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Hyejin Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Hyejin is a character to watch out for, among the list of best players. We will discuss her skills, different winning builds, playing guides, gameplay instructions (Solo, Duo, and Squad), and her strengths & weaknesses.

All eternal return character guidesHyejin’s Skills

Charm of Despair (Q)
40 SP; 20 secs cooldown
Hyejin casts a Charm of Despair in the targeted direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit, and reducing their movement speed.
She can recast the skill to cast another charm.
Charm of the Prophecy (W)
60 SP; 22 secs cooldown
Hyejin summons a Charm of the Prophecy in the targeted location that stays at the location for a certain time Charm of Prophecy ignites after the max time, or if the skill is activated again, dealing damage to enemies in range and rooting them.
Charm of the Prophecy damage increases while on the ground.
Charm of the Nomad (E)
80 SP; 19 secs cooldown
Hyejin casts a Charm of the Nomad in the Targeted location, dealing damage to enemies hit.
Activating the skill again teleports Hyejin to the location of the Charm of the Nomad, dealing damage to enemies upon landing.
Five Omens (R)
100 SP; 120 secs cooldown
Hyejin focuses for 1 second, summoning 5 Omens, and dealing damage to enemies in an area around her.
The Omens spin around Hyejin for a certain time, each dealing damage to enemies hit.
Omens are consumed after hitting an enemy.

While focusing, her movement speed is reduced. Hyejin can teleport to her Charm of the Nomad location while focusing.
Three Calamities (Passive)
No cost
When Hyejin hits an enemy 3 times with a skill, Three Calamities is activated, fearing them.

Feared enemies cannot receive Three Calamities again for a certain time.
Weapon Skill: Rain of Arrows (D)
No cost; 15 secs cooldown
Fire a bouquet of arrows at the targeted area, causing a hail of arrows.
The arrows reach the target after a certain time, dealing damage to enemies hit by the rain of arrows and reducing their movement speed. Enemies located at the center of the rain of arrows take more damage.
Emma_Caltrops_DWeapon Skill: Caltrops (D)
No cost; 35 secs cooldown
Throw caltrops in an area, dealing damage to enemies that step on them and reducing their movement speed. Stepping on additional caltrops deals 30% of the initial damage.

Three Calamities – Passive

Her passive is called the Three Calamities. The 18-year old Shaman hits her targets with three calamities. Once the enemies get hit by her calamities thrice, they get feared, running away from Hyejin. However, there is an internal cooldown. After an enemy is feared, they cannot be feared again for 8 seconds.

Charm of Despair – Q

The Q skill of Hyejin is Charm of Despair. She curses her enemies with the Charm of Despair to cause damage. The movement speed of enemies also gets reduced by 1 second if they are hit with a charm. The cooldown time for this attack ranges from 8 to 20 seconds. 

Charm of the Prophecy – W

Hyejin ignites a charm of prophecy under the feet of enemies, causing damage. The casting time for this skill is 0.23 seconds. You need to consider the cooldown time for this skill, which is 10-22 seconds. This attack is her most powerful skill, and it roots down enemies at her target location.

Charm of the Nomad – E

The E skill of Hyejin is the Charm of the Nomad. She activates this skill to cause damage as well as change her location. If she uses this skill again, she teleports herself in the targeted direction, confusing the enemy.

Five Omens – R

Hyejin unleashes five omens that circulate around her with the Five Omens skill. She causes a fair amount of damage if an enemy is hit by any of the five rotating Omens. However, she requires 1 second to summon these omens (her focus time). These omens will move in a circle of 5-meter diameter. The cooldown time for this skill is fairly high, i.e., 60 to 120 seconds. 

Rain of Arrows – D (Bow)

The best thing about her weapon skills is that— the cooldown time for her Rain of Arrows is only 15 seconds. It can deal up to 500 damage if the enemy is perfectly situated in the center. Her weapon skill also discloses the hidden enemies around Hyejin. 

Caltrops – D (Shuriken)

This Shuriken weapon skill of Hyejin drops several caltrops over a targeted area. Whenever enemies step on to the caltrops, it deals a fair amount of damage. Besides, the movement speed of enemies also reduces once they move from that area. 

Skill leveling order

Passive> R> Q> W> E

You should maximize the passive skill of Hyejin as much as you can. Besides her Three Calamities, you can then put your efforts into leveling her ultimate skill. Keeping her E skill at the bottom of your choice is the best option. The reason we suggest keeping her charm of the Nomad attack at the bottom is its cooldown. The cooldown time will not reduce as you level up the E skill of Hyejin. You can use the same leveling priority skills in all the builds mentioned below. 

Hyejin’s Builds

Hyejin Elemental Bow Build

hyejin bow build

Elemental Bow build for Hyejin; Shared plan ID 257292

This build is a more skill amp build type— with the Elemental Bow— that has a skill amplification of +45. With this weapon, you will also get an attack power of +60. This build does not have a lot of survivability; you will need to rely on good food to survive with Hyejin while going for the mighty skill amplification build.

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Elemental Bow
  • Chest: Kabana
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Legs: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessories: Schrodinger’s Box

Build route

Archery Range> Alley> Forest> Avenue> Dock

Note that you need a piece of meteorite as well. You can loot this from bears or wolfs, or find it in loot crates.

Hyejin Golden-Ratio Build

heyjin build bow

Golden-Ratio build for Hyejin; Saved plan ID 257324

The best thing about this build is that it utilizes the safest and relatively uncontested build path. It will allow you a pretty decent early power spike. This power rise will help you make transitions in early gameplay. This build utilizes the Golden-Ratio Bow as a weapon, and it will keep you in the safest part of the map for its build-up path. 

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Golden-Ratio Bow
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Imperial Crown
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Legs: Feather Boots
  • Accessories: Uchiwa

Build Route      

Beach> Uptown> Factory> Cemetery> Avenue

Start off from Beach and feel as if you are alone on Lumia Island. Beach is the most uncontested area, and it will allow you some breathing room to just wet your feet. After Beach, you would be heading towards Uptown and then move on to the Factory. You need to be a bit careful in the Factory zone; better watch out for yourself. Be careful to keep yourself safe from Jackie, Aya, and Xiukai in this zone. Try to get your weapon done as soon as possible from Factory and pack your bags for the Cemetery.

Hyejin Wind and Fire Wheels Build

Hyejin shuriken build

Shuriken build for Hyejin; Saved Plan ID 257323

And lastly, we have got a Shuriken build for you if you do not prefer using Bow weapons with Hyejin. This build uses the Wind and Fire Wheels shuriken. While most Hyejin players opt for a bow, winning with shurikens isn’t all that hard if you use the right build.

Items required for this build: 

You need to have the following items for this build: 

  • Weapon: Wind and Fire Wheels (Shuriken)
  • Chest: Commander’s Armour
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Legs: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessories: Uchiwa

Build Route:

Uptown> Temple> Beach> School> Forest

How to Play Hyejin

Handling Hyejin to win solo, duo, and squad gameplays can sometimes be daunting task. Many players find it tough to use her skills properly. Therefore, to assist you in this regard, we provide you skill guides for each of her attacks. Following these instructions will help you reach your A-game with Hyejin

Passive skill guide

Her passive is very useful in canceling the ultimate attack of your opponents. It will activate fear in the minds of your enemies if you hit them with Three Calamities. Use this skill to turn characters like Xiukai around and cancel their ultimate. You need to be precise while using the passive of Hyejin as you will have to wait for 8 seconds to fear an enemy again. 

Q skill guide

The Charm of Despair attacks is your go-to skill with Hyejin. You should plan to use this skill quite often. Her Q skill causes up to 400 damage and 50% movement speed reduction (for one second). Q is your main damage dealer, so use it often.

W skill guide

Throwing charm under the feet of enemies is a cool trick of Hyejin. Use this skill to root your enemies and follow up with other damaging abilities.

E skill guide

E skill of the Korean character is appreciable. You can use it for multiple reasons. You can use the E button to teleport Hyejin to the targeted position using her charm. It also causes up to 150 damage to the enemy being hit by this attack. The insane use Charm of the Nomad is that you can use it to even pierce through walls! 

Runaway from your enemies or charge towards them; it is a handy trick to have up her sleeves, for sure! Use this skill to chase the fleeing enemy or leave the dominating opponent.             

R skill guide

If you manage to hit your target with an omen, each of the five Omens will cause 180 damage. Summoning five Omens is a deadly move. The of this skill is immense. The best way to use this skill is to ensure the enemy is around you. This way, the enemy will receive the 400 initial damage as well. 

However, you need to bear in mind that Hyejin requires 1 second to focus before calling her Five Omens. So, at this time, your movement speed will reduce by 30%. Be precise and wise to use this skill and make sure at least one or two Omens hit the enemy before they vanish. 

Weapon skills

Caltrops (Shuriken)

Caltrops (Shuriken) is a useful weapon skill of Hyejin, especially in the squad gameplays. You can harness this skill to add some distance from the charging enemies. 

Rain of Arrows (Bow)

Rain of Arrows has a fairly low cooldown compared to the high damage it deals, so use it often. You can kill your opponent characters or chickens, boars, or other animals with her bow attack. 

Attack Combos

Use her W skill with the Rain of Arrows:

The best way to cause more damage using the Charm of the Prophecy is to compel enemies to say where they are for a long time. To ensure that, use Rain of Arrows to push the enemy back and cause damage.

Use her Charm of the Nomad with her Ultimate: 

The Five Omen attack of Hyejin requires one second to focus initially. So, to compensate for the movement speed reduction, you should use her teleporting skill to avoid any damage. You can initially use her E and then activate her ultimate attack. Move towards the position of your charm while summoning the Five Omens. And once the Omens arrive, make sure that they hit your target.  

Use Q with Caltrops:

Using her Caltrops with her Q is quite lethal: Caltrops are handy in slowing down enemies and reducing their movement speeds. You should be using this weapon skill with her Charm of Despair attack. This combo of attacks can knock down your opponents with ease!        

Teams and Match-ups for Hyejin

Teaming up with useful players is essential to winning both duo and squad gameplay. This importance of making the right decisions increases manifolds if you are planning to find suitable players with Hyejin. She has lesser attacking abilities, and her skills are a bit harder to use if you are a new player. So, to assist you in this regard, you should pair with the following Eternal Return: Black Survival characters. 

Duo gameplay

Jackie or Magnus is a good match for Duo gameplay: 

Hyejin struggles to cope with attacking and hammering players like the above ones. Keeping them on your side, however, will boost your chances of winning duo games. With these players, you can take down any opponents. The attacking ability of Jackie will help you to counter the aggressive nature of characters like Aya. You can also dace the heartening Hart with these players on your side.

Squad gameplay

Squad gameplay is a bit hard to manoeuvre for the Korean teen: 

Hyejin has lesser mobility, and also her major attacks require some casting time. So, you may find yourself in the woods if you do not choose the best fit for Hyejin in the group games. The best way to ace all other squads is to team up with Jackie, Aya, Isol, and Emma. Shuriken is also a lethal weapon of Emma. So, most of the time, it would be helpful to stay close to her if you opt for the third mentioned build of Hyejin. 

Hyejin’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • She possesses long-ranged attacks: Hyejin can target her enemies even by standing a bit far. The attack range of her skills is as high as 11 meters.
  • She requires moderate SP level for her passive and QWER skills: The maximum amount of SP level she consumes is 100. Hyejin requires an SP level in between 50 to 100 SP level for all her attacks.  
  • Hyejin has two weapons to choose from: You can select either Bow or Shuriken as your weapon for solo, duo, and squad gameplay. This variety also helps in choosing different starting zones for variable build routes. 
  • She can end fights with fatal moves: Hyejin has a few skills quite useful to knock down enemies in no time if played cleverly. 


  • Her W skill can easily be negated by players with fierce mobility: It is better to use this attack for rhinos or other heavyweight animals. Use this attack only for static opponents. Using her W for the fastly moving characters is not a good idea. 
  • Her skills are a bit complicated to use for new players: You may find Hyejin a tough character to play with if you are new to this game. She seems complicated if you are playing her first time.
  • Hyejin requires a few seconds to cast her W and R skills: She requires 0.23 seconds to unleash the Charm of Prophecy and 1 second to summon her Five Omens. 
  • Her ultimate has a cooldown time: You will have to wait for 120 seconds (max) to summon the Five Omens again. 
  • Hyejin is vulnerable to heavy damage dealers: Players like Jackie can dominate Hyejin with their attacking abilities. So, it becomes tough to survive if you come across these players. Using caltrops is the best option against charging and aggressive players. 

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