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World of Warcraft: 8.3 mounts in Uldum

by Laura

In World of Warcraft patch 8.3: Visions of N’Zoth, we go back to Uldum, the ancient desert in the south of Kalimdor. The zone has been pretty irrelevant for a few expansions, but N’Zoth’s recent assault on the desert forces us to go back there and restore order. Luckily for us, the disturbances of the Old God also brought six mounts with them. This article will list the 8.3 Uldum Mounts and explain how to get them.

Drake of the Four Winds

Ishak MountThis mount model is a well-known one; four mounts of this model already came out during Cataclysm. After drakes of the North, East, South and West Winds, this blue version of the model is called Drake of the Four Winds.

The Drake of the Four Winds is a are drop from the Rare Elite Ishak of the Four Winds. You can kill Ishak for a chance at this mount once per day per character. Ishak can be found on one of the platforms near the Vortex Pinnacle, high in the air and a bit of the coast of Uldum. He has a high health pool, so joining a group to kill him is advised. The exact drop rate of Ishak’s mount is not known, but it’s probably around 1%.

Ishak of the Four Winds Location:

/way Uldum:1527 74 84 Ishak of the Four Winds

Malevolent Drone

Corpse Eater MountThis creepy Aqir flyer is a rare drop from Corpse Eater, who can be found in Uldum during an Aqir Assault. Corpse Eater spawns between every 30 minutes and 1 hour and flies around in little circles around his spawn point. He has about 1.3 million health so he can be solo’ed, though fellow mount hunters would of course appreciate a quick announcement in general chat!



Corpse Eater Location:

/way Uldum:1527 31 49 Corpse Eater

Waste Marauder

Rotfeaster MountThe Waste Marauder is one of the two vulture mounts added in patch 8.3: Visions of N’Zoth. This black bird is a rare drop from Rotfeaster, a Rare Elite that only spawns during the Amathet Advance assault. Rotfeaster’s spawn timer seems to be between 1 and 2 hours. The drop rate of Waste Marauder is estimated to be around 1%.

Rotfeaster Location:

/way Uldum:1527 69 32 Rotfeaster

Wastewander Skyterror

Uldum Accord MountThis is the other of the two vulture mounts, a red colored one. The Wastewander Skyterror is not a rare drop, but will require some grinding: purchasing it requires an Exalted reputation with Uldum Accord. You can gain reputation with Uldum Accord by completing the Assaults and daily quests in Uldum. Consider buying a contract from the Auction House for 10 bonus reputation with Uldum Accord every time you complete a world quest.

The Wastewander Skyterror can be bought from Provisioner Qorra for 19200 gold (after reputation discount). She stands left from King Phaoris in the building in Ramkahen.

Provisioner Qorra Location:

/way Uldum:1527 55 33 Provisioner Qorra

Springfur Alpaca

Friendly Alpaca MountThe Springfur Alpaca is pretty hard to obtain, but its cute face and funny jumps are definitely worth the effort. To get your hands on this wooly mount you will need to complete seven daily quests in which you feed a Friendly Alpaca. After the seventh time, a yellow quest will pop up above his head which rewards you with the mount. The alpaca is a picky eater though, and will only accept Gersahl Greens. This herb can be found along the rivers of Uldum, primarily around where the river forks near the Lost City of the Tol’Vir. You do not need to be a herbalist to gather Gersahl Greens.

The hardest part of all is actually finding the Friendly Alpaca, since he can spawn all over Uldum. If you cannot find him yourself, you could always look if there is a nice player sharing his or her spawn in the Group Finder.

Springfur Alpaca Spawn Locations:

/way Uldum:1527 15 62 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 28 49 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 39 10 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 24 9 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 30 29 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 76 68 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 70 39 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 63 53 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 63 14 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 55 69 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 53 19 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 42 70 Springfur Alpaca

/way Uldum:1527 46 48 Springfur Alpaca

Shadowbarb Drone

The Shadowbarb Drone is a purple version of the Aqir flyer. It is not necessarily hard to obtain, but does require some serious dedication. The eerie bug is the reward of a 30-day long questline in which you raise the mount from egg to flyer, similar to Kua’fon and Child of Torcali. You can start this questline by picking up a cluster of Voidtouched Eggs in the Ankhaten Harbor. After that you can pick up a new quest for your egg every day in Ramkahen.

Shadowbarb Drone Questline Starting Location:

/way Uldum:1527 21 62 Shadowbarb Drone Start


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