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Wildseed Cradle guide: How to open Cache of the Moon

by Laura
wildseed cradle mount cache of the moon

One of the chests of the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement is the Cache of the Moon. While this treasure is not the easiest to open, the reward is more than worth it! The Cache of the Moon contains the Wildseed Cradle mount; a completely unique mount model new to Shadowlands.

In short

To see open the Cache of the Moon and loot the Wildseed Cradle, you need to collect Twinklestar’s 5 missing tools. Combine them into Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit and hand the Toolkit to Twinklestar.

Twinklestar’s Tools Locations

Twinklestar’s gardening tools are spread throughout the Garden of the Night.

  • Gardener’s Flute can be found at /way 38.5, 58.1 on the ground between two trees (next to a big flower bud).
  • Gardener’s Wand is close to the flute at /way 38.85, 60.05 . It lies under the cart, between the two weels on the side of the road.
  • Diary of the Night lies on the table on the tree platform, at /way 39, 57 . You can use the bridge at /way 40.1, 53.6 to get there.
  • Gardener’s Hammer is in the cart  at /way 39.8, 54.5 .
  • Gardener’s Basket lies at /way 40.3, 52.6 on the edge of the fountain between two big rocks.

/way 38.5, 58.1 Flute
/way 38.85, 60.05 Wand
/way 39 57 Diary
/way 40.1, 53.6 Bridge to Diary
/way 39.9, 54.5 Hammer
/way 40.3, 52.6 Basket
/way 63.9, 37.6 Twinklestar

How to open Cache of the Moon

When you have collected all 5 of Twinklestar’s tools, use one of them in your bag to combine them into Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit.

Go to Twinklestar at /way 63.9, 37.6 . Talk to her and select the option ‘I found your gardening tools. The Cache of the Moon will appear in a floating bubble behind her. Loot the chest and enjoy your Wildseed Cradle!

Wildseed Cradle Video

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