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Fiora Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Fiora, the graceful fencer, is a well designed character to play with. She provides a variety of options to choose from in terms of her weapon types. This article highlights her skills, different builds, playing guide, and her strengths & weaknesses. Let us begin the discussion with her passive and QWER skills. 

Fiora_Fente_QFente (Q)
40 SP; 9 secs cooldown
Fiora attacks in the targeted direction, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. If the enemies have the Touché indicator, she procs the indicator, dealing extra damage and slowing enemies.
Fiora_AttaqueComposée_WAttaque Composée (W)
70 SP; 20 secs cooldown
Fiora swings her sword two times for her next normal attack.
For every Touché indicator she procs with her other skills, the cooldown for Attaque Composée is decreased.
Fiora_MarcheRompre_EMarche & Rompre (E)
100 SP; 16 secs cooldown
Fiora dashes to the targeted direction, dealing damage to the enemies she hits. If the enemies have the Touché indicator, she procs the indicator, dealing extra damage. If she deals damage to an enemy, she can use the skill again within a certain time and dash in the targeted direction.
Fiora_Garde_RGarde (R)
50 SP; 20 secs cooldown
Fiora adopts an elaborate posture to unleash her most powerful attacks. When Garde is activated, every normal attack uses SP and deals extra damage.
If her SP drops to a certain amount, the skill is automatically deactivated. It can als be deactivated by reactivating the skill.
Fiora_Touché_PassiveTouché (Passive)
No cost
Every time Fiora deals damage to an enemy with a normal attack, she applies a stack of Touché to her enemy. When Fiora applies a certain number of stacks, the Touché indicator activates for a few seconds.
Fiora_QuickCut_DWeapon Skill: Quick Cut (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Charge towards the targeted enemy and deal damage.
Fiora_Parry_DWeapon Skill: Parry (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Raise your sword and take a defensive position, protecting yourself from attacks and effects coming from the direction you're facing.
After a certain time, you charge towards the attacking enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in your path.
Fiora_ShadowStab_DWeapon Skill: Shadow Stab (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Powerfully lunge your spear in the targeted direction, dealing damage. You also deal damage to enemies within a certain range.
Enemies hit by the attack have their movement speed reduced, and all enemies in a certain range get knocked back.

Touché – Passive

Fiora’s auto attacks apply stacks of Touché. She activates a touché indicator once she reaches her maximum number of Touché attacks on an enemy. This buffs/modifies the next ability she uses on them. Her passive skill is instant, with zero casting time or internal cooldown.   

Fente – Q

Her Q skill both damages and slows enemy movement speed. This move of the Italian fencer causes more damage than her passive attacks. However, she has a casting time of 0.33 seconds for this move. So, be precise and accurate in using the Q button with Fiora. She has moderate cooldown time for this attack ranging from 5 to 9 seconds. 

Attaque Composée – W

Fiora Pellerin swings her weapon two times to complete this move. However, the attack power in her swinging Rapier strikes is more for the first move than the second one. The first strike has the AP ranging from 60% to 100%, and the second hit has the AP ranging from 20% to 60%. The cooldown time is also not that high, i.e., 8 to 20 seconds. You can also reduce the cooldown time for her Attaque skill by 4 seconds with the help of her touché indicator.  

Marche & Rompre – E

This skill of Fiora is a move to charge at her enemies and make some witty attacks. She possesses sharp reflexes that enable her to either move away from an enemy or make a sudden approach towards the target. Make a Marche towards enemies or Rompre from the site with her movement skills. Cooldown time is also moderate, i.e., 8 to 16 seconds.     

Garde – R

The ultimate skill of Fiora is her Garde. Toggling Garde on makes her auto attacks deal extra damage, at the cost of some SP. Garde will deactivate automatically once your SP drops low; you can also manually deactivate it by pressing R again.

Quick Cut – D (Rapier)

Quick Cut is a quick charge towards the enemy that deals a decent amount of damage.

Parry – D (Sword)

Parry is a defensive move that makes you block attacks and abilities coming from a certain direction for a few seconds, then charge forward, dealing damage in your path.

Shadow Stab – D (Spear)

Shadow Stab is a ranged attack that deals damage, slows enemy movement speed by 70% and knocks enemies back. It is a good way of interrupting enemy casting. Shadow Stab is quite similar to Fente (Q), but has more ranged and deals more damage.

Skill Leveling Order: 

Passive> R> E> W> Q

You should invest your points in her Q skill the least. Try maximizing her passive, her ultimate, or her E skill. In this way, you would be able to play smartly and effectively with the Italian fencer. This skill order is useful for all the builds mentioned below. 

Fiora’s Builds

Three Flashes Fiora Crit Build

fiora rapier build crit

Three Flashes build for Fiora; Saved Plan ID 241308

This build utilizes Rapier as a weapon. You will get to harness her Volticletto rapier weapon to deal the damage to enemies. This is a winning crit build, and it will finish off opponents very quickly. 

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Volticletto (Rapier) 
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Crystal Tiara
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessories: White Crane Fan

Build Route      

Avenue> Forest> Beach> Hospital> Dock

It is a five-zoner build; however, it still is mighty effective to use. Avenue is the starting point and also the most critical zone for this build route. You should find the most items in this place. However, it could also be a bit of a tough zone; as you would find a lot of competition in Avenue. Try to grab the items pretty quickly and move on to other zones.   

Fiora Mistilteinn Build

fiora mistilteinn build

Mistilteinn build for Fiora; Saved Plan ID 241289

The second Rapier builds uses Mistilteinn as a weapon. You will have skill amplification items along with max HP tools, with the Sunset Armor being a handy tank item. Fiora would be a tough character to beat in this build once she acquires her weapon and jacket. 

Build Items: 

You should opt for the following items in this build: 

  • Weapon: Mistilteinn (Rapier) 
  • Chest: Sunset Armor
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Legs: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessories: White Crane Fan

 Build Route: 

Temple> Forest> School> Avenue> Alley

The route to gather your items for this build is a five-zoner path. You might say this route is pretty much stretched all over the Lumia island. This is true, but the zones follow each other in a logical order, making the execution not quite as daunting as it looks in the first place. The best part is that you get your hands on the weapon after the third zone. You can then hunt down a few opponents while continuing to gather the rest of your build.

Fiora Gentian Silver Gun Build

Fiora spear build gentian silver gun

Spear build for Fiora; Saved Plan ID 241312

What makes this build different from other builds is the movement speed of Fiora. It keeps more focus on having movement speed to chase your opponents and secure early kills. Attack speed for this build is a bit slower than other spear builds of Fiora. 

You will be utilizing the Laced Quiver in this build, which helps you gain the needed attack speed. Moreover, this build is more of a transitional type. You would have an opportunity to shift your items if you want— in the mid of your route journey, i.e., Bucephalus with Mithril Boots to gain more attack speed. 

Build Items: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Gentian Silver Gun (Spear) 
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Crystal Tiara
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessories: Laced Quiver

Build Route: 

Cemetery> Chapel> Hospital> Dock

A four zoner build that will enable you to quickly build your items and dominate other players. You would start from Cemetery and then move to the Chapel zone. You will not be picking a lot of items in the chapel; you should then move to the hospital using a Hyperloop. The best thing about this build is that you would be able to finish your main items, i.e., shoes and weapon, by the third zone.

If you get unlucky and killing boars on the way does not grant you a Stallion Medal, just pop quickly into Beach to grab one (they aren’t hard to come by).          

Fiora Auto Attack Build

Fiora auto attack build with Fangian Huaji

Fiora AA build with spear; Saved Plan ID 241322

Fangtian Huaji becomes a lethal weapon if you use it with the auto-attacking skills of Fiora. It provides an attack power of +88 and skill damage of +80. You need to bear in mind that this build is more about knocking down opponents with a big stick. It is more like a weapon enhancing build type— not the one with skill enhancement.      

Build Items: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Fangtian Huaji (Spear) 
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet
  • Arm: Mithril Shield/Cube Watch
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessory: Revenge of Goujian

Recommended build route: 

Beach> Hotel> Avenue> School> Archery Range

Starting zone would be Beach in this build route. You will need to be quick in finding your items from this zone. Start off with the Motorcycle Helmet, and move on to other zones. You will find your weapon from Avenue. Along with Fangtian Huaji, you will also find your leg item from zone 3. So, overall, a useful and quick build path with lesser competition. Try it out and see if it works for you or not!

Note that this build does require Mithril for the shield. As this can be a bit finnicky to come by, you could replace the Mithril Shield with a Cube Watch should you come across Meteorite.

Thuan Thien Fiora Build

Fiora 2 handed sword build

Two-handed sword build for Fiora; Saved Plan ID 241324

And lastly, we have a build that utilizes Thuan Thien as a weapon. It is overall a good build; it can win you games if you love using a Double-Handed Sword. Using your Garde skill more cleverly in this build will win you games, as it multiplies the effect of even weapon skills.    

Build Items: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Thuan Thien (Two-Handed Sword) 
  • Chest: Optical Camouflage Suit
  • Head: Crystal Tiara
  • Arm: Creed of the Knight
  • Legs: Bucephalus
  • Accessories: Laced Quiver

Recommended build route: 

Dock> Cemetery> Hospital

It is a three-zoner route— the shortest of all the Fiora build routes. You should acquire your items quickly by starting from the Dock zone and moving towards Hospital via Cemetery. However, you will have to pass through Chapel and Factory in between.  

Kill boars in the Cemetery to get a Stallion Medal; if you can’t find one, just pop into Temple after Hospital to grab one.

How to Play Fiora

Passive skill guide

Her basic attack forms a touché that helps cause more damage to the enemies. Fiora will gain a stack of Touché with each of her passive attacks. However, the Touché bar is for a limited amount of time; it will vanish after 10-20 seconds (if you do not use any other skill afterward). You can use her Q, W or E with her passive to make this move more painful for opponents. 

Q skill guide

This skill of Fiora is a short-range attack. You need to be precise as well as accurate to cause the maximum damage to your enemies. The one-directional spear move can sometimes be tricky to handle. However, if used correctly, it can prove to be a lethal strike. You should use it after the passive attacks of Fiora to make things worse for your opponents. The damage caused doubles if Fiora uses her Q skill over a Touché.  

W skill guide

The double weapon strike of Fiora is her fatal move. Unlike her Q skill, this move is instant and has zero casting time. Moreover, if you use her W button, it will create two Touché stacks. You may say the damage is lower for her two moves; however, you should also not underestimate the speed at which she casts these moves. The cooldown time, which is 8-20 seconds for her Attaque Composée attacks, is reduced by 2 seconds when you proc the Touché bar with her W skill.   

E skill guide

Her E skill can be used for two purposes: firstly, you can charge at your enemies with quick reflexes, and secondly, you can use it to flee backward. This move is more like the fire escape of Adriana or the moving turn of Aya. This move also causes some damage to the targeted enemies.

SP level and cooldown time are also moderate. So, overall, the E move of Fiora is quite useful in between a fight. Use this move to especially flee from the heavyweight animals or the fiery fire attacks of Adriana. 

Make sure to hit the enemy once you charge at the enemies with the E button. If you do that, you will then be able to dash back instantly using the same E button. 

R skill guide

Her ultimate is more like the damage enhancer for other attacks than being a damage dealer itself. You can only use this skill of Fiora to add more damage with her passive and QWE skills. However, each skill used while activating her Garde absorbs a certain amount of SP. Her ultimate vanishes once the SP limit is used. 

Moreover, you can also deactivate this skill at any time by pressing the R button again. Never be shy of ending this skill if you feel the enemy is dominating you. And keep one more thing in mind, her passive and QWE skills will not create a circular bar of Touché if used while her Garde is active.  

Attack Combinations

Passive + Q/W attack 

Use the passive touché attacks of Fiora with her Fente. Passive attacks of the graceful fencer create a circular touché indicator. If the Q skill is used after the circle is full, the straight spear moves cause more damage. You can also use these attacks with the double strike of Fiora to make a lethal combination.  

Use her E skill with an active Touché Indicator:

Fiora causes the speed of her targets to reduce. She also reduces her cooldown time if Fiora attacks the fleeing enemy with her Marche & Rompre attack while the touché indicator is active. You can also use other attack combos once you reduce the movement speed of enemies. 

Teams and Match-ups for Fiora

Fiora is a melee character. You can’t be an ultra-attacking player to win games with her. For Solo, Duo, or Squad gameplays, you should use the following cautious tactics: 

Duo gameplay: 

She belongs to the melee character list; therefore, she can better be placed with Jackie and Magnus. These two players can form effective duo gameplay strategies with Fiora. However, duo players, such as Aya-Hart or Isol-Nadine, can be harder to beat. 

The best way to tackle these players, in duo style, would be opening fights with Attaque Composée and then charging with dashers to cause damage. If these players start dashing away, never try to catch them, as Fiora is considerably slower in pace.

Fiora, along with her duo partner, can tear apart Li Dailin, Yuki, and Zahir:

You should win most of the time if you see the duos comprising any two of the mentioned players. Try to take down these players as soon as possible.  

Squad gameplay: 

Teaming up with Magnus, Jackie, and Hyunwoo is a good option — even for squad gameplays. However, you can find it tough to beat Aya, Hart, Isol, and Nadine. These players are pretty much scary to face with their long-range shots, especially Aya and Hart. Being cautious is the best option while tackling these characters. 

It’s hard to mention any squads that Fiora can subdue with ease. Playing with a calm and cautious mind is the best way to win solo, duo, and squad gameplay. Moreover, adding a player with long-range attacks, such as Aya, would be a real bonus in squad games while playing with Fiora. 

Fiora’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Fiora uses little SP level for her QWER skills: She is not an SP demon-like other Eternal Return: Black Survival characters. She uses less SP for most of her attacks. 
  • Most of her attacks are either instant or have lesser casting time: The casting time for Fiora’s passive and QWER skills is almost negligible. This proves her speed and flexibility to cause damage with her quick moves. 
  • She has winning kit options: Fiora can critically damage enemies to the death with the nature of her kit. 
  • Fiora has a fatal auto-attack reset: She is a speedy character and has an efficient auto-attack resetting ability.  
  • Fiora can slaughter animals in seconds: A few quick strikes and that boar or bear is dead!


  • She is slow: Fiora’s base move speed is very low, and lots of characters can easily outrun her or using dash-abilities to get away.
  • Fiora has a limited amount of basic attacks that apply her passive: There is a cap on the amount of Touché stacks an enemy can get; auto attacking any more has very little value. A circular bar around enemy feet indicates the amount of Touché stacks.
  • Her Q skill attack has a short range: Enemies might get away from Fiora’s straight spear attack. 
  • Most of her attacks are short-ranged: Due to her weapons, Fiora’s most attacks are closed ranged. She has a maximum range of 5 meters with her escaping move (E skill).  
  • Fiora’s Q skill has some irritating casting time: The time required to cast this move can arguably be spend better just by auto-attacking.

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