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Nadine Builds Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
eternal return nadine builds

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A quick guide to playing Nadine in Eternal Return: Black Survival and builds for her Bow and Crossbow.

How to play Nadine

Squirrel trap nadine erbs

Nadine is a fast but squishy character that relies heavily on her auto-attacks to deal damage. Her abilities are mostly aimed at keeping a distance between her and her opponent. Her ability damage starts off pretty weak, but gets stronger the more wild animals she slays. Bigger animals such as bears are worth more than small animals such as chickens.

Nadine’s Q, Bullseye, is a long ranged aimed arrow that gets more range the more animals she kills. The damage of Bullseye is moderate, and it should mostly be used to shoot at escaping enemies or as a first attack on an unsuspecting player in the distance. In the middle of a fight Bullseye’s damage is generally not high enough to warrant the wind-up.

The W, Squirrel Trap, does moderate damage when thrown directly on an enemy. You can also throw Squirrel Traps next to each other to make them connect and form a tripwire. This tripwire doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it does slow down enemies and gives Nadine vision on them. When playing Nadine, get in the habit of setting up a tripwire whenever you enter a big building or area to loot. This way you have ample warning (and if needed, escape time) if another player enters the building.

nadine monkey wire E ability

E, Monkey Wire, can by used to place a wire close to you. As long as the wire is attached, Nadine has increased attack speed. Reactivating E will pull you towards the wire. This is useful to dodge enemy abilities, as a gap-closer when chasing someone or as a way to escape when things are going south.

Nadine’s ultimate ability on R is Wolf Assault. Activating R will summon a wolf every few auto attacks for a while. The wolf damages and slows your opponent. The damage this wolf deals is heavily dependent on the number of Wild stacks Nadine has (the number of animals she has killed).

Nadine’s trait is Wild & Clairvoyant. Wild entails that Nadine’s abilities deal increased damage the more animals she kills. Bigger animals such as bears give more Wild stacks than small animals suchs as boars or chickens. Clairvoyant allows Nadine to see nearby wild animals on the minimap.

The weapon skill (D) for the bow is Rain of Arrows. This is an area of effect spell that deals damage to a targeted area on the floor after a short delay. Enemies closer to the center of the area take more damage. Rain of Arrows deals high damage, but can be tricky to hit due to the short delay.

The weapon skill (D) for the crossbow is Expulsion Shot. This is a targeted knockback that deals some damage, and additionally stuns enemies if they are knocked into a wall. Expulsion shot is a good way to create some distance between Nadine and her enemy.

Nadine Bow Builds

Nadine Barrage build

Nadine fast bow build

This build uses the following items:

  • Weapon: Ancient Bolt
  • Chest: Battle Suit
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Radar
  • Legs: White Rhinos
  • Accessory: Magazine

This build can be found as a Saved Plan under the name Soyouplay.com Barrage build or with ID 156282


My recommended route for this build is

  1. Alley
  2. Archery Range
  3. Hotel
  4. Dock
  5. School

While going from Hotel to Dock, then back to School isn’t ideal, this order does guarantee that you will have the bulk of your build ready in zone four.

Use the Hyperloop in Hotel to get to Docks, grab what you need there and use the Hyperloop in Chapel (adjacent to Dock) to get back to School.

How to play this build

The idea of this build is that you stand still and unleash a barrage of arrows upon your foes. Position yourself safely, then attack your enemy with a volley of auto-attacks and Rain of Arrows (D).

Max out your E (Monkey Wire) first for extra attack speed, and pick up your Weapon Skill and Ultimate as soon as you can. Invest a skillpoint or 2 in Squirrel Trap as well.

Prepare a tripwire from Squirrel Traps in front of you if you have time; this might slow your enemy down enough to give you the extra 2 seconds you need to kill them.

The bow has a high attack speed, which is further amplified by the Tactical OPS Helmet, Radar and White Rhinos.

Nadine can be pretty fragile, but the Battle Suit and the extra HP from the Magazine should give you enough sturdiness to survive long enough.

When playing this build, you will want to ensure that you have plenty of high quality food available, since you will likely be taking quite some damage during your fights. Use food at the start of every fight for steady HP regeneration.

Do not linger after you kill your enemy. Loot them, then quickly go into a nearby bush or building to heal yourself up and prepare for your next fight.

Nadine Crossbow Builds

Nadine Standard Auto Attack build

nadine crossbow build auto attack

This build uses the following items:

  • Weapon: The Golden Ghost
  • Chest: Battle Suit
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Radar
  • Legs: White Rhinos
  • Accessory: Moonlight Pendant (or Uchiwa if you can’t find Meteorite)

This build can be found as a Saved Plan under the name Soyouplay.com AA build or with ID 20493.


The route for this build is

  1. Hotel
  2. Archery Range
  3. School
  4. Alley
  5. Docks (or Avenue if you found Meteorite already)

This AA build of Nadine will let you have your purple crossbow finished in the second zone (Archery Range), your boots in the third (school), your chest in the fourth (Alley) and your helm and arm in the fifth (either Docks or Avenue).

The trickiest part of this build is finding Meteorite for your Moonlight Pendant. Meteorite can be found in green Supply Boxes or rarely on wolfs or bears. Make sure to loot all boxes you come across and kill as many wolfs and bears as you can (which you should be doing as Nadine anyway).

If you really cannot obtain Meteorite, the Uchiwa is a viable alternative Accessory. It consists of a Ribbon, Cloth and a Fan.

How to play this build

Playing this build is pretty straightforward. Start by taking 1 skillpoint in each skill (Q, W and E), then fully level your E to get as much attack speed as possible. Take your trait, D and R as soon as they become available.

You aim is to keep right-click attacking the enemy while keeping as much distance as possible between you and them. Try kiting melee enemies by using the full range of your Monkey Wire (E), then reactivating it once they reach you.

Expulsion Shot (D) can be used to knock back particularly sticky enemies. Stutterstepping between attacks helps you maintain distance and makes it harder for you opponent to hit you with skill shots.

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