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Hart Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
hart guide eternal return black survival

Hart – the Peacemaker – has some witty skills up her sleeves. She is an offensive character who can recover her SP level even while doing damage. In this article, we shed so­­me light on her skills, winning builds, playing guide, Solo, Duo, and Squad gameplay, and strength & weaknesses at the end.  

All eternal return character guidesHart’s Skills

Hart_Delay_QDelay (Q)
100 SP; 4 secs cooldown
Hart strums her guitar, charging her sound waves. When she strums the guitar again, the sound waves are released.
She can charge for up to 4 seconds, and the sound waves stay for 4 seconds. She deals damage, the amount depending on how long she charges.
Evolution effect: Reduces the movement speed of enemies hit per number of Evolution points.
Hart_Overdrive_WOverdrive (W)
85 SP; 22 secs cooldown
Hart plays a lick on her guitar, increasing her Attack Power for 5 seconds.
Evolution effect: Reduces enemies' defense to her next sound wave per number of Evolution points.
Hart_Flanger_EFlanger (E)
35 SP; 17 secs cooldown
Hart quickly dashes in the targeted direction. She can activate this skill an additional two times.
She moves 2m and strums her guitar, discharging sound waves in a 4m area around her and dealing damage to enemies hit.
Evolution effect: Activating this skill grants skill damage amplification per number of Evolution points.
Hart_Peacemaker_RPeacemaker (R)
200 SP; 120 secs cooldown
Hart puts on a show for 5 seconds, causing everyone in a certain range to dance.
For every second of her performance, she recovers HP. Everyone attending the concert has their movement speed reduced to 2.5 and is unable to use any normal attacks or skills.
Evolution effect: Reduces the SP of all dancing enemies per second. SP reduction amount increases per number of Evolution points.
Hart_Feedback_PassiveFeedback (Passive)
No cost
If Hart deals damage to an enemy with a normal attack, she recovers some SP.
Evolution effect: An additional sound wave is discharged with every normal attack, dealing damage. She discharges one additional sound wave per Evolution point she has.
Hart earns an Evolution Point when she crafts an Uncommon, Rare, or Epic weapon for the first time.
Hart_Love&_DWeapon Skill: Love & ... (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Release a sound wave in the targeted direction to draw your enemy to the music, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and making them move towards the user.

Feedback – Passive

The fatal soundwaves of her guitar deal considerable damage to any targeted opponent. This skill does not only deal damage but also helps regain some of your SP level. Feedback procs on every auto-attack and provides 1-2% SP regen. The evolved passive attacks of Hart cause 0.15AP damage per soundwave. 

Delay – Q

The American Guitarist plays her musical instrument and releases sound waves. These waves of guitar damage her opponents. This skill has a short cooldown time, and it dealsa fair amount of damage. She can unleash her musical waves at a wide range of 8 meters using an evolved Delay attack. The longer she charges her strings, the more damage she deals with this skill (up to 4 seconds). Moreover, the enhanced Delay skill slows the enemy as well, besides just dealing damage. The movement speed reduction is based on the number of evolution points.  

Overdrive – W

Hart releases a series of sound waves in the targeted direction, causing damage to enemies. The American musician plays the guitar to charge her attack power and then unleashes damaging sound waves. The cooldown time for this skill is between 10 to 22 seconds. SP cost is between 100 to 120. This attack is instant and does not require any casting time. 

The enhanced Overdrive attack of Hart reduces the enemy defense by 15% to 30%, based on the number of evolution points.  

Flanger – E

Hart does not only cause damage with her sound waves; she can also dash towards enemies. She quickly runs towards or away from enemies, and releases music waves in the process. The Flanger attack is instant and requires zero casting time. Moreover, the enhanced Flanger adds 15% to 25% skill damage amplification for Hart for a while, based on the number of evolution points. 

Peacemaker – R

Hart plays a music concert with her ultimate move. This skill of Hart only reduces the SP level of opponents; it does not deal any damage. Moreover, it reduces the movement speed of enemies in  her musical show.  

Love &… – D

The weapon skill of Hart is to throw sound waves at your opponents. This move pulls the targeted enemies towards you. It is a quite useful weapon skill for catching fleeing opponents. 

Skill leveling order

Q> E> passive> R> W

Her W is the least useful skill of Hart. Use her Q and E quite often to cause more damage. You should keep this order in almost all the builds that we are mentioning below. You should put the maximum points in your Q, as it causes the most damage among all her skills. 

Hart’s Builds

Stairway to Heaven Hart build

hart build eternal return

Stairway to Heaven build for Hart; Saved Plan ID 267682

You need to be quick and aggressive to ace in Solo, Duo, and Squad gameplays with this build. Rush your items as fast as possible to get the upper hand over your enemies.  

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Stairway to Heaven
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Legs: Feather Boots
  • Accessories: Schrodinger’s Box

Build Route      

Beach> Uptown> Factory> Chapel> Forest

You will have to pass through five zones to acquire your items. This build path is the best possible build route to win with this build. The items such as Rocker’s Jacket and Draupnir will provide you a lot of movement speed to rush through different zones. You will get your weapon in the fourth zone (Chapel); however, you will get through all the zones pretty fast.

Moreover, the Beach and Uptown zones are mostly uncontested areas; so, you only need to worry about the Factory and Chapel. Play wise in the last two zones, as you would find a tough competition there. Pick up the fight with players whom you consider chasable and try to rob their items. In this way, you would be able to upgrade your tools, such as a better helmet or better boots.  

Teen Spirit Hart build

heart guitar build eternal return

Teen Spirit build for Hart; Saved Plan ID 244428

You will use a Teen Spirit guitar weapon in this build. The best thing about this guitar variant is that it provides Extra-Normal Attack Damage (ENAD) of +26. Teen Spirit in combination with Crusader Armor and Laurel Wreath, makes this build a pure ENAD build.   

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Teen Spirit
  • Chest: Crusader Armor
  • Head: Laurel Wreath
  • Arm: Radar
  • Legs: White Rhinos
  • Accessories: Schrodinger’s Box

Build Route      

Temple> Factory> Chapel> Uptown> Forest

This build path is a five-zoner route with a lot of distance to travel. The best part about this route is that it will allow you to try your hands at Teen Spirit so quickly. You will finish your weapon in the second zone (Factory), along with the Laurel Wreath. This build enables you to craft your weapons so fast, yet you need to make sure you keep your SP levels up. You will need a lot of water to survive using this build route. To ensure that, you should refrain from using the E skill of Hart too often when not in combat, as it can drain your SP.  Collect plenty of water bottles or other drinks to regen SP.

Purple Haze Hart build (skill amp build)

hart guide build route purple haze

Purple Haze build for Hart; Saved plan ID 267696

And lastly, you can start off your journey with Haze Hart. It is a winning build, especially if you are new to this game and this character. This variant is a simple and easy build that will help you acquire items quickly and match your opponents in the game.

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Purple Haze
  • Chest: Commander’s Armor
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Bracelet of Skadi
  • Legs: Glacial Shoes
  • Accessories: White Crane Fan

Build Route      

Archery Range> Beach> Alley> Hospital> Avenue

Starting from Archery Range is a good idea if you do not want any hustle right from the word go. So, you would be in a better position once you find a few items before picking up any fight. It is a five zoner build route that will, however, it will keep you along the Western part of Lumia Island. 

You will not be roaming around all over the map, and you should easily find the desired items quickly. The best part is that you will get the Purple Haze pretty quickly, in the Alley.

How to Play Hart

A good offense is the best defense; playing Hart is all about attack and aggression. This character is full of fierce and diving characteristics to make the enemies run out of defensive strategies. You should use her passive and QWER skills in the way described in the following paragraphs to make the most out of these attacks. 

Passive skill guide

Use the passive attacks of Hart to gain SP level. Never shy away from using this skill as it has zero SP requirement. It is a useful attack, especially when she has upgraded her guitar to blue or purple color. 

Q skill guide

Hart’s Q is a charging skill; the longer you hold, the bigger its effect. While playing duo or squad gameplays, be careful to see if your allies are blocking the way. There would be no point in using this skill if it gets hindered by your teammates.  

Mastering Hart is all about knowing when to unleash this attack with fully charged waves and when to leave it instantly. Practice makes perfect, and the best way to get a good feel for when to just cancel your Q is by playing lots and lots of Hart games. Using this attack can prove to be a winning strategy as the Q skill deals the most damage out of all of Hart’s abilities.

W skill guide

You should invest the least points in upgrading the W skill. Only use this skill when you don’t have anything else to do. It increases your attack power for 5 seconds at the hefty cost of 85 SP. So, be careful before using the W button while playing with Hart.  

E skill guide

Hart’s E is a quick dash that deals damage around her. By reactivating E you can dash an additional two times. You can use E for two purposes: firstly, to catch the fleeing opponents, and secondly, to dash away from dominating animals or enemies.  

The best thing about this skill is that the E button enables Hart to even dash over walls, quickly move sideways or dodge to avoid enemy attacks. We would suggest you level up this skill, as the Flanger gets a lower cooldown time the more it is leveled. 

R skill guide

Harts’s ultimate skill can neutralize a fight that is getting out of hand. This skill will reset your battles and make your enemies dance, providing you a sigh of relief. Use this skill for the following purposes: 

  • If you feel dominated;
  • you are low in a fight;
  • To help set up kills for your team mates in duo or squad mode
  • you have cooldown time for QWE skills;

Use the ultimate skill of Hart to keep everyone dance for 5 seconds while draining their SP level. This skill will also slow your opponents and provide you with some healing.  

Weapon skill (D) guide

Use the weapon skill of Hard to pull your opponents towards you. You can use it to catch fleeing enemies. You can also use it aggressively to get the most out of your shots. The best way to make this skill a lethal move is to combine it with other attacks. 

Attack Combos

Use her Weapon Skill (D) with Q: 

Delay is the most lethal attack of Hart; however, you will have to fully charge the sound waves (4 seconds) before unleashing Delay – time in which your enemy may run out of range. So, to make things easier, you should use her Love & Peace skill to drag enemies towards Hart and then use her Q. 

Teams and Match-ups for Hart

Hart is absolute gold in Solo gameplays; however, she takes a hit in duo or squad gaming style. So, to win in duos and squads, you should keep the following in mind

Duo gameplay

Teaming up with Aya or Isol is a good option for Duos: 

Hart has only one weapon; so, she does not possess that much variety in the starting zones. In Duo or Squad gameplay strategies, you would want your partner to be as close as possible. So, teaming up with Aya or Isol in the Duo style of play would be a winning move.

Fiora-Li Dailin or Nadine-Zahir combos would be easy to beat: 

Fiora has limited options in terms of her skill range; so, Hart, while playing in Duos with Aya, or Isol, can easily dominate the Fiora-Li Dailin duo. However, you have to be careful about the spells of Zahir. You will have to manage his tornado with the mobility skill of Hart. In this way, you can beat this duo as well.   

Squad gameplay

For squad gameplay, you should consider the following characters: 

Hart can best perform in a group with both defensive and attacking abilities. The most lethal combination for the squad gameplays would be to partner with Chiara and Hyunwoo.

Xiukai, Jackie, and Fiora will find your squad tough to handle: 

Most of the above players have lesser defensive skills. You can easily dominate these players. However, you need to be careful at the start of the game, as Hart is weaker in initial zones. 

Sissela, Magnus, and Aya is a tough squad to beat: 

Magnus is a hammering character and a tough guy to handle. Plus, Aya is also a character with a variety of weapons and long-ranged attacks. So, better watch out before picking a fight with this squad.  

Hart’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • She can evolve and upgrade her skills: Hart can transform her passive and QWER skills to make them more lethal. This means Hart has multiple variants in each of her attacks. This really is a cool feature of Hart Floyd.  
  • Green, Blue, and Purple guitars of Hart bring variety into her skills: As Hart crafts better guitars, her attacks amplify and become more fata.
  • She is the only player who uses guitar: Hart is the only character who utilizes the musical instrument as her weapon. The guitar of the American musician makes her unique.
  • Most of her skill attacks are long-ranged: You can target your enemies even from a decently far distance. This will help you target the fleeing opponent. 
  • She has the one-shot capability and awe-inspiring mobility: Hart is a dashing character. She can wipe out her enemies with a single shot (Q) if used accurately. Hart is a fun character to play within the Eternal Return: Black Survival. Besides, she is a pretty fast character and can surprise opponents with her quick movements.


  • The effect of her Delay skill is quite… delayed: The American guitarist needs a few seconds to cast her Q skill with full effect. 
  • Her ultimate only reduces enemies’ SP level: The R skill of Hart only reduces the SP level of enemies. It does not cause any other damage. However, the speed reduction due to this move can be utilized for applying any other skill afterward. 
  • The cooldown time for her enhanced ultimate is very high: The evolved ultimate of Hart, Peacemaker, will make you wait for quite a while. The cooldown time for her R skill ranges from 80 to 120 seconds. 
  • It is harder to level up her weapon skill: You will have to kill animals or opponent characters in the early game to upgrade her weapon skill. And this task becomes tough to do with Hart, especially when she has just landed on Lumia Island. 
  • She has weak early gameplay: Without her items, Hart is a weak player. So, in the starting, you should be cautious if you are playing with her. 

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