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Aya Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Sukuzi Aya, the rookie cop of justice, is one of the top-rated characters to play in Eternal Return: Black Survival. She provides multiple options in terms of her weapons and has different gameplay with each weapon type. Let’s look at her skills, Builds, Playing guide, Team-ups, and Strengths & weaknesses. 

Aya’s Skills

The Japanese police officer utilizes the following skills to take down her opponents. 

Aya_DoubleShot_QDouble Shot (Q)
80 SP; 7 secs cooldown
Aya rapidly shoots her target twice.
Aya_SteadyShot_WSteady Shot (W)
100 SP; 18 secs cooldown
Aya shoots ten times in the targeted direction for a moment.
Aya_MovingTurn_EMoving Turn (E)
85 SP; 22 secs cooldown
Aya swiftly leaps to the targeted location.
Aya_BlankCartridge_RBlank Cartridge (R)
150 SP; 100 secs cooldown
Aya fires a blank into the air. The sound of the gunshot startles nearby enemies, dealing damage and stunning them for a moment.
Aya_AyasJustice_PassiveAya's Justice (Passive)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
If Aya is attacked, a protective film envelops her for a moment and blocks damage. Using her basic attack on an enemy reduces the cooldown of Aya's Justice a bit.
Aya_MovingReload_DWeapon Skill: Moving Reload (D)
No cost; 50 secs cooldown
Increase movement speed and quickly reload your gun.
The cooldowns of all your other skills are reduced, except for your passive and weapon skills.
Aya_Overheat_DWeapon Skill: Overheat (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
When hitting an enemy with a normal attack, you gain an Overheat stack for each bullet. If you do not use a normal attack for a certain time, you start to lose stacks.
When you reach the maximum number of stacks, you can activate the Overheat skill. When this skill is activated, the attack speed cap is ignored and your normal attacks gain a knockback effect.
Aya_Sniper_DWeapon Skill: Sniper (D)
No cost; 40 secs cooldown
Activate the sniper mode in the targeted direction.
In sniper mode, your range of vision is increased and your view angle is narrowed. After choosing an enemy in your sight range to attack, they will be alerted that they are in your line of sight before you shoot and deal damage to them.
You can end sniper mode by reactivating the effect.

Aya’s Justice – Passive

Her passive move is a defensive one; she creates a barrier to protect herself when she’s attacked. It saves the cop of justice from sudden attacks of both opponent characters and animals.  

Double Shot – Q

Double bullet shots are the Q skill of Suzuki Aya. The Japanese girl can fire two straight gunshots targeted at the enemy. Out of these two shots, the second bullet does more damage than the first one — with skill damage up to 180. 

Steady Shot – W

Aya fires ten straight bullets without giving any sigh of release to the enemy. These steady shots cause considerable damage to the opponent, but their direction is fixed.

Moving Turn  – E

Aya can dash in any direction upon enemy attack. This skill enables her to escape whenever she feels dominated by opponents. It is more like the fire escape of Adriana. However, Aya’s E button consumes more SP than Adriana’s.

Moreover, you can also use the E button while playing with Aya to reduce the gap between a fleeing or running enemy. Lastyly, the cop can also use E to quickly dash through walls. 

Blank Cartridge – R

And finally, Suzuki Aya unleashes some thunderous light into a circular shaped area. The move is highly effective to stun the enemy for a while. Having paralyzed the enemy, the rookie cop of justice finally shoots at him/her to seal the deal. However, practice the game well before using this move as it costs a larger SP level and requires the timing to be spot-on.    

Moving Reload – D

The weapon skill of the Pistol increases your movement speed while reloading your weapon. Using Moving Reload also reduces the cooldown of your other skills.

Overheat – D

The weapon skill of the Assault Rifle lets you build stacks of Overheat for each auto-attack. After gaining sufficient stacks, this ability can be activated to increase your attack speed and add a knockback to your shots for a short while.

Sniper – D

The Sniper’s weapon skill lets you enter sniper mode. You gain range of vision, but in a narrower angle. Select an enemy in your field of vision to focus on them. After a quick alert, you will shoot a devastating shot their way.

Aya’s Builds

Night Assassin Aya Build (Sniper rifle) 

aya build sniper night assassin

Night Assassin build for Aya; Saved Plan ID 227671

This build is a favorite one for many players who play with the cop of justice. The fun part is that its route is made of only 3 zones. And once you quickly build your items, the police officer will have no restraint in killing people with a sniper gun. 

Items required for this build: 

  • Weapon: Intervention (Sniper rifle) 
  • Chest: Dragon Dobok
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Legs: Glacial Shoes 
  • Accessories: Sniper Scope


Temple> Hospital> Beach

We suggest you use a three-zone route for this build. The idea is to build through different zones until you reach the beach area, where you optimize your weapon and kill the people with sniper vision during the night time. One thing is for sure:you’ll have a lot of fun playing with Aya in the night time with an intervention sniper rifle.

Note that you do need to collect a Tree of Life to craft the Glacial Shoes.

Polaris Griefer Sniper Aya Build: 

aya sniper polaris build

Polaris Griefer build for Aya; Shared Plan ID 227701

Secondly, you can try out this build of the rookie cop of justice with a sniper rifle weapon. This build can help you a lot in winning games, especially squad and duo gameplays. You can also win games using this build for solo gameplay. The best thing about this build is that you utilize Polaris as a weapon. Polaris is a deadly sniper rifle to have in the hands of the police officer. This weapon has high attack power and is the only sniper rifle that has an attack speed of over 40%! Following are the items you’ll need in Polaris Griefer Sniper Build:  

Items required for this build: 

  • Weapon: Polaris 
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Crystal Tiara
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Legs: Maverick Runner
  • Accessories: Laced Quiver


Uptown> Factory> Cemetery> Dock>Alley

Although the route is a bit long, and the fifth zone is quite out of the way, it’ll make you the strongest players among your enemies by the second zone (since you will have your weapon ready by then already). The long route is more than worth the result in the end, as this build is extremely strong once you have all gear required.

Electron Blaster Build (Pistol): 

Aya pistol build electron blaster

Electron Blaster build for Aya; Saved Plan ID 227717

This build uses the Electron blaster, a Pistol weapon. Electron Blaster is a fatal type of pistol  available with Aya. This weapon has an attack power of +65, attack speed of +50, and extra attack damage of +28.  

Items needed: 

  • Weapon: Electron Blaster (Pistol) 
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit 
  • Head: Tactical OPS Helmet
  • Arm: Radar
  • Legs: White Rhinos
  • Accessories: Uchiwa

Route for this build: 

Avenue> Uptown> School> Alley> Temple

It is the most commonly used build route. However, be careful while entering the second zone, as you may find a Jackie or 2 roaming around here, and you do not wanna fight them yet.

Attack, Crit, and Defense build (Assault Rifle): 

aya assault rifle build

Assault Rifle build for Aya: Saved Plan ID 227739

And finally, the most useful build among all is the Attack, Crit, and Defense buildup with Aya; it is highly used by streamers who play as the rookie cop is easily attainable with a high rate of success. The items that you’ll need for this build are: 

Items needed:

  • Weapon: AK-12 (Assault Rifle) 
  • Chest: Crusader Armour
  • Head: Crystal Tiara
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Leg: Bucephalus
  • Accessory: Laced Quiver


Hospital> Cemetery> Chapel> Temple> Pond

How to Play Aya

You can utilize her passive and QWER skills in the following ways to harness the maximum advantage while playing with the rookie cop. 

How to use Aya’s Passive:

The passive skill of Aya doesn’t cost you any SP points. However, it has a 30-sec cooldown time. This cooldown time reduces by 2 seconds every time you use her basic weapon attacks. This skill reduces the damage caused by enemy attacks, and since it’s entirely passive, there isnt all too much you can do to maximize its use, apart from shooting a few chickens or other easy animals when the cooldown is high and you don’t feel safe.

How to use Aya’s Q:

As mentioned before, Aya’s Q fires two straight bullets at an enemy, with the second bullet dealing more damage than the first. However, use the right click of your mouse— before using her Q attack to make it a 3-fire attack rather than two bullet shots. In this way, you can cause more damage.   

How to use Aya’s W:

Her skill of firing ten straight weapon shots is a real plus. You can use her W attack to subdue animals that have fixed movement. However, Aya needs to be pinpoint accurate to make full use of this skill. And, you can immediately cancel this attack by pressing W again if your target is slightly off. Never feel hesitant to cancel this attack if your bullets miss your enemies, or you’ll have no advantage while losing a significant amount of SP.

How to use Aya’s E:

Utilize the E skill of Suzuki Aya very cleverly. You can use this skill for multiple purposes: for chasing down your fleeing enemy, for creating a gap between the attacking character or animal, and even for escaping through a wall. Moreover, you can also use this skill for reaching the containers and boxes in no time. 

How to use Aya’s R:

And finally, use the R skill of Aya to stun your opponents. You can launch other skill attacks over the paused enemies to completely knock them down. It is a lethal attack that provides you a moment of relief by freezing your opponent. Make sure to keep the rookie cop of justice uninterrupted while using this skill, or it’ll have a lesser impact. 

How to use Aya’s Sniper Mode:

This skill enables Suzuki Aya to track her enemies even far from her, using a sniper rifle scope. However, the enemy is alerted once she sets her sight on her target, making it a bit hard to actually land the shot. Moreover, the vision of Aya also narrows once you use this skill. So, be careful to see if there is any opponent character or animal near you before you start using the sniper. 

How to use Aya’s F (reload):

The weapons of Aya are mostly guns, each with limited ammo. These weapons require reloads after running out of bullets. Be careful about that, as you may run out of ammo in the middle of a fight. Whenever it happens, use the E skill to escape for a while until you manage to feed your guns. Try to always keep your gun fully loaded between encounters; you never know when someone is coming for you.

In what order should you level Aya’s skills?

The order of Aya’s skills is listed below: 

Blank Cartridge (R skill)> Moving Turn (E skill)> Steady shot (W skill)> Aya’s justice (Passive skill)> Double shot (Q skill) 

The main reason behind leveling the E skill before even a steady shot is that it provides mobility and speed to Aya. This skill provides the rookie cop with multiple benefits, the main one being chasing and fleeing from enemies. Aya is pretty slow in comparison to other characters, and early maxing of the E skill minimizes this disadvantage.

Attack combinations: 

You can use Aya’s attacks in a variety of ways; her attacks provide you different options. However, to make the most out of the rookie officer’s passive & QWER skills, use her lethal strikes in the following combination: 

  • Use her steady shot with the E button: The rookie cop of justice can fire ten straight shots even while moving away from a charging enemy. If you use it with moving turn skill, you’ll create a gap between you and the attacking enemy while damaging your opponent. 
  • Harness her Blank Cartridge with a double shot: Her lightning R attack becomes lethal and deadly once combined with Aya’s double bullet shots. Use the Q button with R to achieve this combo of attacks. 

Teams and Match-ups for Aya

Duo gameplay: 

For Duos, Aya can tear down her opponents while playing with Hyunwoo, Isol, Silvia, Hart, and Jackie. The skills and needs of these characters match with Aya’s in the best possible way. However, you need to tweak a little bit with the routes which you’d opt for these players. For example, the path, in Duos, while playing with Hyunwoo, Isol, and Silvia would be: Archery Range> School> Hotel> Beach> Forest; whereas, while playing Duo style of play with Hart and Jackie, you’ll have to take Temple> School> Forest> Hotel> Beach path.       

Squad gameplay:

Aya, when playing in a squad with Sissela and Magnus, forms a group of players with standard and balanced skills, i.e., defensive and attacking. If you go out with this squad, you can profit from the attacking and hammering capabilities of Meta Magnus as a team. 

Characters to watch out for:

You need to be careful of the characters with both high damage causing skills as well as a strong line of defense. Characters like Hyunwoo, Chiara, and Hart are a perfect example. 

Characters you can dominate:

Aya can subdue characters with a dive nature. This type of group contains players with attacking strategies and a lack of defensive skills. A squad of players containing Hyunwoo, Jackie, and Xiukai is the best example of a dive squad. 

Aya’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s highlight her unique skills along with some of her weak areas. 


  • Aya’s projectiles can pierce through walls. A great tool to hunt enemies— even standing behind a wall.
  • Can hunt down enemies even from a long distance or a wide range with the help of a sniper. It is an advantageous weapon.   
  • Whenever Aya is under attack, she creates a barrier of defense: It enables the rookie cop to absorb some damage from the attack, ultimately leading to less loss of HP.
  • Aya’s Justice cooldown time is reduced by 2 seconds every time she uses her basic attack. In a longer fight, this means that her passive can activate multiple times, especially when using a weapon with high attack speed.
  • She can move even while shooting some fires at enemies. It helps in two ways: she can run away from the enemy and harm her opponent with long-range fires at the same time. 
  • Aya has multiple weapons to choose from: unlike some of the characters having only one weapon to play with— the Japanese police officer has three different types of weapon, each with their own flavour and playstyle.


  • Reloading, reloading, reloading. You will need a lot of Ammo: Suzuki Aya’s weapons need reloading after she runs out of bullets. This weakness of her can pinch you a bit in the middle of a fight. 
  • Her R attack cost a whopping SP level, i.e., 150 per blank cartridge attack. Therefore, be careful and pinpoint while harnessing this move as your timing needs to be highly critical; otherwise, you’ll waste your ultimate and gain nothing in the end but the loss of SP level by 150 points.   
  • Her movement speed is slow compared to other characters of Eternal Return: Black Survival. 
  • Her W shots can run you out of SP level: W bullet shots are Aya’s prime damaging attack. She causes a great deal of effect over enemies with this skill. However, if you miss most of the bullet shots — it won’t be that effective and will just drain your SP level.
  • Aya has a narrower sight in the sniper mode: Her sniper skills are not that effective as the sight narrows, and you cannot use it when an opponent character or an animal is close to Aya. The Sniper is therefore more suited for duo and squad play, and hard to use in solo mode.
  • Her sniper mode alerts the targeted enemy: Enemies can run away once they become conscious of Aya’s intent. So, make sure your hand is steady while trying a sniper shot.  

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