage. Use this move with other skills, such as Q, W, and R attacks, to cause more damage.  

R skill Guide

Calling down Chakrams to deal damage is a fascinating skill of Zahir. However, it would be best to make sure enemies do not run away from the targeted area. Bear in mind that you would not be able to change the position of Chakrams, so using this move to perfection is highly critical. 

Weapon Skill Guide (Throw)

The Smokescreen is quite a valuable skill of Zahir to flee from dominating enemies. The best way would be to use this weapon to attack opponents in the middle of a fight. The smoke in a circular area lasts for 5-7 seconds which is quite enough to distract your opponents. Make sure to use this weapon skill when enemies are near you. Bear in mind that the Smokescreen is only efficient in a circular region of 7 meters, so using it with enemies closely around you is the best option. 

You can also use the QWER skills of Zahir with the Smokescreen to cause more damage. The Throw weapon skill also reduces the target’s movement speeds, so reduced movement speeds of enemies will allow you to cause more damage to them with other skill moves. 

Weapon Skill Guide (Shuriken)

Throwing caltrops in an enemy’s way is always a viable option to cause damage and reduce movement speed. However, the execution of this weapon skill has the most significant value. It would help if you were spot on and accurate to harness this weapon skill most fully. Make sure enemies run over the caltrops, and do not skip your Shuriken trap. 

The Caltrop Trail is also helpful if used with other skills of Zahir. Firstly, try to execute the weapon skill flawlessly. Once you do that, launch any of the Q, W, E, and R skills of Zahir over slowed and damaged enemy to cause more damage. 

Teams and Match-ups for Zahir

Choosing the Zahir’s partner for duo and squad gameplays is highly important. It’s important to keep the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian Sikh in mind before choosing a teammate. The following duo and squad gameplay guides will surely help you in deciding a suitable match for Zahir. 

Duo gameplay

For duo games, Zahir can have a perfect duo partner in the form of Sissela. The same weapon types would mean that both players would be closer to each other for the game’s majority time. Besides Sissela, you can also go for the speedy characters such as Adriana or Aya to win as a duo team against any rival groups.  

Squad gameplay

Zahir can be a good option for a squad or teams comprising more than two players. One of the pinching weaknesses of Zahir is his lesser movement speed and slow reflexes. However, you can add a few players with solid and furious moves to balance Zahir’s shortcomings. For this, you can have Magnus, Aya, Hart, and Chiara on your team. These characters can prove to be a deadly combination if combined and can beat any team on a given day.

But, there are a few players that would still need your focus. Characters such as Jackie, Rozzi, and Xiukai are the ones you would need to be careful of. Other than these players, you can win against the majority of the teams on Lumia Island.    

Zahir’s Strengths and Weaknesses


    • Zahir has two weapons to choose from: The Indian Sikh does not rely on one weapon only. Instead, he can choose either a Throw or Shuriken. This variety in weapon choices will help you opt for different build types. 
    • Zahir has long-ranged skill attack options: You can target your opponents by standing a bit farther with fatal long-ranged attacks. The range of his moves is as high as 6 meters. 
    • Zahir is not all that popular, so you can surprise your opponents: You can have the upper hand over your enemies if you manage to play well with Zahir. 
    • Zahir is a versatile character with multiple gameplay options: This character has skills that you can use in many ways for different build types and equipment. He can win you games in solo, duo, and squad gameplay. 
    • Zahir has severe damage per second: The Indian player can knock his enemies down with his strong ability moves. He has one of the highest DPS in the game.


  • The cooldown time for Zahir’s passive skill is very high: You will have to wait for 300 seconds to use the Eye of Azrael with Zahir. It is the highest cooldown time for a passive skill among all players.  
  • Zahir has reduced movement speed with lesser mobility: You may have to rely on the items that provide you greater mobility with Zahir due to his lesser movement speed. 
  • Zahir’s ultimate skill isn’t all that hard to dodge: Opponents can quickly get away from the Bhargavastra attack range, as Zahir pours Chakrams in a fixed spot. 

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