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Adriana Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Adriana’s Skills

Adriana, the inferno, has some amazing skills and abilities. She truly is a burning flame, so enemies – you better watch out for her! Lets take a look at her passive and QWER skills.

Adriana_Flamethrower_QFlamethrower (Q)
30 SP; 7 secs cooldown
Adriana throws flames in the targeted direction, dealing true damage.
Adriana_OilSlick_WOil Slick (W)
80 SP; 24 secs cooldown
Adriana spills oil on the targeted location. The Oil slick remains for a certain time. Adriana can ignite the oil slick with a skill to start a fire for a certain time.
Enemies inside the oil slick have their movement speed reduced and cannot use movement skills.
Adriana_FireEscape_EFire Escape (E)
80 SP; 22 secs cooldown
Adriana dashes in the targeted direction, leaving behind a trail of fire. The flames create fire and remain for a certain time.
Adriana_CocktailParty_RCocktail Party (R)
45 SP; 40 secs cooldown
Adriana throws a Molotov cocktail at the targeted location. The Molotov cocktail explodes upon landing, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. After the explosion, the Molotov cocktail leaves behind a fire.
Adriana can hold a maximum of 3 Molotov cocktails. She gets a new Molotov cocktail every few seconds.
Adriana_Pyromaniac_PPyromaniac (Passive)
No cost
Adriana can start fires on the ground.
Enemies lit on fire by a burning area are Burned, take damage over time and have their movement speed reduced.
Damage increases per stack of Burned.
Adriana recovers SP while a fire she lit is active.
Adriana_Smokescreen_DWeapon Skill: Smokescreen (D)
No cost; 35 secs cooldown
A smokescreen appears at the targeted location. Enemies inside the smokescreen have their vision reduced and their movement speed decreased.

Pyromaniac – Passive

The 21-year old Mexican lady’s passive ability allows her to set enemies aflame. Adriana can set fire to the path of enemies with a pyromaniac strike. Enemies who enter the flaming ground take damage over time. Additionally they receive a significant reduction to their move speed of 30% – making the fiery patch hard to escape for many characters.

Moreover, she recovers SP recoveres 0.5% to 1.5% SP per second while having an active fire, whether an enemy is burned by it or not. Something about killing two birds with a single stone – right?

You can use these fire patches to damage enemies, to block off certain paths or escape routes, or to zone out the rest of the enemy squad while focusing down your opponent.

Flamethrower – Q

If you feel your enemy may escape the Pyromaniac attack, try the Q skill— Flamethrower. This iconic fiery frontal attack deals true damage, meaning it ignores your enemies defenses.

It’s effective against both other characters as well as animals, and has a range of up to 6 meters.

Oil Slick – W

Adriana’s W-skill allows her to place oil slicks on the ground. She can throw the slicks up to the range of 12 meters. These oil slicks can be ignited by setting the opponent on fire. Characters passing through Oil Slick get their running speed slowed by around 30%. 

Fire Escape – E

Adriana’s E, Fire Escape, gives her some good mobility to move away from the sights of enemies while igniting her path (making it hard to follow her). Fire escape is one of the strongest dashes in the game, covering a distance of around 6-meter. The fire started by her escape attack lasts for 5 seconds – keeping the enemy amazed and burning. 

Cocktail Party – R

Adriana’s Ultimate, Cocktail Party, lets her to throw Molotov cocktails and deals the most damage out of all her attacks to characters standing in the target area. 

She can throw three explosive Molotov cocktails at a time and within a range of 14 meters. The explosions have a radius of 1.5 meters.     

Smokescreen – D

Adriana’s Weapon Skill lets her put a cloud of smoke at the targeted location. Enemies within this cloud are slowed and have reduced vision.

Adriana Builds


The prime arsenal of Adriana are her throwing weapons. The different variants of her weaponry tools are:

  • Smoke Bomb;
  • Incendiary Bomb; 
  • David Sling; 
  • The grenade of Antioch; 
  • Ruthenium Marble  

However, the prime throw weapons are David Sling and Ruthenium Marble. The former has an attack power of +75 and helps in regening HP by +150% and Extra Normal Attack Damage +30); whereas, the latter possesses an attack power of +80 and enlarges the skill capabilities of Adriana by 22%. Moreover, Ruthenium Marble is also beneficial in reducing the healing abilities of opponents by 40%. 

Adriana build

Adriana build guide

Standard build for Adriana; Saved Plan ID 207845

Items needed for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Smoke Bomb (Throw) 
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Mithril Shield
  • Legs: Killer heels 
  • Accessories: Uchiwa


Each player has his/her own experience of understanding routes to find out the desired target. The best practice is— to play the game and understand the character you are playing with— yourself, and find out your own route that suits you the best. 

One thing you need to consider is that this game is all about timely taken moves and decisions. Each second is of great importance. Choosing the right path that saves your energy and has a lesser difficulty level is highly critical in acing this game. 

To achieve the build targets, the following is the most suitable path for this character. 

Avenue> School> Hotel> Forest> Beach 

The safest and the quickest possible path to win with Adriana would be by starting your journey from the avenue and then moving zone by zone right until the beach area. The prime focus through this route is to achieve an early lead and find out the desired items while ensuring the least damage possible.  

You need Mithril to craft the Mithril Shield; you can loot this from bears or wolves, or find it in a loot crate.

How to play this build?

The idea is to reach the maximum weapon level as soon as possible. To achieve so, you need to be quick, and try to waste the least time as possible. Avoid animal assault as much as possible until you reach the hotel. 

Through this route, Adriana will be able to upgrade to a purple weapon by the third stage. Yes, you heard it right! It is a stage where most of your enemies would still have just started to fight. That is why Adriana is known for— capabilities to fully load herself and outclass her opponents by taking the lead right from the word go!   

How to Play Adriana

Adriana can be one of the strongest characters in the game – if you know how to play her well. Unfortunately many players don’t know how to handle her optimally, and fail to maximize her full potential. To help you along, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of Adriana.

First and Foremost: Don’t be hyper-aggressive, or you’ll run out of SP very soon

After knowing her passive & QWER attacks— you may feel like the best way to go is setting enemies on fire left and right to gain experience points. Many Adriana players start out very aggressive, using Q/Flamethrower on everything in sight and not even bothering to pick up SP regen items while looking for gear.

Don’t do this! You will run out of steam very quickly, and when you get properly attacked while you’re only half SP level, you will regret setting those level 1 chickens on fire.

Use Adriana’s abilities wisely, especially in the early game, and make sure to pick up any SP regen items that you come across.

Ability levelling & Perfect combination of attacks for Adriana

Based on the damage each attack inflicts, the correct order for leveling Adriana’s skills is Passive > R > Q >  W > E. Note that the damage of your Q, W and E scales based on the level of your Pyromaniac passive.

Adriana has many options in terms of crafting her attacks. However, to gain the maximum damage and knocking your enemy down completely, you may use the following combo of moves. 

1) Using Q attack with Oil slick: 

Make the path of enemies oily and frictionless to reduce their speed. Add the fire of Flamethrower, and your enemies certainly have fewer options to escape. QW is a deadly combined attack, given you’ve directed the oil slicks properly. The flames set on the oily ground can engulf more than one target at the same time.  

2) Combining oil slick with an explosive cocktail party

Another fatal combo of attacks is trapping the enemy with an oily surface and then launching massive explosives using R attacks. Molotov cocktails do the most damage out of all of Adriana’s abilities and are a great finishing move to get the killing blow.

3) Utilize passive attack with a spray of flames: 

Flamethrower, in combination with Pyromaniac attacks, can seal the deal for you. Adriana’s skills of setting even grounds on fire are truly stunning; it’ll help a lot if you use other deadly attacks like Q skill with it.

4) Fire Escapes with Flamethrower: 

Fire Escape attack is the best tool to dodge enemy attacks. Not only does Adriana move away from the eyes of opponents, but the dash also causes some fire damage. So, this escape tool becomes another means to bring enemies down when combined with the button Q.  Fire Escape can also be used to chase fleeing enemies.

5) Fire Escape with Cocktail Party: 

Explosive cocktails are themselves too hot to handle for enemies. However, the inflicted wound becomes even graver when used with button E. This combination is as lethal as the above four. Firstly, you need to surprise your enemies with a sharp & fiery movement using Fire Escape. Then use the Molotov Cocktail to make things worse for your opponents trapped in Adriana’s fire. 

Final suggestions

  • Be careful while chasing your enemies and do not let your opponent run too far, as your explosive abilities have limited range.
  • Besides keeping the distance in mind, you should also be sharp at aiming. Hitting the bull’s eye is the key with almost every Eternal Return character, but this importance increases manifolds if you are playing with Adriana. If you don’t do so, you may miss your target and ultimately run out of SP level.
  • Try to lure the enemy to pass through the fire by cutting off paths and escape routes.

Teams and Match-ups for Adriana

If you’re planning to play in a duo game or the squad while choosing Adriana as your character, keep the following aspects in mind: 

Possible squad combinations with Adriana

Adriana is arguably a member of the dive composition. What we mean by dive characteristics is her fierce and bold attitude to take on any opponent. She dives into the face of her enemies with fire attacks, and that too without having any second thoughts. More suitable characters of her kind are Hyunwoo, Jackie, and Xiukai. So, it’d be better for you to team up with these players in order to make a squad of players with the same kind of playstyle.

Adriana’s is strong against

Adriana and her dive squad members will be able to get under the skin of players such as Sissela, Magnus, and Aya. These characters have a mix of both offensive and defensive skills, i.e., dealing damage and healing. You can surprise squads like these with a very aggresive, ultra-attacking strategy. 

You need to watch out for

The most dangerous enemies for Adriana are characters that can inflict high damage on a low cooldown. Since Adriana’s abilities have quite a long cooldown, she cannot match the burst and will die before getting her own damage out. So, Adriana and her possible team members need to watch out for these types of bursty characters. Strong Adriana counters are Hyunwoo, Chiara, and Hart. These characters possess both a great deal of sustainability as well as higher damaging attacks.

Adriana’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • She is a thrill to watch if you compare her skills kit wise: Adriana, the inferno, is quite a skillful character— with a variety of kit tools. 
  • Adriana is a starling character— speed and agility wiseAdriana is a strong character with fast & furious movements. She also looks like an elegant character to play the game with from the list of Eternal Return: Black Survival players. 
  • The Arsonist can regain her SP level while setting enemies on fire: Indeed, a unique strength. She gains her SP level with each attack. And that too with varying degrees of damage and changing SP level regain as well. 
  • Strength to reposition herself with the button E: She has that escaping move as discussed above, and it is an added advantage. 
  • Adriana keeps other opponents behind with an early lead: She starts off with all the guns blazing! It gives her early leading points and an early advantage to proceed in the game. 


  • Her main weapon (Throw) doesn’t deal a lot of damage: You may feel her damage while using throw weapons does not cause much damage compared to other characters.    
  • She is hard to play: Adriana is hard to master; you need to be at your best— in terms of skills— to control her and play effectively.
  • Her passive damage is lower than her pentagon graph suggestion: having so much difficulty to play with this character— the reward is not that much higher. The same level of effort with other strong characters in the game provide you more results than Adriana does.   
  • Adriana’s Q damage is a bit underwhelming: Her Q attacks do not provide you many effects on enemies.
  • Adriana is heavily dependent on gear & items: You need to have more the right gear items while playing Adriana to subdue your opponents and wild animals. Without proper weapons, she doesn’t deal much damage. Lesser passive & Q damage make Adriana very dependent on loot.
  • Long cooldown on Fire Escape (E): The cooldown of Adriana’s main (and only) movement ability takes ages (between 8 and 24 seconds). This timeframe is enough for many enemies to escape.

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