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Maldraxxus Achievements Guide

by Laura
maldraxxus achievements guides

Here you find a list of guides for achievements in Shadowlands zone Maldraxxus.

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Nine Afterlives – guide

Find and pet all of the kittens in Maldraxxus.

  • Hairball‘s location is inside the Plaguefall dungeon, in the alcove after you jump down after defeating the third boss (Domina Venomblade). See image below.
  • Puss-In-Boots can be found in Iron Trench at /way 50.2, 60.3 . He is under the bridge between Seat of the Primus and Theater of Pain.
  • Mr. Jigglesworth‘s location is in The Grimoirium at /way 64.9, 22.4 . The path starts at /way 65.4, 28.6 .
  • Mayhem is located inside the building at Nurakkir, at /way 49.4, 17.6 .
  • Meowmalade sits in a box at /way 34.3, 53.1 in The Spearhead.
  • Snots can be found close to Meowmalade at /way 31.9, 57.1 , rolling on a chest.
  • Envy lies in the middle of the ritual platform in Glutharn’s Decay at /way 65.2, 50.7 .
  • Lime sits on top of the spine/arc at /way 51.1, 27.6 in High Stand. You can climb up the bone at /way 50.4, 26.95 .
  • Moldstopheles is located on top of a mushroom at /way 47.5, 33.75 (Sepulcher of Knowlegde). He can be reached easily by walking behind the big mushroom to /way 47.75, 33.5 and jumping up the three platforms.
Nine afterlives achievement hairball location in plaguefall

Hairball’s location inside Plaguefall

To complete Nine Afterlives, simply target one of the ghostly cats after you find them and type /pet in chat.

How to get Jiggles’s Favorite Toy

You will receive Jiggles’s Favorite Toy when you complete the Nine Afterlives achievement.


Harvester Of Sorrow – guide

Obtain Sorrowbane from the Theater of Pain.

The Harvester of Sorrow achievement is related to the treasure Sword of Oonar in the Theater of Pain.

To get the Sword of Oonar treasure, which contains the pet Oonar’s Arm and the Sword Sorrowbane, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Wait for a day that the World Quest ! A Few Bumps Along The Way is up
  2. Buy a Potion of Unusual Strength from Au’larrynar at /way 53.6, 47.8 . To unlock this vendor you must have completed the side quests in the area. Do not drink the potion yet!
  3. Buy a Strength of Blood potion from Ta’tru in Revendreth, /way Revendreth 51, 78.8 . Do not drink the potion yet!
  4. Put your Hearthstone at the Theater of Pain (Innkeeper is Slumbar Valorum at /way 50.9, 53.1)
  5. Complete WQ ! A few Bumps Along The Way to get two stacks of the Battle Hardened buff. This buff lasts 10 minutes.
  6. Go to Glutharn’s Decay at /way 76.8, 56.9 and grab 4 stacks of the buff Edible Redcap by interacting with red mushrooms. Watch out for the rare mob Deadly Dapperling – you do not want to engage him now.
  7. You should now have 2 stacks of the Battle Hardened buff, and 4 stacks of Edible Redcap. Use your hearthstone to get back to Theater of Pain.
  8. Run down the stairs or use a goblin glider kit to get to Sorrowbane.
  9. First drink the Strength of Blood potion, and then Potion of Unusual Strength.
  10. You should now have 4 buffs active: 2 stacks of Battle Hardened, 4 stacks of Edible Redcap, Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength.
  11. Pull out the sword.
  12. Pull out Oonar’s Arm.

Obtaining Sorrowbane will grant you the achievement Harvester of Sorrow.

Note: to pull out Oonar’s Arm, you only need the 4 stacks of the Edible Redcap buff.


It’s In The Mix – guide

Defeat all seven creations from the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities.

  • Pulsing Leech
  • Oily Invertebrate
  • Violet Mistake
  • Corrupted Sediment
  • Gelloh
  • Boneslurp
  • Burnblister

Please refer to this article for the full guide of It’s In The Mix.


Bloodsport – guide

Defeat all seven champions in the Theater of Pain.

  • Azmogal
  • Xantuth the Blighted
  • Devmorta
  • Sabriel the Bonecleaver
  • Unbreakable Urtz
  • Mistress Dyrax
  • Ti’or

The achievement Bloodsport requires you to kill all 7 rares that can be found in the Theater of Pain (/way 50.7, 47.7).

Azmogal, Xantuth the Blighted and Unbreakable Urtz are always active.

For Devmorta, Mistress Dyrax and Ti’or you need to be on the quest Bet on Yourself. You can pick this quest up at /way 53.7, 47.5 .

Sabriel the Bonecleaver can only be summoned by players with the Necrolord Covenant. Other players can join in for the kill. Channel the Anima Conductor in the base into the Theater of Pain. Keep killing champions until Drolkrad appears. Sabriel the Bonecleaver spawns after you have killed Drolkrad.


Crypt Couture – guide

Collect every customization for the Necrotic Acolyte disguise in Maldraxxus.

  • Ashen Ink
  • Discarded Grimoire
  • Mucosal Pigment
  • Ritualist’s Mantle
  • Jagged Bonesaw
  • Sorcerer’s Blade
  • Amethystine Dye

This achievement can only be obtained by players with the Necrolord Covenant. You will find all customizations while progressing your Campaign; no special additional effort is needed.


Sojourner of Maldraxxus – guide

Complete the optional Maldraxxus storylines listed below.

  1. Theater of Pain
  2. Mixing Monstrosities
  3. Archival Protection
  4. Wasteland Work

The Sojourner or Maldraxxus achievement is part of the meta-achievement Loremaster of Shadowlands.

The Theater of Pain questline starts at Anzio the Infallible at /way 50.5, 51.7 and consists of the following quests

  • I Could Be A Contender
  • The Last Guy
  • How to Get a Head
  • …Even The Most Ridiculous Request!
  • Team Spirit
  • Stuff We All Get
  • Juicing Up
  • Test Your Mettle
  • Side Effects
  • This Thing of Ours
  • Leave Me a Loan
  • Working for the Living
  • Sure Bet
  • A Sure Bet
  • The Ladder
  • Bet On Yourself

Mixing Monstrosities starts at Judas Sneap at /way 58.1, 72 and consists of the following quests

  • A Plague on Your House
  • Pool of Potions
  • Callous Concoctions

The questchain Archival Protection begins at Ta’eran at /way 40.6, 33.1

  • Read Between the Lines
  • Repeat After Me
  • Kill Them, of Course
  • Slaylines
  • Secrets Among the Shelves
  • Archival Protection
  • Trust Fall
  • A Complete Set

Wasteland Work is a questline that begins by speaking to Caleesy at /way 46.9, 49 . It consists of the following 3 quests

  • Smack and Grab
  • Take the Bull by the Horns
  • Stabbing Wasteward

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