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Blanchy’s Reins guide: How to get Sinrunner Blanchy mount

by Laura
Sinrunny Blanchy mount wow guide

One of the requirements of the Treasures of Revendreth achievement is assisting Dead Blanchy, who spawns in the river in Endmire, north of Darkhaven. Finding her for the first time starts a chain of 6 daily quests, at the end of which you receive the Sinrunner Blanchy mount. This is similar to the method for obtaining the Loyal Gorger mount.

In short

You need to find Dead Blanchy on six days and feed or groom her with a specific item. The 6 days do not have to be consecutive; you can skip a few days and continue where you left off. You cannot get the Sinrunner Blanchy mount in 1 day.

Note: to complete the ‘Blanchy Assisted’ part of the Treasures in Revendreth achievement, you only need to assist Blanchy once.

Dead Blanchy Location and Spawn Timer

Dead Blanchy spawns in the river at /way 63.1, 43.1 , then starts quickly running south until it runs into a player.

Once she bumps into someone, she stands still for 5 minutes before she despawns. During this time, anyone can interact with her.

Dead Blanchy has a respawn timer of between 1 and 2 hours, but despawns if no one interacts with her.

You can best camp Dead Blanchy by standing the river on a larger mount, to ensure she will bump into you when she spawns. She runs fast, so she’s is easy to miss!

Dead Blanchy Daily Quests

Sinrunny Blanchy mount wow guide

Note that you can collect all the necessary quest items beforehand. I suggest you do, because Blanchy despawns within a few minutes after someone finds her. Best to have everything ready in advance, so she doesn’t despawn while you are fetching the item. Dead Blanchy’s quest does not show up in your quest log.

Day 1

The first time you meet Blanchy she is famished. You need 8 Handful of Oats, which you can find in Sacks of Oats in Westfall in the Eastern Kingdoms. Each Sack of Oat contains between 1 and 3 Handful of Oats. Note that you need to be level 55 or higher to loot this item.

Oats Locations:

/way 52.15 33.6
/way 51 39.1
/way 55.1 27.4
/way 56.3 30.15
/way 46.6 37.8

Day 2

The second day you need to brush Dead Blanchy with a Grooming Brush. You can get this brush from Snickersnee in Darkhaven (Revendreth).

Snickersnee location:

/way 63.4, 61.75

Day 3

On day 3 you have to bring 4 Sturdy Horseshoes. You can find these along the roads between Darkhaven en Endmire as Discarded Horseshoe.

The Discarded Horseshoes can be hard to spot; play around with the Particle Density setting if you’re struggling.

Horseshoe locations:

/way 65.2, 74.1
/way 68.2, 68.8
/way 74.5, 57.85
/way 70.3, 59.1
/way 64.2, 58.4
/way 61.3, 69.4
/way 63.2, 65.7
/way 59.2, 67

Day 4

On the fourth day you have to find an Empty Water Bucket in Darkhaven, then fill it with water in Bastion or Ardenweald.

Empty Water Bucket location:

/way 63.3, 61.6 (near the carriage)

Fill the bucket at any river or lake in Bastion or Ardenweald.

Day 5

On day 5 you need to buy a Comfortable Saddle Blanket from Ta’tru in The Night Market. The price is 30 of a certain meat; which one is random and changes weekly.

Ta’tru location

/way 51.5, 78.8

Day 6

On the last day you have to bring 3 Dredhollow Apples. These apples are sold by Mims in Revendreth for 2 gold and 50 silver each.

Mims location

/way 40.9, 46.7

Feeding the apples to Dead Blanchy will complete the questline and award you with Blanchy’s Reins, which teaches the Sinrunner Blanchy mount.

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