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Li Dailin Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Li Dailin is currently one of the strongest characters of the Eternal Return: Black Survival. She is speedy but squishy. Her movements and skill moves are excellent. This article will discuss her skills, build guides, playing guidelines, duo and squad gameplay strategies, and finally, her strengths & weaknesses. So, let’s jump into her passive, QWER, and weapon skills first. 

Li Dailin’s Skills

Spirited Kick (Q)
No Cost; 12 secs cooldown
Li Dailin charges forward, dealing damage to enemies hit. She can reactivate this skill two more times.

Tipsy: Increases range and damage dealt.
Drink Up (W)
No Cost; 8 secs cooldown
Li Dailin takes a drink, gaining Liquid Strength and increasing her BAC. While drinking, she avoids normal attacks.

Liquid Strength: the damage from her next normal attack and damage from Dialed In are increased depending on her BAC.
Bottom Shelf (E)
No Cost; 13 secs cooldown
Li Dailin spits out cheap liquor in a cone in front of her, slowing enemies hit.

Tipsy: Silences enemies.
Striking Tiger (R)
No Cost SP; 185 secs cooldown
Li Dailin launches forward, unable to be stopped, suppressing the first enemy hit and following it up with two consecutive kicks, decreasing her cooldown if hitting an enemy.

Tipsy: follows up with 4 consecutive kicks.
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) (Passive)
No cost
Li Dailin can use Drink Up to fill her BAC bar. When her BAC is above a certain amount, she gains Tipsy, giving her skills extra effects, and gaining Dialed In for her next normal attack.
When her BAC reaches 100, she becomes Inebriated, is silenced for a certain time, and gains Dialed In.

Dialed In: Li Dailin's next normal attack will trigger twice.

Strong Stomach: her attack speed is increased for a certain time after drinking alcoholic beverages.
Weapon Skill: Uppercut (D)
No cost; 12 secs cooldown
The range of your next normal attack is increased and you deal additional damage for a certain time.
Weapon Skill: Breath of the Dragon (D)
No cost; 25 secs cooldown
Swing the nunchaku quickly, creating a gust of wind. After some time, launch the gust of wind in the targeted direction dealing damage depending on charge time. Swinging the nunchaku for more than a certain amount of time stuns enemies.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) – Passive

Li Dailin uses the BAC bar to increase the damage and movement speeds of her other skills. The Chinese brawler’s Passive skill enables her to gain Dialed In, Tipsy, and Strong Stomach. All these additional attributes are handy in making her more powerful. 

Spirited Kick – Q

Li Dailin charges forward and causes damage to her opponents with the Spirited Kick. This skill’s attack range is 2.25 meters, and the cooldown time is 10-12 seconds. Her Spirited Kick range and its damage increase if she has already gained a Tipsy with her passive. 

Drink Up – W

This move has the least cooldown time among all her skills, i.e., 4-8 seconds. It is more like a skill enhancer move instead of a damage-causing one. Once she drinks for a specific time, she raises her BAC bar. This move has no SP cost; however, you need to evaluate the BAC bar level to know how many seconds of drinking she needs.  

Bottom Shelf – E

With Bottom Shelf’s help, Li Dailin causes considerable damage and silences enemies in her range. She spits out liquor with this skill. The cooldown time for this move is 9-13 seconds, and it has 0 SP cost. Skill damage ranges from 80 to 300 + 50% AP as well. This move becomes more lethal if you have gained a Tipsy as it causes a reduction in the movement speeds of her opponents.  

Striking Tiger – R

The ultimate skill of Li Dailin is Striking Tiger. She launches forward, subduing her opponents, and then unleashes a double kick move to cause damage. The astonishing thing about Li Dailin is that her R skill has 0 SP cost. However, the cooldown time is 115-185 seconds, and that is pretty high. Luckily, you can reduce the cooldown time for this move by 40% if you manage to hit enemies with the ultimate skill of Li Dailin. 

Uppercut – D (Gloves)

The uppercut weapon skill enables Li Dailin to increase damage and the range of her QWER skill attacks. This move’s cooldown time is 10-15 seconds and the attack range increases by +0.7 meters.  

Breath of the Dragon – D (Nunchaku)

The Nunchaku weapon skill is handy in dealing damage as well as stunning your opponents at the end. The Chinese brawler can launch a gust of wind at her opponents. Moreover, the Breath of the Dragon attack has a cooldown time of 25 seconds. Try to be wise and precise in utilizing this move. 

Skill Leveling Order

Q> R> E> W> Passive

Honestly, it is hard to rank these skill moves of Li Dailin as all of them are equally useful. However, we would recommend you to put more points on Q and the ultimate skill of Li Dailin than her E, W, and passive skill. You can also create your own skill order if you prefer; Li Dailin’s best order isn’t really set in stone.

Li Dailin’s Builds

Crit Build with Vibro Nunchaku

li dailin nunchuck build

Critical Strike build for Li Dailin; Saved Plan ID 332559

This build has items that will boost the attack power and the attack speed of Li Dailin. In this build variant, you would use a Vibro Nunchaku as your primary weapon. With this weapon comes an added attack power of +65 and attack speed of +50%. This weapon has a super effective build route that can make you stronger. The quick way will make you stand apart from your opponents, for sure! 

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Vibro Nunchaku
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessories: Laced Quiver

Build Route    

Dock> Chapel> Cemetery> Hospital> Pond 

This build route has a conventional five zoner path. The best thing about this build path is its quick weapon build-up. You only need to search through the first two zones to ultimately acquire your primary weapon. 

Besides the early weapon building option, this route is also relatively more comfortable to play around with. All the five route zones are connected to each other. You can take great advantage of this by quickly getting all the items required and then dominate your opponents.   

Gloves Auto-Attack Build

li dailin ENAD gloves

ENAD Build for Li Dailin; Saved Plan ID 332568

The Extra Normal Attack Damage (ENAD) glove build of Li Dailin has Divine Fist as a primary weapon. As the title of this Build type suggests, most of the build items will provide you extra normal attack damage. So, let’s look at what you will need to dominate your opponents with this build. 

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Divine Fist
  • Chest: Battle Suit
  • Head: Laurel Wreath 
  • Arm: Sword Stopper
  • Legs: Feather Boots
  • Accessories: Laced Quiver

Build Route    

Hotel> Temple> Alley> Cemetery> Factory 

This build also has a five zoner build path. Weapon completion will happen in the third zone. You would have all your items after your Alley trip, except the boots and the sword stopper. You can challenge any opponent quickly in the game with 4 out of your 6 items being developed. So, overall, it is an excellent build to try in any gameplay type. 

Gloves Build with White Claw Punch

li dailing gloves build

White Claw Punch build for Li Dailin; Saved Plan ID 332570

And finally, you can also try another glove build with White Claw Punch as your primary weapon. This weapon has a good attack power of +55 and a critical strike chance of +20%. This build variant is a mix of both attacking and defensive items, and overall, a useful build type.  

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: White Claw Punch
  • Chest: Sunset Armor
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Sword Stopper
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessories: Magazine

Build Route    

Chapel> Cemetery> Hospital> Pond> Avenue 

This weapon build has a five zoner build route. You can shuffle between the first two zones to start off your journey. Like the previous build path, the zones of this route are also connected to each other. Other than the zone closeness, this build path offers you a two-zoner weapon build-up. So, you can fully acquire the White Claw Punch at the end of the Cemetry visit and then start unleashing your fury over your opponents.

How to Play Li Dailin

Li Dailin is a dashing character with swift skill moves. You can afford to play as a diver with Li Dailin. Run into the faces of enemies and use ultra-attacking strategies to knock down other characters. Let us show you how to use each of her skill moves to gain the maximum advantage out of her witty passive, QWER, and weapon skills. 

Passive Skill Guide

The passive skill of Li Dailin is a skill enhancer. The best way to use the BAC would be to know how much drinking she needs. If you overdrank the liquid, she would go numb for a few seconds, which you cannot afford in the middle of a fight. The BAC effects would only last for 10 seconds so make sure to use the moves carefully and to the fullest advantage. 

Make sure to pick up any alcoholic items you find on the way for your Strong Stomach passive effect. This passive increases your attack speed after drinking an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol can be found in Hospital, Factory and School; Whiskey can be found in Uptown, Hotel and Chapel. Looting corpses of fallen opponents is also a good source for drinks.

Q Skill Guide

The Spirited Kick move is handy in catching up with fleeing enemies. This move of Li Dailin will give you quick reflexes as well as some damage. You can also use this move to dash in a particular direction if you get surrounded by enemies. We recommend to use this move if you have gained Tipsy, as it enhances the effects of this skill. 

W Skill Guide

The only consideration you should make before using the Drink up move is the BAC bar level. As 100 level BAC will keep Li Dailin silenced for 7 seconds, we recommend you to drink lesser than that. Try to fill up as much as you can, but err at the safe side. Being incapacitated for 7 full seconds can be a great opportunity for your opponent to take you out.

E Skill Guide

The Bottom Shelf attack is useful to cause damage and reduce the movement speeds of your opponents. Use this skill in combination with other moves. The Spirited Kick attack of Li Dailin can be a deadly combination with her E skill if appropriately used. The cooldown time for this skill is also moderate and no SP cost, so you can afford to use this attack quite often. 

R skill Guide

Striking Target attack is the most expensive in terms of cooldown time among all Li Dailin’s skills. However, the best thing is that it has 0 SP level cost. The range for this attack is the highest among her skills, which can be an added advantage, especially if you are catching a fleeing opponent. The effects of this move increase if you have gained Tipsy. She launches forward and unleashes four kicks instead of two if you have Tipsy. So, using the enhanced version of this move is obviously a better choice. 

You can reduce the cooldown time for this move you hit your opponents with the ultimate skill attack. So, aim properly and use the ultimate attack only when the enemy cannot escape from this attack. 

You can also use the ultimate skill of Li Dailin with other moves. Using the R skill with Q or E is a viable option because they both can reduce the movement speeds of your opponents.   

Weapon Skill Guide (Gloves)

You can use this move quite often as it has a lesser cooldown time and no SP cost. Run towards enemies with the quick movement skills of Li Dailin and cast this weapon skill to cause more damage. You can use this move in combination with other QWER attacks to harness the maximum advantage. For example, using Uppercut with W and Q attacks of Li Dailin is quite a suitable option. 

Weapon Skill Guide (Nunchaku)

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot change the direction of this move when you are charging the wind gusts. The more you charge Breath of the Dragon, the better damage results you get. So, we would recommend you to use this weapon skill move to its fullest advantage. 

Teams and Match-ups for Li Dailin

Li Dailin can also play well in Duo and Squad gameplays. However, you should know which players to choose for your team. Following Duo and Squad gameplay guide will surely help you in this regard. 

Duo gameplay

Considering the reflexes and weapon skills of Li Dailin, we would recommend you to keep Hyunwoo or Nadine in your Duo team. If you use the Glove builds, then Hyunwoo can be an ideal choice for you. The same weapon would mean that you would be closer to each other in most gameplay times. Nadine is also a suitable choice, considering her long-ranged weapon skills and speedy attacks. 

Together with these characters, Li Dailin can do well against any of the opponent teams. However, be wary of Chiara, Hart, and Magnus. These players can form deadly duo teams. 

Squad gameplay

Li Dailin has more reliable options to form a squad. You can choose among Hyunwoo, Aya, Sissela, and Chiara. These players are a complete package when combined in a team with Li Dailin. Again, you need to keep track of Magnus, Fiora, Hart, and Zahir. 

Magnus can really be a threat in any team, as he can defend himself when required and can launch heavy skill attacks. Other players are also equally important, so be conscious of these characters if you see them on the opponent’s side.

Li Dailin’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Li Dailin has multiple weapon options:You can choose either a weapon from the list of Nunchaku or from Glove. She possesses a variety of build options with each weapon. 
  • Her skills are pretty fast:It seems like Li Dailin has super-fast wheels that enable her to make quick movements. 
  • Her skills have no SP cost and lesser cooldown time: Her passive and QWER skills have no SP cost, and the cooldown time is also moderate compared to other characters of this game. This allows you to be more liberal with your skills.


  • Drink-up necessity can sometimes be annoying: As the weapon reloads of players, such as Aya, can sometimes pinch you; in the same way, Li Dailin’s Drink up for enhancing her moves can prove to be irritating. You cannot afford to have those skill enhancer liquid in the middle of a fight. 
  • Very long ultimate cooldown: Striking Tiger has an exceptionally long cooldown, which can luckily be reduced by hitting the ability. Still, missing your R is very punishing.

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