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Lenox Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Lenox is a character with abilities to take on any opponent. She is a formidable solo player, having some qualities to fit in duo and squad teams. She has a unique weapon and has useful skill attack options. 

This article will look upon her skills, build options, playing guide, duo and squad gameplay strategies, and strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at her passive, QWER, and weapon skills first. 

Lenox’s Skills

Recoil (Q)
50 SP; 4 secs cooldown
Lenox whips a circle area around her, dealing damage to enemies. She deals extra damage based on her max HP at the edge. Hitting an enemy grants her a stack, reducing the cooldown of Recoil per stack. Hitting 2 or more targets reduces the damage.
Snakebite (W)
80 SP; 12 secs cooldown
Lenox snaps her whip twice, once in a circle around her, dealing damage and slowing enemies. Following that, she will attack in a straight line, dealing damage and silencing enemies. Hitting an enemy with the second part of her skill increases her movement speed.
Whiplash (E)
60 SP; 9 secs cooldown
Lenox sweeps her whip in an area around her, dealing damage and pushing or pulling enemies, depending on the direction of the skill. Enemies hit are slowed.
Blue Viper (R)
100 SP; 100 secs cooldown
Lenox quickly attacks twice in an X shape, dealing damage and applying Blue Viper.

Blue Viper: For a certain amount of time, enemies take damage depending on how far they move. Hitting an enemy with both attacks deals more damage depending on how far they move.
Bait and Tackle (Passive)
No cost; 20 secs cooldown
Bait: Lenox gets extra items, excluding weapons, every time she fishes.

Tackle: Every few seconds, normal attacks grant Lenox a shield that absorbs damage in relation to her max HP.
Weapon Skill: Grappling Whip (D)
No cost; 40 secs cooldown
Snap your whip in front of you, dealing damage to enemies hit and pulling them towards you.

Bait and Tackle – Passive

The passive skill of Lenox has two effects. Firstly, when she fishes, she gains extra items (except for her weapon items). And secondly, the Normal attacks of Lenox grant her a defensive shield for 12-20 seconds. This shield absorbs damage equalling 10% of her maximum HP level. The Bait and Tackle skill has a cooldown of 12-20 seconds and a skill duration of 6 seconds. 

Recoil – Q

The Austrian fighter whips a circle around her and slashes her opponents with her Q skill. The enemies at the edge of the circular slash gain extra damage compared to those closer to the center. Additional damage is equal to 5-7% of her max HP. 

Hitting an enemy with the Recoil attack provides Lenox a stack. These stacks reduce the cooldown time for the Q skill itself by 1 second. The actual cooldown for this skill is 4 seconds, and the SP cost is 50-90. 

Snakebite – W

Lenox attacks twice with her W skill. The Snakebite enables the Austrian fighter to unleash a circular slash first and then hit enemies in the vertical direction. The second attack of Lenox with her W skill has more effects than the first one. 

The straight-lined second attack silence enemies for 0.5 second and increases the movement speed of Lenox by 20% for 3 seconds. The cooldown time for this skill is 8-12 seconds, and the SP cost is 80-120. 

Whiplash – E

Lenox pushes her opponents away with the Whiplash move and deals damage. This skill attack can create a pushing or a pulling effect depending on the direction of her attack. Enemies hit with her whiplash get their movement speed reduced by 20-40% of their movement speed for 1 second. The cooldown time for this skill is 9 seconds, and the SP cost is 60-80. 

Blue Viper – R

Lenox will attack her opponents in the X direction and deal damage. If you precisely hit your opponent with both slashes, enemies will get damage per 1 meter they move. The cooldown time for this skill is 80-120 seconds; the SP cost is 100-140. The range of this skill attack is 7.5 meters. The skill duration is 3-5 seconds.

Grappling Whip – D

Lenox snaps her weapon in a given direction to deal damage. She pulls her opponent 2.5 meters towards herself for 1 second. This weapon skill has an airborne effect as well. If enemies are within the range of 2.5 meters, opponents are knocked airborne for 0.75 seconds. The cooldown time for this skill is 30/40 seconds, and the attack range is 8 meters. 

Skill Leveling Order

Q> E> R> W> Passive

The Q and E skills of Lenox are the easiest to execute. For other skill attacks, you would need a bit of mastery in using them to perfection. Besides the casting method, the first two mentioned skills have a relatively lesser cooldown time. You can use these skills quite often, given you have desired SP level. The above skill order would remain the same for both of the builds mentioned below. 

Lenox’s Builds

Lenox Build with Gleipnir

lenox strong build with whip

Lenox build with Gleipnir Whip; Saved Plan ID 332598

This is a formidable build option with some limitations on what you can do and what you cannot do. You would be using the Gleipnir as your prime Whip weapon. This weapon will bring Attack Power (+58) and Extra Skill Damage (+35) options to the table. 

Now the limitation we see with this build option is the lack of SP regen items. You will have to adjust in using your skill options if you choose to go for this build. For example, using the W skill more often than the Q or R skill would be the right strategy in this build.  

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Gleipnir 
  • Chest: EOD Suit
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: White Crane Fan

Desired route for this build: 

Beach> Avenue> Hospital> Archery Range> School

The route passes through five zones in this build. The winning factor about this build variant is the two-zoner weapon build-up. The whip weapon adds a lot of attacking options to Lenox. She will run through her opponents in all three gameplay styles (solo, duo and squad) once she has a whip in her hands. 

The best strategy for this build would be to quickly pass through the first two zones and get the Gleipnir weapon. Once you do that, go hunting your enemies down with an ultra-attacking gameplay strategy. 

You might experience some hassle acquiring your items in the first three zones, as they are relatively far away from one another. However, you can use teleporters, and the last two zones are closer to each other – you can go through these without any problems. 

Lenox Build with Plasma Whip

lenox plasma whip build

Lenox build with Plasma Whip; Saved Plan ID 332603

The second option in terms of builds is to utilize Plasma Whip as a primary weapon. This weapon is also a suitable choice, and it will add Attack Power by +60, Attack Speed by +30%, Extra-Normal Attack Damage by +12, and her Vision Range by +2.3. 

Besides these stats, you will also gain SP regen items and a formidable defensive option through this build. Overall, it is a good build option for solo, duo, and squad gameplay, and you can do well if you manage to find your items quickly.  

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Plasma Whip 
  • Chest: Sunset Armor 
  • Head: Imperial Crown
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: Uchiwa

Desired route for this build: 

School> Avenue> Archery Range> Beach> Dock

A five zoner build route is what we see for most of our build options. This build is no exception in terms of quickly acquiring your main weapon. However, as the first-mentioned build, this one also has a two zoner weapon build-up option. 

The first three zones are closer to each other. We advise you to go through these quickly and acquire all the necessary items. Once you have fully built the Plasma Whip weapon, you should then look to play aggressively. 

The last two zones in this build route can be a bit challenging. The Beach is usually okay; however, the last zone can be relatively competitive. Given the added health and defensive options through this build, you can play aggressively and run into your opponents.     

How to Play Lenox

Lenox is a player with a limited playing style. You cannot just go out in Lumia Island and run into every opponent. She needs to be fully geared to back her attacking abilities. However, an advantage with Lenox is her quick weapon build-up. She takes lesser time to acquire the whip weapon in her build options. The following skill guides will enable you to use her passive, Q, W, E, and R skills most appropriately. 

Passive Skill Guide

You can use the passive skill of Lenox to acquire items as well as gain a defensive shield in the middle of a fight. You can use Normal attacks to activate a defensive shield, and it is efficient in absorbing damage for 12-20 seconds. 

However, the fishing effect of this skill is only viable when you have no enemies around you. The fishing aspect of this skill is handy to find required items. When you are having a tough day searching for different materials, this skill can help in this regard. 

Q Skill Guide

The Recoil attack helps in tackling more than one enemy at a time. This skill attack has a lesser cooldown time and moderate SP cost. It is a good strategy to use the Recoil attack very often. 

Try to execute this skill attack precisely; use the Q button when enemies are at the edge of the circular area. The circular edges through this skill have more attack damage and cooldown reduction. 

W Skill Guide

Executing Lenox’s W skill attack can sometimes be tricky. You should be precise, and you should aim to reduce the mobility of your opponent first. The reduced mobility of your opponents will enable you to cast this skill to perfection. The attack range is lesser for this skill, which means you cannot afford to miss your mark. Using this skill attack over heavy animals such as bears is always a viable choice, as they will not charge towards you until you make the first move. 

E Skill Guide

The whiplash attack enables Lenox to push or pull her opponents and deal damage. The E-skill attack can prove to be a winning move with a lesser cooldown and moderate SP cost. The execution of this skill is also relatively simple compared to other skill attacks of Lenox. She unleashes her whip weapon in a given direction with no complexity. 

You can use this skill as a defensive option as well. Whenever you feel dominated or attacked, unleash the Whip of Lenox to push charging enemies backward. 

Moreover, this skill attack will slow your opponents, and it can be an opportunity to cast other skill attacks afterward. We would suggest you cast Snakebite over a slowed enemy, as this skill requires some time to unleash its full effect. 

R skill Guide

Targeting your opponent with the Blue Viper is a crucial step in this skill. If you manage to hit enemies with both the slashes, they will receive more damage for every 1 meter they move. It is a handy skill; however, the perfect execution is a little bit tougher. Using other skills right after the ultimate attack has the potential to knock your opponents down. 

Weapon Skill Guide (Whip)

The weapon skill of Lenox is a ranged skill attack, and you can target your opponents by standing as far as 8 meters. The effective way to use the Grappling Whip would be to knock enemies airborne and deal damage. In this way, you would be able to use other skill attacks afterward and deal extra damage. 

Teams and Match-ups for Lenox

Lenox is a winning addition to the list of players in the game. She can be a perfect choice for many in solo, duo, and squad gameplay. This character can take on any player in the game with her powerful and quick-skill attack options. She can run into the defense of her opponents and knock them down. Following are a few viable options for Lenox to win duo and squad gameplay. 

Duo gameplay

Choosing a duo partner for Lenox can be a difficult task. She has a unique weapon, and it would be hard to keep the teammates closer due to variable build routes. However, you can still choose a few options, considering the gameplay style of the Austrian character. 

You can opt for Silvia or Magnus in your duo team while playing as Lenox. The aggressive gameplay of Silvia suits Lenox’s style. Both of these players can knock their opponents down with quick and fatal skill attacks. On the other side, Magnus always adds that power and defensive body to your team. You can choose either of the two, depending on your needs. 

Squad gameplay

For Squad games, we would recommend you to add Rozzi, Jackie, and Magnus. Rozzi and Jackie are aggressive and quickly run towards their opponents. Rozzi will add long-ranged bullet skill attacks and will prove to be a savior for your squad. 

Jackie is aggressive; she can kill any player on Lumia Island. She also has a variety of weapons that will enable her to stay closer to Lenox. 

Magnus is a favorite squadmate for many due to his diversified gameplay style. He can be attacking as well as can add the defensive option to your squad. Overall, this squad can be a winning combo, and you can take on any opponent if you manage to merge these players with Lenox.

Lenox’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • She is the only whip character in the game with a unique gameplay style: Lenox is the only player who uses Whip as her weapon in the Eternal Return: Black Survival. The uniqueness of the weapon is advantageous; not many have observed the full potential of this character. 
  • This character has a low cooldown for most of her skills: Except for the ultimate skill attack of Lenox, the cooldown time for her remaining skills ranges from 4 to 12 seconds.


  • Lenox has competitive build route options: This character has some serious competition in most of her build options. Most of the zones she passes through have traffic and are competitive areas of the game.  
  • She can only choose a whip weapon for her builds: Lenox has limited options in terms of weapon choice, and she also has lesser variety in build options.  
  • Most of her skills require perfection and casting time: Q, W, E, and R skills of Lenox are not instant. You would need to aim your target accurately for the maximum output.  

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