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Mechagon Rares: Spawn Locations and Loot

by Laura
mechagon rares

All Rares in Mechagon. Can be used as a guide for the achievement Rest in Pistons and for the blueprints in the achievement Junkyard Architect. Includes the vinyls that drop from rares for Junkyard Melomaniac and the paint colors for Available in Eight Colors. Contains all Mechagon mounts, pets and toys that drop from rares. Have fun!

Mechagon Rares A-K

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Arachnoid Harvester/way 52.2 40.4Mount: Rusty Mechanocrawler0.25%Arachnoid Harvester has a spawn timer of 45 minutes to 1 hour. The Rusty Mechanocrawler mount can also drop in the alternate timeline.
Armored Vaultbot/way 57.5 48 Armored Vaultbot
/way 63.33 38.8 Magnet
Pet: Armored Vaultbot
Paint Vial: Mechagon Gold
Blueprint: Armored Vaultbot Key
Armored Vaultbot: 1.5%
Paint Vial: Mechagon Gold 7%
You must kite the Armored Vaultbot to the magnet in Bondo's Scray Yard, /way 63.33 38.8 , or open it with the key you craft from Bluepring: Armored Vaultbot Key. Note that the Armored Vaultbot in the alternate timeline can not be kited, but has to be opened with a key. Armored Vaultbot in alternate time can drop the pet and paint vial.
Boilburn/way 50.8 50.8Blueprint: Scrap Trap
Vinyl: Depths of Ulduar
Blueprint: Scrap Trap 15%
Vinyl: Depths of Ulduar 3%
Boilburn is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-JD41.
Boggac Skullbash/way 54.2 30.9Vinyl: Gnomeregan Forever5%
Bonepicker/way 66 24.5Pet: Bonebiter15%
Caustic Mechaslime/way 66 59 drill rig
/way 69.2 53.5 Caustic Mechaslime
Blueprint: Utility Mechanoclaw27%Caustic Mechaslime is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-CC73.
Crazed Trogg/way 82 21.3 Crazed Trogg
/way 63.4 41.6 Paint
Blueprint: Blue Spraybot
Blueprint: Green Spraybot
Blueprint: Orange Spraybot
Paint Vial: Overload Orange
Paint Vial: Fel Mint Green
Blueprint: Blue Spraybot 1%
Blueprint: Green Spraybot 10%
Blueprint: Orange Spraybot 1%
Paint Vial: Overload Orange 1%
Paint Vial: Fel Mint Green 6%
To activate Crazed Trogg, get yourself painted at /way 63.4 41.6 . The Crazed Trogg will indicate which color you need to summon him by yelling which color he absolutely hates that moment. Simply stand in one of the paint sprays and come back to him, and he will activate.
Deepwater Maw/way 36.3 43.5Blueprint: Canned Minnows18%To spawn Deepwater Maw, craft https://www.wowhead.com/item=167649/hundred-fathom-lure and attach it to the buoy.
Earthbreaker Gulroc/way 63.5 25Blueprint: Scrap Trap20%Earthbreaker Gulroc is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-TR35.
Enforcer KX-T57/way 54 63.6Blueprint: Rustbolt Pocket Turret
Sword: Whirring Chainblade
Blueprint 8%
Sword 1.5%
Enforcer KX-T57 only spawns when it's raining in Junkwatt Depot.
Foul Manifestation/way 66 51.5Blueprint: G99.99 Landshark12%Connect the wires at to the associated pylons at 67 55 to spawn Foul Manifestation.
Fungarian Furor/way 48.7 47.6Pet: Snowsoft Nibbler
Paint Vial: Overload Orange
20% for bothThe Fungarian Furor only spawns when the daily quest Aid From Nordrassil is up. Click on small mushrooms in the area until you summon Fungarian Furor.
Gear Checker Cogstar/way 66.5 51.8Blueprint: Ultrasafe Transporter: Mechagon9%You spawn Gear Checker Cogstar by killing Upgraded Sentries. He can spawn in multiple locations.
Gemicide/way 59.6 67.4Vinyl: Depths of Ulduar3%Gemicide is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-JD99.
Gorged Gear-Cruncher/way 77.5 50 drill rig entrance
/way 59 53.4 Gorged Gear-Cruncher
Blueprint: Mechano-Treat4%Gorged Gear-Cruncher is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-CC61.
Jawbreaker/way 76.9 44.2
Killsaw/way 41.3 35Toy: Mechagonian Sawblades0.05

Mechagon Rares L-Z

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Malfunctioning Beastbot/way 61.6 39.6Pet: Lost Robogrip6%Activate Malfunctioning Beastbot with a Beastbot Powerpack, for which the blueprint can be found next to him.
Mechagonian Nullifier/way 57 53.3Blueprint: Protocol Transference Device
Vinyl: Gnomeregan Forever
Blueprint 14%
Vinyl 5%
To spawn Mechagonian Nullifier, hack the nearby Hackable Nullifier Relay with Punchcard: Remote Circuit Bypasser
Mechatarantula/way 87 21.6Pet: Arachnoid Skitterbot7%
Mr. Fixthhis/way 61 61.5Blueprint: BAWLD-3711%
OOX-Avenger/MG/way 56.7 39.9
/way 73 38Oglethorpe Obnoticus
Blueprint: Emergency Rocket ChickenOOX-Avenger/MG is only available when Oglethorpe Obnoticus is in town. To spawn OOX-Avenger/MG, you just kill the chicken OOX-Fleetfoot/MG, that is running around all over the island.
Ol' Big Tusk/way 56.2 36.3Vinyl: Depths of Ulduar4%Ol' Big Tusk is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-TR28.
Oxidized Leachbeast/way 57 62.6Paint Vial: Lemonade Steel13%Kill Oxidized Oozes until you summon the Oxidized Leachbest. Only spawns when raining.
Paol Pondwader/way 22.5 68.7Gun: Supervolt Zapper2%
Rumblerocks/way 39.6 53Paint Vial: Big-ol Bronze13%Rumblerocks is inside the cave.
Rustfeather/way 64.9 77.6Mount: Junkheap Drifter0.5%The rustfeather spawn timer is 30-60 minutes. (The Junkheap Drifter mount is a ground-mount only.)
Scrapclaw/way 82.7 77.4
Seaspit/way 19 79.7Blueprint: Rustbolt Kegerator10%
Sparkqueen P'Emp/way 78.8 31.8Only spawns when Razak Ironsides is in town and the daily quest Bugs, Lots of 'Em is active.
Steel Singer Freza/way 26.2 78Blueprint: Rustbolt Gramophone20%
The Doppel Gang/way 81 20To summon the Doppel Gang, you need 3 https://www.wowhead.com/item=169470/pressure-relief-valve. Use them on the Pressure Exhaust Pipes, then click the button in the middle to spawn the Doppel Gang
The Kleptoboss/way 68 48 drill rig
/way 68.9 54.3 Kleptoboss
Pet: Spraybot 0D13%The Kleptoboss is only available when the Drill Rigs are up for the day. He spawns at Drill Rig DR-CC88.
The Rusty Prince/way 57.2 58.4Toy: Judgment of Mechagon
Sword: Whirring Chainblade
Toy: 15%
Sword: 3%
The Rusty Prince only spawns in the alternate timeline of Mechagon.
The Scrap King/way 72 50.2Blueprint: Mechano-Treat
Punchcard: Remote Circuit Bypasser
Blueprint: 7%
Punchcard: 25%
Uncle T'Rogg/way 57.4 21
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