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Revendreth Rares: Spawn Locations and Loot

by Laura
all rares revendreth/adventurer of revendreth guide

All Rares in Revendreth. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Adventurer of Revendreth, part of the meta achievement Revendreth Resolved. Contains all Revendreth mounts, pets and toys that drop from rares. Have fun!

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Revendreth Rares A-H

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Amalgamation of Filth/way 52.7, 73Head: Filth-Splattered HeadcoverThe Amalgamation of Filth only spawns when the world quest Dirty Job: Demolition Detail is active.
Amalgamation of Light/way 25.3, 48.6Turn the 3 Mirror Traps to activate the Amalgamation of Light.
Amalgamation of Sin/way 65.9, 29.2Head: Sisntone-Studded GreathelmYou can only summon the Amalgamation of Sin when the Summon Your Sins is up. Complete the world quest and pick the left catalyst (Catalyst of Power). Alchemist Leticia will give you the item to spawn Amalgamation of Sin.
Azgar/way 35.8, 70.5Item: Obscuring Ash Cloud
Legs: Smolder-Tempered Legplates
Azgar casts a shield at 70% and 30%; break it and interrupt his spell.
Bog Beast/way 35, 32.3Pet: Primordial Bogling (Bucket of Primordial Sludge)Bog Beast can only spawn when the world quest Muck It Up is actieve. Use Primordial Muck on a Primordial Sludge mob to summon Bog Beast.
Endlunker/way 66.5, 59.5Trinket: Glowing Endmire StingerSummon Endlunker by bringing an Anima Stake to the blue portal and using the extra action button. The Anima Stake location is nearby at /way 65.4, 60.2
Executioner Aatron/way 37.1, 48.6Waist: Aatron's Stone GirdleThe path to Executioner Aatron starts at /way 39.4, 48.7 . Kill the Stone Legion Punisher to remove his buff.
Executioner Adrastia/way 42.2, 48.5Hands: Adrastia's Executioner GlovesAdrastia flies in the area around the platform. You can take the elevator at /way 42.1, 47.2 to get up there.
Famu the Infinite/way 62.6, 47.2Mount: Endmire Flyer TetherLow; exact drop rate unknownSpeak with Seeker Hilda to summon Famu the Infinite. It spawns after a few waves of mobs.
Forgemaster Madalav/way 32.9, 15.0Back: Mantle of the Forgemaster's Dark BladesForgemaster Madalav can only be summoned by players with the Venthyr Covenant. Other players can participate in the kill once he's summoned. Channel anima to Dominance keep, then interact with Madalav's Hammer at the coordinates to spawn him.
Grand Arcanist Dimitri/way 20.5, 53Item: Mirror of DespairGrand Arcanist Dimitri is inside a building; building entrance is at 21.3, 54.4 . Kill the 4 Shrouded Ritualist to activate him.
Harika the Horrid/way 45.8 79.3Mount: Horrid DredwingThe Horrid Dredwing seems to only drop for players of the Venthyr CovenantYou can find a guide on summoning Harika the Horrid and obtaining the Horrid Dredwing mount here.
Hopecrusher/way 51.8, 51Mount: Hopecrusher Gargon1%
The Hopecrusher Gargon mount can only be looted and used by players of the Venthyr covenant.
Inside the building. Summon Hopecrusher by inspecting the Dead Prey on the floor if he is not up already.
Huntmaster Petrus/way 61.8, 79.2Item: Gargon Training Manual
Item: Gargon Whistle
Huntmaster Petrus is inside building; path to the building starts at /way 59.7, 73.8

Revendreth Rares I-W

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Innervus/way 21.4, 36.1Shoulder: Rogue Sinstealer's MantleCrypt door to Innervus is at /way 21.85, 35.9 . You need an Scorced Crypt Key to unlock the door to Innervus. Scorched Crypt Key is a drop from nearby Feral Ritualists and has a fairly high drop rate.
Launch day note: Currently the crypt door is bugged and the key won't open it. You can still reach Innervus by dying near the door, then corpse running and respawning on the other side of the door. You can exit the crypt using the item left of the door on the inside.
Leeched Soul/way 67.95, 82.2Pet: Emotional Leecher (Bottled Up Emotions)Leeched Soul can be found at the bottom floor of a crypt; crypt entrance at /way 67.5, 82.3 . Complete the event by killing the waves of mobs.
Lord Mortegore/way 75.55, 60.9To summon Lord Mortegore you have to activate the 4 Mortogore Sigils by using 4 Mortegore Scrolls. Mortegroll Scrolls drop from Maldraxxi Defector mobs in the area and have a drop rate of about 10%.
Manifestation of Wrath/way 49.8, 34.9Manifestation of Wrath can only be summoned when the world quest Swarming Souls is active. To spawn Manifestation of Wrath, bring Lost Souls to the Avowed Ritualist. It seems to take between 5 and 15 souls to trigger. Make sure you don't complete the world quest until the rare is summoned.
Scrivener Lenua/way 38.2, 69.2Pet: Animated TomeScrivener Lenua flies over the library and is immune to damage. Collect 4 Forbidden Tomes and bring them to the library to activate. Forbidden Tomes are scattered around in the area and show up on the minimap. Note that taking damage causes you to drop the tomes.
Sinstone Hoarder/way 67.4, 30.5Legs: Sinstone-Linked GreavesSpawn Sinstone Hoarder by interacting with the Catacombs Cache inside the broken golem.
Sire Ladinas/way 34, 55.5Toy: SmolderheartNot 100%; exact drop chance unknownSummon Sire Ladinas by finding a Remnant of Light and using it on Crazed Ash Ghouls. Remnants of Light can be found all over in the surrounding area.
Soulstalker Doina/way 78.5, 49.7Inside the tower. Goes through a portal at 75% and 40% health; follow her through the mirror and avoid the traps.
Stonefist/way 30.6, 22.5Chest: Fist-Forged Breastplate
Tollkeeper Varaboss/way 66.5, 70.8Item: 'Misplaced' Anima TollsInside the house. The item Tollkeeper Varabos drops starts the quest The Toll of the Road.
Tomb Burster/way 43, 79.2Pet: Blushing Spiderling8%Summon Tomb Burster by destroying Crawler Eggs. After a few waves of spider mobs, Tomb Burster spawns.
Worldedge Gorger/way 38.6, 72.2Item: Impressionable Gorger Spawn - starts questline for the Loyal Gorger mountLow; exact drop rate unknownSummon Worldedge Gorger by using Enticing Anima near 2 worldedge braziers. Enticing anima is a drop from mobs along the river. You can find the full guide for obtaining the Loyal Gorger mount here.

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