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Who (or what?) is Wickeline? (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
eternal return wickeline

The first time I encountered Wickeline in Eternal Return: Black Survival, I thought I had run into a super strong player. She was way higher level than me and destroyed me in seconds (to be fair, that was only my third game or so). After I while I noticed that this ‘Wickeline’ player was in pretty much every game I played. I did some research and turns out, Wickeline is not a very skilled player, but a boss!

Who (what?) is Wickeline?

Wickeline (or Doctor Wickeline, formally) was a test subject in the so-called “first phase test”. What happened exactly I don’t know, but obviously something went horribly wrong.

She now roams around Lumia Island as an NPC, growling and leaving behind a disgusting trail of green goo. Your first instinct is probably to run as far away from her as you can, but brave players can choose to engage her for her rare loot and a sense of accomplishment.

When does Dr. Wickeline spawn?

Wickeline spawns around the 10 minute mark of the game. Her arrival will be announced in chat, as well as a warning one minute beforehand. Wickeline spawns at the Research Center in the middle of the map, then runs randomly to one of the zones adjacent (Forest, Avenue, Cementery or Pond). Which way she goes is random, though she will always go in a zone that is not restricted (so not to a red zone).

Where is Wickeline?

Wickeline roams around Lumia Island, starting in a random (unrestricted) zone next to the Research Center and running from zone to adjacent zones. Her last seen location is announced in chat. (e.g. “Wickeline has been seen in Temple”)

Wickeline appears as a wild animal on the minimap. While most wild beasts stay in one location, Wickeline is constantly on the move. If you see a moving yellow dot on the minimap, that’s her.

Activating the console and setting up surveillance cameras in the area will help you locate her faster.

How do you kill Wickeline?

how to kill dr wickeline

The key to defeating Wickeline is finding a proper, safe spot to engage her. Ideally you choose a fighting spot where you have some vision (from the console or from surveillance cameras). This warns you of any approaching sneaky players who are waiting for you to do the dirty work of killing her, and then gank you and steal your loot.

Check your surroundings before you engage Wickeline. Make sure no one is hiding in the bushes. I also recommend you have some proper food at hand, to help you with HP regeneration during the fight.

The fight itself is pretty straightforward (but tough!). Try to avoid the slime on the floor as much as possible, as it leaves a poison on you that deals damage over time. You can kite Wickeline around a little so you have more space to move, but don’t go too far from the starting point. Wickeline’s leash range is not super long, and walking away too far will cause her to run back and restore to full health.

Wickeline’s melee attacks hit hard, and there is not much you can do about that besides using defensive abilities effectively, especially if you are a melee character yourself. Ranged players should try to stay out of her melee range as much as possible.

Occasionally Wickeline does a strong attack in a line forward. This attack is indicated by a blue arrow on the floor shortly before she charges (similar to the arrow that boars have). Try to avoid this ability, as it does a lot of damage.

Chip away at Wickeline’s health slowly and steadily, and make sure to use your food and other consumables if needed. Play it safe, especially in Solo Mode.

Once you have defeated her, loot her quickly and immediately use the First Aid Kit if needed. Other players may be in the area, looking to capitalize on your low health. Find a safe spot (like a bush) to recover and use your newly acquired crafting materials.

Alternatively, you can choose to be that cowardly player and follow her around sneakily until another player attacks her, then kill both of them when they are at low health. You can also let the other player kill Wickeline, then immediately stun that player and kill them so they are not able to use the First Aid box. It’s not honorable, but it is effective.

Note that standing in Wickeline’s path or touching the green trail she leaves on the floor will cause her to attack you immediately.

What does Wickeline drop?

wickeline loot drop

Wickeline always drops:

  • VF Blood Sample
    • Needed for Dáinsleif, Chinese Opera Mask, Queen of Hearts, Red Shoes, Spear of Longinus, Whip of Nine Bloody Tails and Failnaught
    • Killing Wickeline is the only reliable way to obtain a VF Blood Sample. This Blood Sample can otherwise only be found in Air Drops and as loot on bears (very rarely).
  • Force Core
    • Needed for Fragarach, Auto-arms, Boots of Hermes, Emerald Tablet, Remote Mine, Monkey King Bar, Sudarsana, Sharanga and Kelte
  • First Aid Kit
    • Consumable that restores a high amount of HP

Wickeline has a chance to drop:

  • Tree of Life
    • Needed for Death Rune and Powder of Life
  • Moonstone
    • Needed for Starsteel Twin Swords, The Deadly Ray, Hammer of Thor, Cosmic Bident, Cube Watch and Moonlight Pendant
  • Remote Mine
    • High damage trap
  • Mithril
    • Reagent for Joyeuse and Mithril Helm/Armor/Shield/Boots/String
  • Meteorite
    • Needed for Kabana, Moonstone, Meteor Claymore, Wonderful Tonight and Force Core

Does Wickeline respawn?

Wickeline does not respawn after she (it?) is killed. If you need her items when she’s already dead, your only chance is to find the player who killed her and kill them.

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