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Horrid Dredwing guide: How to summon Harika the Horrid

by Laura
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Harika the Horrid is one of the rare elites that is part of the Adventurer of Revendreth achievement. The rare flies near a cliff and is pretty easy to find, but a bit harder to activate. Harika the Horrid has a chance to drop the Horrid Dredwing mount when killed.


To remove Harika the Horrid’s immunity and have a chance at looting the Horrid Dredwing, you need to

  • Be a member of the Venthyr Covenant
  • Progressed far enough in the Venthyr Campaign to reach Sinfall
  • Have unlocked the Anima Conductor

If you are not with the Venthyr Covenant, you will need to ask a friend to summon Harika the Horrid for you. You can also wait at its spawn point and hope another player unlocks it ;).

How to summon Harika the Horrid

Players with the Venthyr Covenant can activate Harika the Horrid by repairing the ballista and shooting it with a Dredhollow Bolt. You do this using the following steps

  • Go to Sinfall
  • Channel Anima to Wanecrypt Hill
  • Go to Dredhollow
  • Collect the 2 Dredhollow Tools at /way 41.2, 74.7 (in the cart) and /way 40.8, 72.7 (inside the building, in the corner between bookshelves)
  • Bring the Dredhollow Tools to Muckborn Craftsman at /way 44.9, 77.3
  • Get the Dredhollow Bolt at /way 43.2, 77.6
  • Bring the Dredhollow Bolt to Wingsmash at /way 46.3, 77.8
  • Hand in the quest and select the ‘Let’s smash!’ dialogue option
  • Harika the Horrid will now fly down and can be killed

Update: while you needed to collect Dredhollow Tools on the PTR, this has been removed in the Live version. Just collecting the Dredhollow Bolt is enough to activate Harika the Horrid.

Note that the Horrid Dredwing does not have a 100% drop chance. You might need to kill Harika the Horrid several times to obtain the mount. The Horrid Dredwing mount seems to drop only for players of the Venthyr covenant.

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