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Silverwind Larion & Shard Labor guide: Vesper of the Silver Wind

by Laura
silverwind larion guide & shard labor guide

Ringing the Vesper of the Silver Wind is one of the requirements for the Treasures of Bastion achievement. Ringing the bell completes the Vesper of the Silver Wind portion of the achievement and grants you the Silverwind Larion mount. The achievement Shard Labor is also connected to this event.

In short

50 Lost Anima Shards are spread throughout Bastion and in the dungeons Necrotic Wake and Spires of Ascension.

Find 10 shards to craft the Crystal Mallet of Heralds, which is needed to ring the vesper and get the Silverwind Larion.

This has been changed since PTR: you now have to find all 50 shards for the Crystal Mallet of Heralds and the Silverwind Larion mount.

Find all 50 Lost Anima Shards for the Shard Labor achievement.

Lost Anima Shard Locations

Below are all locations where a Lost Anima Shard can be found. Note that collecting the shards is shared across all your characters. If you collect a shard on one character, your other characters are no longer able to see that shard.

138.89 76.96On the platform under the bridge, jump down from the cliff.Vestibule of Eternity
243.64 76.22On the ledge, the route up the mountain from Aspirant's Rest.Vestibule of Eternity
348.42 72.73On the arc, use glider from the cliff.Aspirant's Rest
452.67 75.53On the ledge under the waterfall.Bastion
553.28 73.61Underwater beneath the bridge.Purity's Reflection
656.89 74.97On the fountain, jump down the ledge.The Temple of Purity
758.11 80.07On top of the waterfallBastion
855.96 86.66On the ledge over the cave entrance.Chamber of First Reflection
961.05 85.67On the ledge under the cliffBastion
1065.52 71.97Platform in the sky, behind the arc structure, use anima gatewayPurity's Pinnacle
1153.50 80.61On top of the pillar, use gliderAspirant's Crucible
1246.70 65.92On top of the ruinsAgthia's Repose
1334.83 65.75On the ledgeCliffs of Respite
1440.05 59.12On the building pillarTemple of Courage
1538.52 53.27On top of the ruinsTemple of Courage
1650.68 56.14On the wooden structureGarden of Respite
1754.04 59.69Down the waterfall near the shrineBastion
1858.15 63.91Under the stairsThe Walk of Recollection
1957.62 55.64Under the treeBastion
2051.66 48.04On Hero's Rest ledge path near stairsHero's Rest
2147.09 49.23Under the platform with anima gatewayBastion
2241.40 46.64On the ledgeGarden of Edenia
2342.72 39.41On top of the buildingKalliope's Rest
2442.81 33.23On the ledgeSagehaven
2544.95 28.47On the ledge under the waterfall.The Eonian Archives
2642.32 23.94LedgePath of Wisdom
2746.70 18.04Ledge, path starts southBastion
2852.41 9.35In the cave under the shrineThe Eonian Archives
2956.20 17.33On the ledge above the angel statueGrace of the Remembered
3059.88 13.91On the ledge under the cliffBastion
3156.73 28.85On the table behind bottles.Seat of Eternal Hymns
3265.25 42.88On the book shelfTerrace of Inner Grace
3372.39 40.29Below the cliffBastion
3466.89 26.92Under the platform near the cliffEverdawn Commons
3557.57 38.31At the end of Hall of BeastsHall of Beasts
3652.15 39.41On top of the pillarFirstborne's Bounty
3749.97 38.28Under the bridgeIthys' Basin
3848.55 34.88On top of the pillarIthys' Basin
3937.15 24.65Ledge above the waterfallThe Eonian Archives
4033.04 37.62LedgeBastion
4131.01 27.45Bottom of the lakeBastion
4230.63 23.73On top of the archCitadel of Loyalty
4326.19 22.68Behind the anima barrelsCitadel of Loyalty
4424.66 22.99On the pillar below gateway platformCitadel of Loyalty
4524.38 18.22On the book shelf behind RectorCitadel of Loyalty
4652.50 88.60The Final Toll, west side of the bellThe Necrotic Wake
4736.20 22.80North of Fall of Courage, on the ledgeThe Necrotic Wake
4846.60 53.10Near Kin-Tara, left side of the fountainSpires of Ascension
4969.40 38.70Gardens of Repose behind the torchSpires of Ascension
5049.80 46.90Font of Fealty, ledge near the transportSpires of Ascension

Table reference here.

How to get Silverwind Larion

When you have collected 10 all 50 Lost Anima Shards, go to Forgelite Hephaesius, location at /way 59.3, 31.4 . Speak to him and he will craft the Crystal Mallet of Heralds. (On the PTR he only offers the dialogue option to the first of your characters that collected a shard – this may be fixed).

Take the mallet to the Vesper of the Silver Wind at /way 36.1, 26.6 and ring it to receive your Silverwind Larion.

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