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Nazjatar Rares: Spawn Locations and Loot

by Laura
Anemonar Nazjatar

All Rares in Nazjatar. Can be used as a guide for the achievement I Thought You Said They’d Be Rare? and for the pets and items in the achievement Give Me the Biggest Bag You’ve Got. Contains all Nazjatar mounts, pets and toys that drop from rares. Have fun!

Rares A – O

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Alga the Eyeless/way 53 43Item: Blind Eye15%
Allseer Oma'kill/way 66 40
Amethyst SpireshellAlmost a 100 different spawn points all over NazjatarPet: Amethyst SoftshellAbout 12%
Anemonar/way 59 53Item: Ancient Reefwalker BarkAbout 25%To activate Anemonar, kite the Collosal Sky Ray to him and kill it on top of him. The Collosal Sky Ray flies around in the area north of Newhome
Avarius/way 37 12Pet: Brinestone Algan7%To summon Avarius, you must use a Brinestone Pickaxe on the Brinestone deposit in the middle of the stone circle
Banescale the Packfather/way 73 53Banescale the Packfather has around 10% chance to spawn after killing Siltstalker the Packmother
Blindlight/way 40 77 Blindlight Cave Entrance
/way 37 83 Blindlight
Pet: Necrofin TadpoleAbout 12%
Carnivorous Lasher/way 55 42Pet: Carnivorous Lashling8%To summon Carnivorous Lasher, plant a Germinating Seed in the fertile soil spot and feed the lasher 10 flies by grabbing them and throwing them at the lasher
Caverndark Terror/way 42 13 Cavendark Terror Cave entrancePet: Caverndark Nightmare4%Caverndark Terror can spawn in multiple locations inside the cave
Chasm-Haunter/way 49 89Chasm-Haunter can be found inside the cave under the waterfall
Daggertooth TerrorMany spawn points in water areas all over NazjatarPet: Daggertooth Frenzy15%The Daggertooth Terror is a fish, so while he can spawn anywhere in Nazjatar, he will always be in water
Deepglider/way 58 51Deepglider flies around in the Coral Forest area
Elder Unu/way 65 33
Elderspawn Nalaada/way 52 75Pet: Spawn of Nalaada10%
Garnetscale/way 32 35Item: Razorshell2%Garnetscale also spawns at other locations within the Ashen Strand area
Iridescent Glimmershell/way 46 54Pet: Pearlescent Glimmershell0.5%You can also buy the Pearlescent Glimmershell pet for 150 prismatic manapearls from Finder Pruc (Horde) at /way 49 62 or Artisan Okata (Alliance) at /way 38 57
Kelpwillow/way 50 70Item: Ancient Reefwalker BarkAbout 25%To activate Kelpwillow, use a Prismatic Crytal on a Muck Slug and walk or ride a ground mount over to him. You can find Prismatic Crystals in the nearby waterfalls
King Galuka/way 29 29Pet: MurgleAround 30%To summon King Galuka, you must right click on 100 tadpoles in the area. This might take a while, but you can earn the achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=13722/terror-of-the-tadpoles simultaneously.
MirecrawlerAbout 130 different spawnpoints all over NazjatarPet: WrigglerAbout 10%
NeedlespineHe spawns in multiple locations around the following coordinates
/way 46 25
/way 49 26
/way 47 31
Pet: Chitterspine NeedlerAbout 12%

Rares P – Z

RareLocationLootDrop ChanceNotes
Oronu/way 78 25Item: Ancient Reefwalker BarkAbout 25%To activate/summon Oronu, you must bring the Drowned Hatchling companion pet to him. You can buy a Drowned Hatchling for 40 Prismatic Manapearls from Feylana the Handler /way 74 46
Prince Typhonus/way 43 89Pet: Seafury7%
Prince Vortan/way 43 76Pet: Stormwrath13%
Rockweed ShamblerOver 200 spawn locations all over NazjatarPet: Budding Algan25%
SandcastlePet: Sandkeep5%Sandcastle has a chance to spawn when opening chests with Scrying Stones
Sandclaw StoneshellPet: Glittering Diamondshell15%Sandclaw Stoneshell spawns in multiple locations in the north-eastern part of Nazjatar
Scala Matriach Zodia/way 29 47Pet: Scalebrood Hydra5%Each day, only one of the three Scale Matriachs spawns
Scale Matriach Vynara/way 27 37Pet: Scalebrood Hydra5%Each day, only one of the three Scale Matriachs spawns
Scale Matriarch Gratinax/way 35 41Pet: Scalebrood Hydra5%Each day, only one of the three Scale Matriachs spawns
Shassera/way 63 12 Shassera Cave entrance /way 63 8 ShasseraToy: Shadescale10%
Shiz'narasz the Consumer/way 41 12Item: Voltscale Shield4%Can spawn in multiple locations in the Chitterspine Caverns
Siltstalker the Packmother/way 72 55Item: Snapdragon Scent Gland5%
Soundless/way 62 60
/way 58 42
/way 65 52
Mount: Silent Glider0.7%Soundless flies around in the Coral Forest area. His spawn timer can be up to 8 hours
Tidelord Aquatus/way 62 30You spawn Tidelord Aquatus by killing the 3 channeling Azsh'ari Invokers in the pool. The respawn timer on them is about 5 minutes
Tidelord Dispersius/way 58 27You spawn Tidelord Dispersius by killing the 3 channeling Azsh'ari Invokers in the pool. The respawn timer on them is about 5 minutes
Tidemistress Leth'sindra/way 66 22Toy: Shirakess Warning Sign17%Summon Tidemistress Leth'sindra by clicking on the 5 Undisturbed Specimen eggs. They can be found at
/way 67 22 (on top of the ledge)
/way 66 23
/way 67 25 (2 eggs here) and
/way 66 25
Toxigore the Alpha/way 69 45Item: Alpha Fin100%Toxigore can also spawn closeby within the area of Nar'anan
Urduu/way 31 30Item: Ancient Reefwalker Bark25%Activate Urduu by bringing a nearby Staghorn Reefwalker to his location and killing it. To summon Urduu the Staghorn Reefwalker must be killed while facing him, after it has cast Sedimentary Breath on Urduu.
Voice in the Deeps/way 67 35Summon the Voice in the Deeps by breaking the rocks with a Molted Shell. You can find a Molted Shell at /way 68 37
Vor'koth/way 48 24Pet: Skittering Eel7%To Summon Vor'koth, throw Chum into the eel-infested pool and kill the waves of eels for more chum to thrown in. After a few times, you will spawn Vor'koth
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