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How to play custom games with friends in ER:BS

by Laura
erbs play with friends

Eternal Return: Black Survival is a fun game, and it’s arguably the most fun when played with friends. The method to play against friends (or with them!) is not very straightforward however. The same goes for hosting a friendly tournament.

How do you play with a friend against AI, or against friends in a tournament, without getting the ‘Cannot use during character selection’ error?

Can you play against AI with friends?

You can play against AI with friends in Eternal Return: Black Survival, but you must make a Custom Game in order to do so. You cannot party up and queue for AI together; this will give you the error ‘Cannot use during character selection’.

Note: if you have trouble queueing as Solo, Duo or Squad in Normal Matches, you can find a solution here.

You can make a Custom Game following the steps below and add bots to this game to play against AI with others.

How to create a tournament or Custom Game with friends

1. Make sure you’re all on the same server

eternal return select server

Check your server in the top right corner of the screen. To play together, you and your friends must all be on the same server. You can change server by clicking on the name of the server and selecting another server in the window that pops up.

2. One person creates a custom game

eternal return make custom game

One person will be the host. He or she clicks on Create under Custom Game at the bottom right of the Home screen, and selects whether players will compete Solo, in Duo’s or in Squads of three.

3. Pass on the room code

eternal return room code custom game lobby

The host of the game should see a Room code at the top of the Custom Game interface. Communicate this Room code to your friends.

4. Friends join the Custom Game

eternal return join game

Other players can join a Custom Game by selecting the ‘Join’ option under Custom Game at the bottom right of the Home screen.

5. Enter Room code

enter lobby code room code erbs

An Enter lobby code window pops up. Type the Room code that was given to you by the host of the game or tournament.

6. Drag friends into duo’s or squads

Rearrange teams by clicking on the empty boxes in the Custom Game interface.

7. Optional: add bots

You can fill the empty slots with Bots by clicking on the ‘Add Bots’ button. If you are looking for a certain bot character, just keep removing and re-adding the bot until you get the one you like.

You do not have to fill all slots; you can leave them empty and play with your friends only.

8. Optional: add spectators

 erbs add spectator custom game

If someone wants to spectate rather than participate, they should click on one of the empty spectate slots at the right of the screen.

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