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Playful Vulpin Befriended: How to get the Dodger pet

by Laura
playful vulpin dodger battle pet

One of the requirements of the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement is befriending the Playful Vulpin in the zone. Where can you find the Playful Vulpin, what do you do when you find it, and how to you get the battle pet Dodger?

In short

To befriend the Playful Vulpin and get Dodger you must find it 5 times and react to its behavior with the correct emote. After each emote it despawns, and you have to find it again. You can complete the ‘Playful Vulpin befriended’ part of treasures of Ardenweald in one day.

Playful Vulpin locations

The Playful Vulpin can be found all over Ardenweald near other vulpins. Below is a list of possible spawn locations for the Playful Vulpin. This list is probably not complete – you might find the Playful Vulpin in a location not mentioned below. I suggest starting in the north-east part of Ardenweald – that’s where I found it most.

Tip: with the ‘Paste’ addon you can paste all coordinates at once.

/way 31.85 43.6
/way 31.75 41
/way 32.7 42.9
/way 34.1 45
/way 50.2 53.5
/way 41, 50.9
/way 40.9, 51.5
/way 40.7, 27.4
/way 51.2, 55.1
/way 51.6, 43.5
/way 51, 54.3
/way 72.4, 31.4
/way 50.7, 55.1
/way 67.2 28.9
/way 70.15 30
/way 65.2 22.65
/way 67.55 31.9
/way 72.4 31.5
/way 41.3 28.7
/way 40.9 51.6
/way 41.4 49.8
/way 70.3, 29.6
/way 66.55, 29.1

Playful Vulpin macro

To find the Playful Vulpin quicker, you can use the following macro:

/tar Playful Vulpin
/cleartarget [dead]
/stopmacro [noexists]
/run PlaySound(416); SetRaidTarget(“target”, 01); print(date()..” “..UnitName(“target”));

Create the macro, keybind it and spam the key while searching for the vulpin. When you are near the vulpin the macro will mark it, play a murloc sound and send a message in chat.

Playful Vulpin emotes

When you find the Playful Vulpin, it will perform one of the following actions. These actions always happen in the same order.

  1. Playful Vulpin begins to dig curiously – emote /curious
  2. Playful Vulpin wanders around unable to sit still – emote /sit
  3. Playful Vulpin sings all alone – emote /sing
  4. Playful Vulpin dances with joy – emote /dance
  5. Playful Vulpin sits down lonely and sad – emote /pet

After you encounter the Playful Vulpin for the 5th time and /pet him, he will jump into your arms. You then receive the Dodge pet and complete the ‘Playful Vulpin Befriended’ part of the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement.

Image made with Wowhead’s Model Viewer.

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