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Ardenweald Achievements Guide

by Laura
ardenweald achievement guides

Here you find a list of guides for achievements in Shadowlands zone Ardenweald.

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Something’s Not Quite Right – guide

Successfully accuse and expose 8 boggarts in a row during the World Quest “Tough Crowd” in under 20 minutes without guessing incorrectly.

The achievement Something’s Not Quite Right is only available when the world quest Tough Crowd is active.

Go to the Star Lake Amphitheater at /way 42.6, 44.6 and watch the dialogues of the Audience Members.

Boggarts say one of the following voicelines:

  • What’s a bard? Can you eat it?
  • Hmm, I find this shallow and pedantic.
  • Strange. The larger creature should just consume the smaller one. Take its power!
  • I hope this one doesn’t have any monsters in it.
  • Excellent use of metaphorical allegory. Yes.

Simply click the appropriate Audience Member to accuse them and defeat the boggarts. You break your streak if you guess incorrectly, so in case of doubt it’s advised to err on the safe side and wait before accusing.


A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That – guide

Obtain each of the artisan’s gifts from the world quest “We’ll Workshop It.”

  • Faerie Pomander
  • Vorkai War Paint
  • Tirnenn Resilience
  • Slumberweb
  • Gorm Whisperer
  • Finnan’s Luck

The world quest We’ll Workshop It has you collect 10 Sack of Supplies. Delivering these sacks of supplies to certain NPC’s gives you one of the 6 buffs.

  • Faerie Pomander is rewarded by Lady of the Falls  at /way 51.1, 33.9
  • Vorkai War Paint is rewarded by Sorcha at /way 51.1, 33.7
  • Tirnenn Resilience is given by Groonoomcrooek at /way 51.8 32 (requires the side quest chain starting with Ages-Echoing Wisdom to be completed)
  • Slumberweb is rewarded by Elder Gwenna at /way 50.4, 33 (requires the side quest chain starting with Ages-Echoing Wisdom to be completed)
  • Gorm Whisperer is a reward from Gormsmith Cavina at /way 51.6, 34
  • Finnan’s Luck is given by Elder Finnan at /way 51.6, 33.9 (requires the side quest chain starting with Ages-Echoing Wisdom to be completed)

Tip: you can do this achievement in 1 day by joining a raid group once you have the 10 Sack of Supplies. Simply deliver the Sacks to each of the NPC’s while in the raid group to get the buff without finishing the world quest.


Ardenweald’s a Stage – guide

Participate in the following plays at the Star Lake Amphitheater:

  • Xavius
  • Kil’Jaeden
  • Jaina
  • N’Zoth
  • Gul’dan
  • Argus, the Unmaker
  • Azshara

The Ardenweald’s a Stage achievement is part of the larger Adventurer of Ardenweald achievement. The achievement requires you to complete all 7 events in the Star Lake Amphitheater.

The reward for Ardenweald’s a Stage is the Silky Shimmermoth mount.

Players with the Night Fae Covenant must direct their Anima Conductor the the Star Lake Amphitheater, then speak to Dapperdew at /way 41.6, 44.8 to summon one of the 7 rares.

Everyone can participate in killing the rare; but you do need someone with the Night Fae Covenant to activate it.

Dapperdew summons a different rare each day. This means that Ardenweald’s a Stage takes 7 days to complete. You cannot obtain the Silky Shimmermoth mount in one day.


Toss A Seed To Your Hunter – guide

Toss a Faintly Glowing Seed at Gwynceirw, The Winter Wolf, during or after combat with the mire boggart.

To complete the achievement Toss A Seed To Your Hunter you have to find a Faintly Glowing Seed, then throw it to Gwynceirw during the Rotbriar Changeling fight.

First, find a Faintly Glowing Seed in the Shrouded Mire area. They look like purple shiny plants. I found mine at /way 64.9, 23.5, but they’re all over the place.

Once you have a seed, summon the Rotbriar Changeling by speaking to Daffodil at /way 65.7, 22.5 .

Gwynceirw is the centaur-like NPC who tanks the Rotbriar Changeling for you. Select him, open your bags and use your Faintly Glowing Seed on him to get the achievement.


Fractured Faerie Tales – guide

Return the following lost books in Ardenweald.

  • A Meandering Story
  • An Escapist Novel
  • A Naughty Story
  • A Wandering Tale
  • A Travel Journal

For this achievement you have to find 5 flying book NPC’s throughout Ardenweald. After killing them you can loot a quest item, which you can turn in at Archivist Dreyden in the Grove of Memory.

Meandering Story drops fromthe NPC Meandering Story, who patrols along the road between /way 51.6, 36.8 to /way 61.6, 36.6

Escapist Novel spawns at several locations

  • /way 40.6 27.6 Escapist Novel
  • /way 32.6, 31.6 Escapist Novel
  • /way 41, 42.6  Escapist Novel
  • /way 40, 44.6 Escapist Novel

Naught Story‘s locations are

  • /way 51, 54.8 Naughty Story
  • /way 39.8, 65.6 Naughty Story
  • /way 33.6 57.4 Naughty Story (approximate location)

Wandering Tale can be found in multiple locations

  • /way 37.9, 40.05 Wandering Tale
  • /way 35.6, 26.8 Wandering Tale
  • /way 36.4, 48 Wandering Tale
  • /way 30, 44.8 Wandering Tale

Finally, Travel Journal has the following possible locations

  • /way 50.15, 41.9 Travel Journal
  • /way 50.2, 25 Travel Journal
  • /way 40.1, 41.7 Travel Journal
  • /way 49.65, 40.15 Travel Journal

Ardenweald Gourmand – guide

Try each of Ardenweald’s delicious delicacies.

  • Glittersnap Snowpeas
  • Candied Brightbark
  • Grilled Slumbershrooms
  • Poached Strider Egg
  • Mulled Faewine
  • Honeyplum Pie
  • Ripe Wintermelon
  • Steamed Gorm Tail
  • Glazed Glowberries
  • Torchberry Bundle
  • Charred Runeflank
  • Flask of Ardendew
  • Wintermelon Brandy
  • Sylberry Snowcake
  • Wild Hunter’s Stew
  • Midnight Starpepper

The Ardenweald Gourmand achievement looks like a lot of work at first glance, but is actually surprisingly easy.

All delicacies are sold for just a few gold by Tanor at /way 64.8, 19.3 (nearby the Starlit Overlook flightpoint).

Many of the required food and drinks can also be found at other vendors and innkeepers around Ardenweald, though Tanor is the only vendor that sells all items needed for Ardenweald Gourmand.


Wild Hunting – guide

Slay the following Ardenweald beasts:

This achievement is pretty straightforward: find 12 common beasts in Ardenweald and kill them. The beasts are not rares and shouldn’t be all too hard to find. I list some locations below, but many beasts can be found in lots of different parts of Ardenweald too.

/way 37.5 56.9 Nightsong Wader
/way 61.5 50.4 Basin Vulpin
/way 42.7 58.7 Verdant Prowler
/way 58.3 57.8 Highland Runestag
/way 35.4 37 Voracious Lasher
/way 66.1 51.2 Roving Gladechewer
/way 64.5 24.25 Decayfly
/way 60.5 38.6 Greater Ardenmoth
/way 47.6 43.3 Veilwing Guardian
/way 39.7 34.2 Wild Gloomrunner
/way 36 38.5 Mystic Gulper
/way 65.9 51.6 Wild Gormling


Sojourner of Ardenweald – guide

Complete the optional Ardenweald storylines listed below.

  1. Thread of Hope
  2. Trouble at the Gormling Corral
  3. An Ominous Stone
  4. When a Gorm Eats a God
  5. Tricky Spriggans
  6. Wicked Plan

The Sojourner or Ardenweald achievement is part of the meta-achievement Loremaster of Shadowlands.

The Thread of Hope questline starts at Aithlyn at /way 48.4, 50.4 and consists of the following quests

  • Silk Shortage
  • Tough as Silk
  • The Shattered Harp
  • A Song for Silkstriders
  • Save Ol’ Gertie
  • Thread of Hope
  • Silk for Ardenweald

Trouble at the Gormling Corral starts at Lady of the Falls at /way 51, 33.8 and consists of the following quests

  • Trouble in the Banks
  • Breaking A Few Eggs
  • Tending to the Tenders
  • Unsafe Workplace
  • Gifts of the Forest
  • Tied Totem Toter
  • Well, Tell the Lady

The questchain An Ominous Stone begins at Brigdin at /way 64.2, 35.2

  • Forest Disappearances
  • Mysterious Masks
  • Cult of Personality
  • A Desperate Solution
  • The Crumbling Village
  • Cut the Roots
  • Take the Power
  • Unknown Assailants

When a Gorm Eats a God is a questline that begins by speaking to Guardian Kota at /way 62.6, 36 . It consists of the following 6 quests

  • The Absent-Minded Artisan
  • Finish What He Started
  • One Big Problem
  • Burrows Away
  • Queen of the Underground
  • When a Gorm Eats a God

The Tricky Spriggans questline starts at Lady of the Falls at /way 51, 33.8 and consists of 7 quests

  • Ages-Echoing Wisdom
  • Idle Hands
  • The Sweat of Our Brow
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools
  • Spirit-Gathering Labor
  • The Games We Play
  • Outplayed

Wicked Plan is the last questchain needed for Sojourner of Ardenweald. It starts at Guardian Molan at /way 60.6, 51.4 and has 4 quests

  • Blooming Villains
  • Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
  • Break it Down
  • Beneath the Mask

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