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Ardenweald Treasures: Locations and Loot

by Laura
all ardenweald chests

All treasure chests in Ardenweald. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Treasures of Ardenweald, part of the meta achievement Ardenweald Achieved. Contains all Ardenweald mounts, pets and toys that drop from treasures. Have fun!

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Aerto's Body/way 55.9 21.2Pet: Gorm Harrier
Veilwing Egg/way 52.9, 37.3Pet: Downfeather RagewingReach the Veilwing Egg by walking on the tree branch starting at 52.6, 38
Faerie Trove/way 49.7 55.9Pet: Shimmerbough HoarderUnder a tree nearby the road
Hearty Dragon Plume/way 46, 39 start location
/way 48.2, 39.3
Toy: Hearty Dragon PlumeTo reach the Hearty Dragon Plume, go to the start location at /way 46, 39 and either jump down the tree branches or use a Goblin Glider Kit to glide down
Cache of the Moon/way 64, 37.7Mount: Wildseed CradleRead the full guide for opening Cache of the Moon and obtaining the Wildseed Cradle mount here.
Dreamsong Heart/way 30, 36.3 Bounding Shroom
/way 37.6, 37.1 Dreamsong Heart
Warglaive: Dreamsong WarglaiveGrab the Dreamsong Heart by using the Bounding Shroom at /way 30, 36.3 (behind the branches behind the table), jumping to the top of the tree and carefully walking along the branch
Elusive Faerie Cache/way 46.5, 70.1 Lamp
/way 44.8, 75.8 Elusive Faerie Cache
Sword: Dreamsong SaberTo open the Elusive Faerie Cache, you need to grab the buff from the lamp at /way 46.5, 70.1 (sitting on the floor against one of the tree trunks). The buff only lasts 60 seconds, so be ready to walk back to the chest fast.
Darkreach Supplies/way 37.6 61.4 Bounding Shroom
/way 36.2 65.2 treasure
Random piece of gearUse the Bounding Shroom at /way 37.6, 61.4 to jump and glide to the treasure inside the dead tree
Lost Satchel/way 48.2 20.4Item: Satchel of CulexwoodThe Lost Satchel can be found on a branch below the waterfall. Contains Satchel of Culexwood, which can be turned in for 250 reputation with The Wild Hunt
Swollen Anima Seed/way 76.6 29.8Item: Swollen Anima SeedHas a short respawn timer. Swollen Anima Seed gives a quest that can be handed in for 250 reputation with The Wild Hunt
Harmonic Chest/way 67.8 34.6You need 2 players to open the Harmonic Chest. One player needs to use the Fae Drum while the other clicks the Harp
Playful Vulpin BefriendedSee guidePet: DodgerFind the Playful Vulpin 5 times and use the correct emote. Read guide with locations and required emotes here.
Desiccated Moth/way 36.4, 59.55 Aromatic Flowers
/way 41.4, 31.6 Bounding Shroom
/way 42, 32.6 Desiccated Moth
Pet: Amber GlitterwingTo capture the Desiccated Moth, first grab the Aromatic Flowers at /way 36.4, 59.55 . Then go the the jumping mushroom at 41.4, 31.6 and use it to jump into the big tree in the middle. Use the incense burner hanging from a branch to summon the Desiccated Moth
Enchanted Dreamcatcher/way 36.4, 25.05Item: Anima-Laden DreamcatcherThe Dreamcatcher hangs on the highest branch. Use the terrain to climb on the tree, then walk along the branches to reach the treasure. Drops Anima-Laden Dreamcatcher, which gives a quest that can be handed in for 250 reputation with The Wild Hunt.
Cache of the Night/way 36.2, 65.3Pet: Starry DreamfoalRead the full guide for opening Cache of the Night and obtaining the Starry Dreamfoal pet here.
Tamed Gladerunner/way 26.6, 58.7Mount: Shimmermist RunnerThe Tamed Gladerunner treasure is not part of the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement. You need to follow a specific path to obtain the mount; read the full guide here.

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