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Bastion Achievements Guide

by Laura
bastion achievements guide

Here you find a list of guides for achievements in Shadowlands zone Bastion.

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Flight School Graduate – guide

Complete all of the Flight School World Quests in Bastion listed below.

  • Flight School: Falling With Style
  • Flight School: Flapping Frenzy
  • Flight School: Up and Away!

Note that you have to wait for each world quest to be up; this achievement can usually not be completed in 1 day.

Flight School: Falling With Style starts at /way 58, 29.4 . Move to circles by using your mouse and avoid the black clouds.

Flight School: Flapping Frenzy begins at 58.75, 10.6 and is basically a WoW-version of Flappy Bird. The top fires have a smaller hitbox than the bottom fires, so try to float a bit more towards the top.

Flight School: Up and Away! is located at /way 41.7, 23.3 and requires you to use the clouds and tornadoes to make your way to the temple at /way 39, 20.5


Breaking The Stratus Fear – guide

Complete the Paragon’s Challenge during the Bastion World Quest “Flight School: Up and Away!”

This achievement can only be completed on days that the world quest “Flight School: Up and Away!” is active.

First you need to complete the world quest normally at least once.

The next time the world quest is up, Instructor Severin offers a dialogue option to try the Paragon’s Challenge.

You can try the Paragon Challenge right after you complete the world quests for the first time, but at the moment this is bugged and you will fall through the clouds, making it impossible to complete the challenge.


Aerial Ace – guide

Complete the Paragon’s Challenge during the Bastion World Quest “Flight School: Flapping Frenzy.”

This achievement can only be completed on days that the world quest “Flight School: Flapping Frenzy!” is active.

First you need to complete the world quest normally at least once.

After that, Instructor Malo offers a dialogue option to try the Paragon’s Challenge. This Paragon’s Challenge is similar to the normal world quest, albeit a lot harder because there is less space between spears.

Tip: the lower spears have a more ‘agressive’ hitbox than the upper spears, so try to float closer to the top of the path.


What Bastion Remembered – guide

Read the tales recounted in the Things Remembered World Quest by each of the following characters:

  • Eridia, Hand of Purity
  • Chyrus, Paragon of Humility
  • Pelagos
  • Uther
  • Kalisthene
  • Kleia
  • Forgelite Sophone
  • Mikanikos

For this achievement you need to complete a sequence of memories for each of the characters. A minimum of 5 scrolls is needed to gain credit towards the achievement. Only 1 character is up per world quest, and the rotation is random.


Count Your Blessings – guide

Be affected by all of the Purified Blessings in Bastion listed below.

  • Purified Blessing of Grace
  • Purified Blessing of Fortitude
  • Purified Blessing of Power

The Count Your Blessings achievement requires you to offer a Ripe Purian by placing it in a bowl, then ringing the bell to receive a buff.

Ripe Purians can be found inside Kyrian temples. They are orange, glowy and are usually placed on tables, plates or carpets. Do not confuse them with Tasty Purians; these won’t work for the achievement.

Blessings locations:

/way 53.7 28.85 Purified Blessing of Grace
/way 34.7 30.1 Purified Blessing of Fortitude
/way 45.4 59.7 Purified Blessing of Power


Rallying Cry Of The Ascended – guide

Ring all five temple vespers within Bastion to summon the Ascended Council.

  • Vesper of Courage
  • Vesper of Humility
  • Vesper of Purity
  • Vesper of Wisdom
  • Vesper of Loyalty

For Rallying Cry of the Ascended you need to ring 5 bells spread around Bastion.

Ringing all bells within 5 minutes spawns the Ascended Council, part of the Adventurer of Bastion achievement. This can be tricky to do on your own, especially if you are not a member of the Kyrian Covenant. Try to group up with a few other players so you can each ring one or two bells.

Vespers can be rung by all players on the same shard as you. When a bell is rung, a respawn timer starts, and it takes 1 hour for it to become active again.

The 5 Vespers can be found at the following locations:

  • Vesper of Courage at /way 33.4, 59.7 – teleportation pad at /way 39.2, 56.1
  • Vesper of Humility at /way 71.9, 38.8 – teleportation pad at /way 69.3, 40.4
  • Vesper of Purity at /way 64.3, 69.9 – teleportation pad at /way 63.5, 72.4
  • Vesper of Wisdom at /way 39.2, 20.4 – teleportation pad at /way 41.6, 23.3 (if the pad is locked, complete the world quest Flight School: Up and Away!)
  • Vesper of Loyalty at /way 32.2, 17.9

How to obtain the Ascended Skymane mount

When all vespers are rung within 5 minutes of each other, the Ascended Council spawns at /way 53.5, 88.35 .  Defeating the counsil will reward you with the mount Ascended Skymane.


Shard Labor – guide

Find all of the lost anima crystal shards in Bastion.

The Shard Labor achievement requires you to find all 50 shards in Bastion. Finding 10 shards is also a prerequisite for obtaining the Silverwind Larion mount. You can find a guide with all lost anima shard locations for Shard Labor here.


In The Hot Seat – guide

Survive Sundancer’s wrath and earn the right to challenge him to a trial by combat.

You need 2 buffs to mount Sundancer. The first, Sunrider’s Blessing, can be obtained by clicking the statue at /way 60, 94. The second buff comes from using the item Skystrider Glider, which can be crafted or bought on the Auction House.

The reward of mounting Sundancer is the Sundancer mount.


What Is That Melody? – guide

Be affected by each of the Hymns in Bastion’s temples listed below.

  • Hymn of Purity
  • Hymn of Humility
  • Hymn of Courage
  • Hymn of Wisdom

For the achievement What Is That Melody you need to interact with scrolls in Bastion. Interacting with these scrolls will also give you a buff for a few minutes.

Most scrolls are lying on and near tables, benches and other furniture.

Hymn of Purity can be found in the Purity’s Pinnacle area. A few possible locations are

  • /way 57.9, 79.1
  • /way 63.6, 73.7
  • /way 61, 76.15
  • /way 63.9, 73.5

Hymn of Humility scrolls are located in and around the Temple of Humility. A few possible locations are

  • /way 63, 42.9
  • /way 68.7, 43.4
  • /way 66.1, 40.8
  • /way 69.3, 41.1
  • /way 64.5, 46.4

Hymn of Courage scrolls are lying in and around Temple of Courage. A few possible locations are

  • /way 32.5, 57.7
  • /way 34.1, 58.5
  • /way 31.9, 54.6
  • /way 35.35, 55.55

Hymn of Wisdom can be found around the Path of Wisdom. A few possible locations are

  • /way 42.2, 23.7
  • /way 42.5, 25.6
  • /way 41.7, 24.2

Sojourner of Bastion – guide

Complete the optional Bastion storylines listed below.

  1. In Agthia’s Memory
  2. In the Garden of Respite
  3. Pride or Unit
  4. Wings of Freedom
  5. The Spear of Kalliope (Rightful Resting Place)

The Sojourner or Bastion achievement is part of the meta-achievement Loremaster of Shadowlands.

The questline In Agthia’s Memory starts at Keeper Mnemis at /way 46.9, 63.4 and consists of the following quests

  • In Agthia’s Memory
  • Agthia’s Path
  • Warriors of the Void
  • On Wounded Wings
  • Wickd Gateways
  • Shadow’s Fall

In the Garden of Respite starts at Zosime at /way 51.2, 59.6 and consists of the following quests

  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Distractions for Kala
  • A Test of Courage
  • Tough Love

The questchain Pride or Unit begins at Pelodis at /way 57.4, 54.2

  • Phalynx Malfunction
  • Resource Drain
  • We Can Rebuild Him
  • Combat Drills
  • Laser Location
  • Superior Programming
  • Tactical Formation
  • Part of the Pride
  • All Natural Chews
  • Larion at Large
  • With Lance and Larion
  • Providing for the Pack
  • On Larion Wings
  • Pride or Unit

Wings of Freedom is a questline that begins by speaking to Kowalskos at /way 42.8, 42.75 . This questline requires level 60. The reward of Wings of Freedom is the toy Glimmerflies on Strings

  • Broken Wings
  • Feathers of Flight
  • Flight Test
  • More Wings!
  • Strings and Things
  • How to Catch a Glimmerfly
  • Glimmerflight

The Spear of Kalliope questline starts at Haetio at /way 36.7, 37.55 and consists of 8 quests. You need to be level 60 in order to do this questline.

  • How to Become Forsworn
  • Unshackled Knowlegde
  • Just Act Natural
  • Mark of Humility
  • Mark of Knowledge
  • You Go First
  • The Spear of Kalliope
  • Rightful Resting Place

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