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Call of Duty: Warzone Loadout for Beginners

by Laura
COD Warzone weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the gaming community by a storm. Millions and millions of players have tuned in within a matter of a week and are loving every second of this game.


We thought that maybe Battle Royale games had reached their inflection point with the releases of PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. But no sir, Call of Duty waited and waited until they could release a smash hit.

And I must admit, this is currently the best Battle Royale out there. What makes it better than all the rest is the fact that it’s realistic, it’s gun-play is fast and engaging, and cross-play allows the matches to be much more challenging than one could hope for.

One way in which Warzone differs from all other games of the similar genre is the fact that you can bring in your customized loadout into the battlefield. What this means is that you do not have to spend countless and important minutes scoping the area and looting consistently.

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So what is a loadout?

Basically it is a predetermined set of guns, perks, killstreaks, lethal and tactical weaponry. Now if you’ve just started the game and can’t see the option to customize your loadout, please don’t be alarmed.

You need to be at least rank 4 to create a loadout. However, given that you rank up quite aggressively in Warzone, after playing just one match you’ll be able to create your own loadout.

Now there are many combinations which you can choose from to carry your own lethal loadout. Today I’ll be discussing the one I’ve been using for a while now. It’s highly effective and you don’t need to be ranked really high for it.

So here are all the details for my favorite Loadout:

The double kill

I call this the double kill because of how overpowered this loadout set up is.

Primary Weapon – M4A1

The primary gun which I use here is the M4A1. This gun is highly efficient, effective, and straight up lethal. It’s light to carry around, the recoil is stable enough to shoot at long distanced enemies, and the damage is great.

Here is how I customize my M4A1:

  • Monolithic Suppressor. In Warzone it is absolutely critical that you are careful around your enemies. Even a slightest tick can put them on edge and lead to your defeat. By putting this accessory on, you’re reducing the noise your gunfire makes and also increase range. However, there is a trade-off. With the increased weight of the suppressor, your ability to aim down sights decreases moderately and it’s a bit heavier to carry around.
  • Corvus Custom Barrel. With this you’re able to increase the range and speed of the rate at which your M4A1 will fire bullets. Moreover, this decreases the recoil so you’re better able to handle the gun.Corvus Barrel
  • Commando Foregrip. This is probably my favourite attachment for every gun. It helps me to reduce my recoil and to make my accuracy almost a 100%.
  • Fully Loaded Perk. Through this, you’ll get your ammo at its max capacity as soon as you get the loadout within game. This is a really useful tool as your secondary weapon also gets fully loaded.
  • 60 round mags. Most players wear shields and therefore you don’t want to spend your critical seconds in a gunfight reloading. With this magazine attachment, you’ll be able to annihilate your enemies swiftly.

Secondary Weapon – MP5

Now the second gun that I carry is an SMG. The reason behind it is because pistols/launchers are of rarely good use. They’re not effective and you’re likely to get killed if you’re in a gunfight carrying them.

I choose MP5 as my go-to secondary weapon. The reason why I pick this over the other SMGs is due to its stability and fire rate. In close quarters, 9 times out of 10 you’ll win if you carry this beast. Here are all the attachments I use on the MP5:

  • Monolithic Suppressor. Your red dot won’t appear on the enemies’ radar when you fire the weapon so this comes in pretty handy. Moreover, with the increased bullet velocity, the bullets stay in the air longer.Monolithic Suppressor Cod
  • Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex. For those longer distances, it helps you to stay accurate however it does reduce the ADS speed.
  • FTAC Collapsible. I use this to increase the movement and ADS speed. While it does take away some of my aiming stability, MP5’s main purpose is to wreak havoc in close quarters. You won’t be using this gun to shoot at enemies who are far away. That’s the job of your primary.
  • MERC Foregrip. While it does reduce ADS Speed, the main purpose I use this foregrip over others is because it increases hip fire accuracy. Therefore, when an enemy jumps on me unsuspectedly I do not have to aim down my sights. I can simply fire at them with confidence that my shots will be accurate.
  • 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags.

PERKS – Double Time, Overkill, Tracker/Tune Up

Now moving on to Perks. Most people just randomly choose perks thinking they’re just there for the purpose of visuals. However, choosing the right perks can make or break your game. Each perk combination is suitable to an individual’s style of play. What you choose depends on whether or not you want to be stealthy, aggressive, or somewhere in between the spectrum.

Now the following selection of perks is, what I believe, the best combination of perks for beginners in Warzone.

  • Double time: Doubles the duration of your tactical sprint. This comes in super handy when you’re crowded by enemies and just need to get the heck out of a bad spot.
  • Overkill: This lets you carry two primary weapons in your loadout. If I hadn’t selected this, I wouldn’t be able to use the MP5 as my secondary weapon.Overkill perk COD
  • Tracker or Tune up: Now I alternate between both of these perks. Tune up allows you to revive a lot faster whereas tracker gives you the ability to see enemy footprints till 5-6 seconds after they’ve been somewhere and also when you kill someone the enemy squad will not be able to see the marker of their fallen comrade. Overall, I usually choose Tracker as the perk to go with because it allows me to stay hidden within the radar.

Tactical – STIM/Heartbeat Sensor

So last but not the least, what should you choose as tactical and lethal weaponry? Which tactical is good for beginners and new players?

For tactical, I usually choose the heartbeat sensor or the STIM. So I recommend the heartbeat sensor to those players who like to camp. You’ll be able to see enemy dots on your sensor once they’re close enough. However, the proximity of the sensor is limited so don’t hope for it to work as a UAV.

Now moving forward to STIM. It’s an injection which allows you to regenerate your health instantly. Imagine you’re stuck in a gun fight and you’ve lost all your shields. This STIM will be your best friend that day. Moreover, in this game if you get stuck in the poison gas you’re pretty much done with. Because you cannot outrun it, and neither can you survive for more than a few seconds within it. Therefore, the only thing which will save you that day is the STIM.

Lethal – Frag Grenade/C4

Now for a lethal for beginners I recommend either a frag grenade or a C4. Sometimes you will need to draw out enemies who are either camping or you’re unsure about their location. These explosives will help you get kills by breaking down the armor of your enemies.

COD Warzone lethal

How to activate the loadout?

Now let’s say that you’ve created your kick-ass loadout and are ready to take the enemies by a storm. But how are you going to get it in game?

Luckily there are two ways:

  • Call in a loadout drop. On your map you will see several icons of shopping carts. In each of these locations, you can purchase numerous items such as kill streaks, shield bundles, and yes: a loadout drop. However, before you go to a shopping cart, you will need to have money. How do you get money, you ask? Well, you can either kill an enemy and get the amount they were hoarding or you can simply loot. Now my strategy is to drop in at “The Hills”. There is usually less traffic here as compared to the other areas. I loot all of the houses and within a couple minutes or so I have the required $6000 amount to call in a loadout drop. However, beware, enemies can see that you’ve called in a drop and could be camping on you to make a move.
  • The second option is fueled more by luck than skill. You can roam the map aimlessly, looting and killing, and hope that either an enemy calls in a loadout drop near you or the game itself calls for a drop. But this is a risky approach and that I don’t recommend.

Tips for beginners

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about loadout in Warzone guys. Now to finish off this article here are a few beginner tips:

  • In Team Battle Royale, it might be tempting to go after enemies on your own, but trust me, that is only going to lead to your defeat. If you do want to rush on an enemy squad, make sure your squad is there to support you because it is a very high probability that you will need to be revived during the game. Therefore, if you’re aim is to win then stick with your buddies.
  • Don’t press and hold the trigger button! The most common mistake that beginners make is they hold the trigger button when they’re shooting at enemies from a farther distance. By holding the trigger, you’re only going to add recoil to your fire. Instead of hurting your enemy, you’ll end up hurting yourself. What you want to do is gently tap on the trigger and then release it. Repeat until you get that kill.
  • Use the mount feature. This is highly underrated at the moment but if you’re behind a cover then I highly recommend mounting your gun before shooting at someone. What this allows you to do is to shield yourself from the enemy bullets and also reduces your gun’s recoil by quite a great margin. I’ve used this consistently to get the desired kill and win.
  • Shoot in mid-air. When you’ve dropped from the craft, you can actually shoot at enemies. To do this what you’ll need to do is to cut your parachute mid-air. By doing this, you’ll get to take out your gun and kill your enemies before you’ve even touched the ground!
  • Be aware of the closing circle. The gas approaches fast and unsuspecting players get caught up in it quite easily. I’ve been the victim myself plenty of times therefore, do not wait till the last moment to make that run. Because trust me, you won’t be able to make it. Also, try to stay on the edge of the circle instead of going right at the middle. The reason behind this is that you can keep yourself safe and also take out any enemies who are trying to enter the circle.

More tips and guidelines? Read our Beginners Guide.

And that’s all it for today! Warzone is a really entertaining game and with time I’m sure it’s only going to get better as time passes on. Make sure you keep checking back for more tips and tricks on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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