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Fishing in Hades: All fish and how to catch them

by Laura
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Fishing is a new minigame added in Hades’ new patch, the Long Winter Update. Players can now find fishing pools in the different zones of The Underworld and use a fishing rod to catch these fish. Fish can be traded in for various rewards.

How to get the Fishing Rod?

hades fishing rod, house contractorYou can buy the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor in the House of Hades. The House Contractor is the ghost sitting at a table to Hades’ left hand. The fishing rod can be found on the first tab of his shop (Work Orders). The Rod of Fishing costs 1 Diamond.

How to find fishing pools?

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You may find fishing pools in all different zones in The Underworld. You can spot them by looking for glowing points of light in the water (or fire in Asphodel).

A room with a fish will make a ‘ding’ sound upon

  • Entering a room with a Store, Patroclus or Eurydice
  • Picking up the room reward

Naturally fishing pools can only spawn in rooms with either water or magma.

How do you fish?

You can interact with fishing pools after clearing a room and picking up its reward. Cast your rod into the pool by pressing E (on PC). Press E again when the bobber is fully submerged and the fishing rod flashes to reel in the fish. Don’t be tricked by the sinker bobbing up and down a little: you have to wait until it’s fully under water before you can reel in. The bobber can “fake-bob” up to 3 times.

The faster you react to the bobber submerging and the rod flashing, the higher the chance for a rare or legendary fish.

  • 0.34 seconds or sooner: Perfect catch. Guaranteed Rare fish. 5% chance for a Legendary fish
  • 0.34 to 1 second: Catch. Guaranteed Common fish. 5% chance for Rare fish
  • 1 second or longer: Too Late. No fish.

What to do with fish?

Hades Cook, fishing rewardsAfter a run you can give your fish to the Head Chef in the lounge in the House of Hades. The lounge is the room opposite from the entrance to your bedchambers. The cook is the ghost wearing a chef’s hat. He stands in the kitchen part of the lounge, behind the counter. The Head Chef will give you a reward in return for your fish. This reward depends on the kind of fish you give him and its rarity.

Fishing rewards

 Tartarus Fish

  • Hellfish (5 Gems) – Common
  • Knucklehead (20 Gems) – Rare
  • Scyllascion (30 Gems) – Legendary

Asphodel Fish

  • Slavug (1 Chthonic Key) – Common
  • Chrustacean (3 Chthonic Keys) – Rare
  • Flameater (5 Chthonic Keys) – Legendary

Elysium Fish

  • Chlam (1 Nectar) – Common
  • Charp (2 Nectar) – Rare
  • Seamare (3 Nectar) – Legendary

Temple of Styx Fish

  • Gupp (20 Gems) – Common
  • Scuffer (40 Gems) – Rare
  • Stonewhal (150 Gems) – Legendary

Chaos Fish

  • Mati (100 Darkness) – Common
  • Projelly (250 Darkness) – Rare
  • Voidskate (500 Darkness) – Legendary

Is the Fishing Rod worth it?

Should you buy the Rod of Fishing? In my opinion, definitely yes! The initial cost of 1 Diamond is easily earned back by catching a few fish and handing them to the cook. Also, the fishing minigame adds a fun, relaxed element to an otherwise action-packed game. Go try it!

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