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Yuki Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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In our list of character spotlights for the Eternal Return: Black Survival, today we look at Yuki. The Japanese fighter is an average player with moderate skills. You can use him well if you are a veteranplayer and have experience playing this game. 

Therefore, to assist you in this regard, we discuss his skills, build options, playing guide, Duo and Squad gameplay options, and strengths & weaknesses. Firstly, let’s see what he offers in his passive, QWER, and weapon skills.  

Yuki’s Skills

From Head to Toe (Q)
70 SP; 9 secs cooldown
Yuki's next normal attack deals damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies.

Consuming a cufflink stuns enemies.
Button Up (W)
90 SP; 18 secs cooldown
Passive: reduces cooldown of Button Up each time Yuki deals damage.

Yuki straightens up his outfit and reduces the cooldown for Dashing Gentleman. While using Button Up, his defense is increased. When Button Up is complete, he gains cufflinks.
Dashing Gentleman (E)
90 SP; 17 secs cooldown
Yuki dashes in the targeted direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. Enemies hit are disarmed, disabling their normal attacks for a certain time and reducing the cooldown of Dashing Gentleman.
Coup de Grace (R)
120 SP; 120 secs cooldown
Yuki unsheaths his sword and slashes an area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies and leaving a mark, reducing movement speed of enemies. The mark explodes after Yuki sheathes his sword, dealing true damage equal to a percentage of the enemy's max HP.
Perfect Fit (Passive)
No cost
Yuki stores cufflinks as a resource. Upon damaging an enemy, he consumes a stored cufflink, dealing additional true damage. Yuki recovers cufflinks every few seconds while out of combat.

Activating Button Up will refill all of his cufflinks.
Fiora_Parry_DWeapon Skill: Parry (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Raise your sword and take a defensive position, protecting yourself from attacks and effects coming from the direction you're facing.
After a certain time, you charge towards the attacking enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in your path.
Weapon Skill: Dual Sword Rampage (D)
No cost; 40 secs cooldown
Charge in the targeted direction and deal damage to all enemies in your path. If you hit an enemy, you can use the skill again.

Perfect Fit – Passive

Yuki can store and use cufflinks with his passive skill to deal more damage. Once he deals damage with these cufflinks, he can recover a cufflink every 4 seconds he is not in a fight. Moreover, all these cufflinks can be restored at once by his W skill.  

From Head to Toe – Q

By activating the Q skill, Yuki deals extra damage with his next Normal attack. It also reduces the movement speeds of enemies by 50% for 1 second. The cooldown time for this skill attack is 6-9 seconds, and the SP cost is 70. 

Button Up – W

With his W skill, Yuki reduces the cooldown of his E skill and also refills the cufflinks. The school fighter tightens his suit to cast this skill. The SP cost for this skill is 90, and the cooldown time is 10-18 seconds. You can reduce the cooldown time for the Button Up by dealing damage to other players or animals.

Dashing Gentleman – E

This skill move has the second most serious damage causing capability after the ultimate attack of Yuki. Yuki dashes in a specific direction, dealing damage and disarming enemies for a few seconds. This skill’s cooldown time is 11-15 seconds, and the SP cost is 90-130. The attack range for the Dashing Gentleman is 5 meters, and the skill duration is 1.25 seconds.  

Coup de Grace – R

With his ultimate skill, Yuki unleashes his sword and deal damage to the enemies in his target area. He waves his weapon horizontally and cuts anything in that area, leaving a mark. The movement speeds of enemies also get reduced once they get a mark of Yuki’s sword attack, and the mark explodes upon the Sheathing of his sword. 

This skill attack’s cooldown time is 80-140 seconds, and SP cost is 120-180. The skill range is 5.5 meters and casting time is 0.99 seconds.  

Parry – D (Two-Handed Sword)

The Parry weapon skill allows Yuki to defend himself as well as charge towards enemies. You can block any skill attack of your enemies and then deal damage by dashing forward. The cooldown time for this weapon skill is 30 seconds. 

Dual Sword Rampage – D (Dual Swords)

This weapon skill is indeed a fatal move to have with Yuki. He charges forward by spinning his dual swords and deal damage. The cooldown time for this skill is 40 seconds, and the attack range is 1.1 meters. You can immediately recast this skill if you hit an enemy with it.

Skill Leveling Order

E> R> Passive> Q> W

The E skill of Yuki is the most rewarding one among all his skill attacks. We would recommend you to use this skill quite often as it has a lesser cooldown which can even be reduced, and moderate SP cost. The ultimate attack of Yuki is also strong; however, it requires some casting time to execute properly. W and Q are similar in strength, so you can put either of those in the last spot.

This skill order is the same for all the three builds we are mentioning below. 

Yuki’s Builds

Two-Handed Sword Build with Monohoshizao

yuki sword build

Two-Handed Sword build for Yuki; Saved Plan ID 332580

Our first recommendation for you would be to try out this Monohoshizao build. Monohoshizao combined with the Dragon Dobok will ensure you have a lot of attack power. Moreover, both the leg and arm weapons also add considerable attack speed. Overall, it is a good build with close route zones, meaning you can build your weapon and all other items quickly. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Monohoshizao
  • Chest: Dragon Dobok
  • Head: Crystal Tiara 
  • Arm: Vital Sign Sensor
  • Leg: White Rhinos
  • Accessory: Uchiwa

Desired route for this build: 

Hospital> Pond> Avenue> Temple> Uptown

A five-zoner build route is always welcoming. However, this build has late weapon build-up options. Temple, the fourth zone, is a place where you would completely upgrade the Monohoshizao. If you opt for this build, make sure to play safer in the early gameplay until you try your hands at the Double-Handed sword. Also, keep in mind that it is a winning build for those who can survive and play cautiously in the first four zones.  

Dual-Wield with Dioscuri

yuki dual swords dioscuri

Dual Wield build with Dioscuri; Saved Plan ID 332581

Dioscuri is a handy weapon. It provides you additional attack power and attack speed. Most of the items in this build are made to offer you attack speed. Overall, it is a good build with lesser zones to go through, and you can quickly build all your items. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Dioscuri
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Crystal Tiara 
  • Arm: Radar
  • Leg: Feather Boots
  • Accessory: Laced Quiver

Desired route for this build: 

Dock> Uptown> Hospital> Temple

A four-zoner build path is always desirable. You can easily acquire all the items required for this build. You will only need to go through the first two zones to finish your weapon. However, it’s advised to still be careful in the last zone, Temple. Temple is a very contested zone nowadays, so be careful and don’t let yourself be ambushed.

Fist two zones are closer to each other; you won’t need to worry about items as you can quickly get what you need in Dock & Uptown. However, the journey for the last two zones can get longer. You will have to pass through zones such as Factory, Chapel, and Cemetery to reach Hospital and Temple. We would recommend you to take a straight path after Uptown and go through Factory to get Hospital. In this way, you can feel a bit safer with a lesser distance to travel. You can also take a teleporter, though this comes with its own risk.

Two-Handed Sword Build with Thuan Thien

2 handed sword build yuki

Two-Handed Sword build for Yuki; Saved Plan ID 332587

It is a build that mainly focuses on having more attack power. Added attack power with the mightier QWER skills of Yuki is always welcome. You can win solo, duo, and squad games with this build. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Thuan Thien
  • Chest: Dragon Dobok
  • Head: Chinese Opera Mask 
  • Arm: Mithril Shield
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: Laced Quiver

Desired route for this build: 

Beach> Hotel> Hospital> Temple> Alley

For the acquisition of the above items, you will have to pass through five zones. The good thing is that the weapon in this route is two-zoner, and you can quickly get the Thuan Thein in the Hotel Zone. However, things may become tougher once you go for the final three zones. With the Two-Handed Sword weapon in your hands, you should be ready to beat opponents, especially in Temple and Alley zones. 

Note that you need a VF Blood Sample from Wickeline to turn your mask into the Chinese Opera one. Do not fret too much if you are not able to find or kill Wickeline; the normal mask can work just fine too.

How to Play Yuki

Yuki is not the kind of character that can tear apart any opponent. He is a Melee character and is more robust against a few opponents. In contrast, he is also a bit less equipped when facing the most aggresive characters of this game. Following are skill guides for Yuki that might help you play well with this character. 

Passive Skill Guide

The additional cufflinks attack is a buff to cause extra damage. It is not that fatal in terms of skill damage; however, it can still cause a little bit of disturbance for enemies. Keep in mind that the cufflinks can be filled with the Button Up skill. You should use the W skill to fill cufflinks when you have found a safe spot. 

Q Skill Guide

The Q skill of Yuki is more like a Normal attack damage enhancer. You can use this move to cause extra damage for other skills of the Japanese fighter. If used accurately, the Normal attack of Yuki can also reduce the enemy’s movement speed under target. Once the enemies are slowed, you can use other skills to ensure extra damage. The overall skill duration is 5 seconds, so make the most of it.  

W Skill Guide

The Button Up skill of Yuki helps reduce the cooldown of the E skill and refills upir cufflinks. However, you need to make sure you are alone or hidden somewhere to cast this move. It is similar to a reloading skill for players with bullet weapons. You  reduce the cooldown and refill the cufflinks, just like we reload bullets for Aya or Rozzi. 

E Skill Guide

This skill move should be the go-to skill attack. It has considerable skill damage with moderate SP cost and lesser cooldown time. You can also use the Dashing Gentleman in combination with other skill attacks. However, you would need to execute the E skill flawlessly and disarm your opponent. 

We would suggest you use both the E and R skills of Yuki in combination with each other to cause extra damage. Disable your opponents Normal attacks first with the E button and then unleash the ultimate skill to make this move fatally effective. 

R skill Guide

The ultimate skill of Yuki has the maximum damage. However, to execute it properly, you may need some time to adjust your aim. If you cast the ultimate skill attack correctly, you can put a mark your opponent and then explode it after a few seconds. Upon explosion, the Yuki cause more damage with the help of his ultimate attack. The other use for this skill is its capability to reduce the movement speeds of enemies. You can use the reduced movement speed as a tool to deal extra damage and knock your opponents down. 

Weapon Skill Guide (Two-Handed Sword)

This weapon skill can be handy in defending yourself against long-ranged skill attacks. You should be able to use it at the right time as the skill has a considerable cooldown time. Besides defensive strategies, you can also charge forward and deal damage with the Parry weapon attack. The weapon skill move is good to use in one-on-one fights. However, we would not recommend using it when you are fighting against more than one enemy.

Weapon Skill Guide (Dual Swords)

Dual Swords Rampage is a handy weapon skill. You can use it to deal a fair amount of damage to your opponents. Yuki will dash forward and spin his dual swords to tear apart whatever comes in his way. It is an ultra-attacking skill move, and you can use it in the middle of a fight to deal damage. You can also use this move in combination with other Yuki skill attacks to have a fatal variety.  Hitting an enemy will reset the cooldown, so you can immediately cast it again.

Teams and Match-ups for Yuki

Playing as a team with other characters can be handy when you choose Yuki. He needs players with long-ranged skill attacks and quick movement abilities. Following are some of the suitable options for the duo and squad gameplay. 

Duo gameplay

We would recommend Jackie or Fiora to play as a duo team with Yuki. The reasons behind that are their similarities in terms of playing nature. Jackie is a widely favored player with more killing skill attacks and aggressive gameplay strategies. However, Fiora is not that bad either. You choose between two to complete a perfect duo team that can challenge any rival group in Lumia Island. 

Any one of these two players can efficiently perform well with Yuki. However, it would help if you still were careful against a few opponents, such as Rozzi, Zahir, and Aya. These players can sometimes be tricky to handle, so be cautious in dealing with those. 

Squad gameplay

Yuki’s attacks are mostly close-ranged, so you need to add a few players with the ability to hit opponents from a distance. We would recommend you to make Aya, Hart, or Zahir your squad member. In this way, you can have the option of having ultra-attacking gameplay strategies. Other than these, you can also add Fiora and Jackie to your team. 

Yuki’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Yuki has two weapon options: You can either choose a Double-Handed Sword or dual swords to start your build journey. It is an excellent option to have as you can shuffle your weapons amid your journey. 
  • This character has a lesser cooldown time for his Q, W, and E skills: Except for his ultimate skill attack, the Japanese fighter’s skills can be used quite often. The cooldown time for his QWE skills ranges between 9 to 18 seconds. 


  • Yuki is not an ideal choice for beginners: If you are new to the game, do not pick Yuki, as he is challenging to handle. 
  • The Japanese fighter is less rewarding compared to his difficulty level: The skill attacks of Yuki are not so easy to execute. However, considering the difficulty level of his attacks, the skill damage is on the low side.
  • Most of Yuki’s skill attacks have some casting time: Enemies may get away from your range until you cast any skill attack over them. This is also one of the reasons why Yuki is challenging to play around with. 

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