Home RPG All rares in Vale of Eternal Blossoms: Spawn Locations, Spawn Timers and required Assaults

All rares in Vale of Eternal Blossoms: Spawn Locations, Spawn Timers and required Assaults

by Laura
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Map

Rares with Notable Loot

RareSpawn LocationSpawn TimerLootDrop ChanceAssaultNotes
Ha-Li/way 30 3830 to 45 minutesMount: Clutch of Ha-LiAround 2%MoguHa-Li flies in counterclockwise circles around her spawn area
Sanguifang/way 47 57Item: Sanguifang's Pulsating CanineAbout 5%Mogu
Rei Lun/way 22 24 Entrance to Guo-Lai Halls
/way 22 12 Rei Lun
40 minutes to 1 hourItem: Pristine Cloud Serpent Scale which can be used to purchase the mount Rajani WarserpentAround 1%MoguYou can find Rei Lun on the bottom floor of Guo-Lai Halls. Walk forward when entering the halls, then take the stairs on either side when you hit the wall
Anh-De the Loyal/way 34 681 to 2 hoursMount: XinlaoAround 3%Mogu
Houndlord Ren/way 12 29Mount: Ren's Stalwart HoundAround 3%MoguWanders around the Autumnshade Ridge
Tashara/way 29 22Toy: Trans-mogu-rifierAbout 3%Mogu
Ivory Cloud Serpent/way 27 571 to 2 hoursMount: Ivory Cloud Serpent100%MoguRead this article for more information on how to obtain the Ivory Cloud Serpent mount
The Forgotten/way 52 421-2 hoursPet: K'uddly around 1-3%Black EmpireThe Forgotten spawns on a floating platform in the air

Other Rares

RareSpawn LocationAssaultNotes
Amber-Shaper Esh'ri/way 20 75Mantid
Brother Meller/way 57 40Black Empire
Bug'gzaki the Blasphemous/way 6 70Mantid
Captain Vor'lek/way 6 64MantidCaptain Vor'lek patrols along the top level of the wall, from approximately /way 6 42 to /way 6 70
Chief Mek-mek/way 81 64Black Empire
Coagulated Anima/way 19 69MoguThe Coagulated Anima spawns at one of the blood ritual points in the Setting Sun Garrison
Deeplord Zrihj/way 71 58 Deep Blossom Mine Entrance
/way 66 68 Deeplord Zrihj
Black EmpireSpawns inside the Deep Blossom Mine
Destroyer Krox'tazar/way 27 67 and
/way 16 37
MantidCan be found either in the Setting Sun Garrison or on Autumnshade Ridge
Dokani Obliterator/way 41 57MoguPatrols along the road
Drone Keeper Ak'thet/way 12 41Mantid
Enraged Amber Elemental/way 10 41MantidThe Enraged Amber Elemental patrols in a circle around its spawn point
Escaped Mutation/way 45 45Black Empire
Harbinger Il'koxik/way 29 53Mantid
Harrier Nir'Verash/way 13 51Mantid
Heixi the Stonelord/way 28 40Mogu
Hive-Guard Naz'ruzek/way 20 62Mantid
Infused Amber Ooze/way 18 66Mantid
Jade Colossus/way 22 24 Entrance to Guo-Lai Halls
/way 17 11 Jade Colossus
MoguThe Jade Colossus is located inside the Guo-Lai Halls. Click on the green eggs in front of the Jade Colossus to activate him
Jade Watcher/way 27 11MoguThe Jade Watcher spawns inside a small cave
Kal'tik the Blight/way 18 9Mantid
Kilxl the Gaping Maw/way 46 58Black EmpireKilxl flies in circles around the Tu Shen Burial Ground
Kzit'kovok/way 26 38MantidKzit'kovok patrols in a circle around his spawn location
Needler Zhesalla/way 15 33MantidNeedler Zhesalla flies around the Autumnshade Ridge and The Five Sisters
Quid/way 90 46Black Empire
Rijz'x the Devourer/way 64 52Black EmpireRijz'x the Devourer's respawn timer is very short, only a few minutes
Spymaster Hul'ach/way 18 37Mogu
Stormhowl/way 26 75MoguStormhowl runs in circles west of the Setting Sun Garrison
Teng the Awakened/way 47 64MoguSpawns inside a cave
Tisiphon/way 9 42Black Empire, Mantid, MoguYou can spawn Tisiphon by clicking on the fishing rod
Voidtender Malketh/way 57 39 entrance to Pools of Power
/way 67 28 Voidtender Malketh
Black EmpireSpawns underground in the Pools of Power
Xiln the Mountain/way 54 49Mogu
Zror'um the Infinite/way 71 40Black EmpireZror'um the Infinite spawns in the water
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