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How to get the Swift Gloomhoof mount

by Laura
how to get night mare mount

The Swift Gloomhoof mount is a guaranteed drop from the rare elite Night Mare, who roams around Dreamshrine Basin in Ardenweald. Night Mare is indicated on the minimap, but can usually not be seen or attacked. So, how do you kill Night Mare and get the Swift Gloomhoof?

Prerequisites for the Swift Gloomhoof

Only players with the Night Fae Covenant can obtain the Dream Catcher, which is necessary to see Night Mare. Players with other covenants cannot obtain the Swift Gloomhoof mount.

Quests for the Swift Gloomhoof

In order to access all necessary NPC’s, you need to complete 3 questchains.

1. Trouble at the Gormling Corral

This questchain starts at Lady of the Falls at /way 51, 33.8 and consists of 7 quests.

  1. Trouble in the Banks
  2. Breaking A Few Eggs
  3. Tending to the Tenders
  4. Unsafe Workplace
  5. Gifts of the Forest
  6. Tied Totem Toter
  7. Well, Tell the Lady

2. Tricky Spriggans

The Tricky Spriggans questline also starts at Lady of the Falls at /way 51, 33.8 . It consists of 7 quests.

  1. Ages-Echoing Wisdom
  2. Idle Hands
  3. The Sweat of Our Brow
  4. Craftsman Needs No Tools
  5. Spirit-Gathering Labor
  6. The Games We Play
  7. Outplayed

3. The Night Fae Covenant Campaign

You need to complete the first 10 quests of the Night Warrior’s Curse questline.

  1. The Speaker of Elune
  2. Broken Webs
  3. A Little Pruning
  4. Spriggan Snares
  5. The Garden of Night
  6. Broken Harts
  7. Archivist on the Edge
  8. Curses!
  9. A Secret Never Spoken
  10. A Token of Lost Love
  11. A Sacrifice of Anima – not needed
  12. Mending a Broken Hart – not needed

Obtaining the Dream Catcher

The next step is to get the Dream Catcher, which is needed to see and attack Night Mare.

Getting the Broken Soulweb

The first (and trickiest) step to make the Dream Catcher is finding the Broken Soulweb. For this step you will need 2 Goblin Glider Kits or a class with a slowfall ability, such as Demon Hunter, Mage or Priest. I advise you to buy a few extra Goblin Glider Kits, since it might take a few tries to get to the Broken Soulweb.

  1. Go to /way 18.1, 62
  2. Slowfall or use a Goblin Glider to go the the big tree root at /way 17.7, 62.2
  3. Follow the root upwards to /way 19, 63.4
  4. Glide to the platform at /way 19.7, 63 using a Goblin Glider or ability
  5. Grab the Broken Soulweb at /way 19.8, 63.4 , behind the cart. It lays on the floor and looks like a Y-shaped stick.

Repairing the Soulweb

Talk to Elder Gwenna at /way 50.4, 33.1 and ask her to repair the Soulweb. This requires 10 Lightless Silk, which can be looted or bought on the Auction House.

Note that talking to Elder Gwenna at a location other than Glitterfall Basin does not work. If you do not see her there, make sure you have completed the Tricky Spriggans questline.

Enchanting the Soulweb

The last step is to ask Ysera  to enchant the Repaired Soulweb. She can be found at /way 45.3, 38.8 in the Heart of the Forest. This area is only accessible by players with the Night Fae Covenant.

Simply ask Ysera to enchant the Soulweb to obtain the Dream Catcher.

Killing Night Mare

Once you have the Dream Catcher, it is time to defeat Night Mare. Go to Dreamshrine Basin at /way 62.2, 52.2 and use the Dream Catcher. This will give you The Shadow’s Dream buff and transport you to a shadow phase. Night Mare patrols in the area. There are no other mobs in this area.

Important: the Dream Catcher Buff only lasts 5 minutes. Make sure to refresh it in time, especially during combat. Dropping the buff or leaving the zone will expel you from the shadow realm.

Night Mare can be a tough fight to solo, so you might want to team up with other players with the Dream Catcher. Avoid the AOE attacks as much as possible – they do a lot of damage. Once you kill Night Mare, you can loot the corpse for the Swift Gloomhoof mount.

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