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Hyunwoo Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
hyuonwoo guide eternal return black survival

Hyunwoo — the high school heavyweight— possesses varieties in gameplay strategies. He has winning skills and some interesting builds up his sleeves. You can dominate many players while playing with Hyunwoo. In this article, we will discuss his skills, different build types, playing guides, Duo and Squad gameplay strategies, and his strengths and weaknesses. So, without further delay, let’s start off our character spotlight with Hyunwoo’s passive, QWER, and weapon skills. 


All eternal return character guidesHyunwoo’s Skills

Stomping Foot (Q)
60 SP; 10 secs cooldown
Hyunwoo stomps his foot very hard, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the targeted area for a moment.
Bluff (W)
50 SP; 28 secs cooldown
Hyunwoo gets bonus defense for a short time when Bluff is active. Additionally, after Bluff is activated, Hyunwoo is immune to movement impairing for a short time.
First Attack (E)
70 SP; 13 secs cooldown
Hyunwoo charges toward the targeted direction, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in his path. If an enemy collides with a wall, they are stunned for a moment.
Haymaker (R)
150 SP; 70 secs cooldown
Hyunwoo gathers his strength for a while and throws a huge punch at the targeted area, dealing considerable damage. The more time Hyunwoo spends gathering his strength, the more powerful his punch will be.
Dogfight (Passive)
No cost
When Hyunwoo attacks or is attacked, he receives a stack of Dogfight. At a certain number of stacks, his next attack will restore his HP.
Weapon Skill: Uppercut (D)
No cost; 15 secs cooldown
The range of your next normal attack is increased and you deal additional damage for a certain time.
Weapon Skill: Quick Spin (D)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Block all damage for a certain time, and return the damage to the attacking enemy.

Dogfight – Passive

Dogfight is similar to the touché attack of Fiora. The passive skill of Hyunwoo makes him gain stacks of Dogfight while attacking or being attacked. However, this stack does not help in enhancing skill damage. The passive skill of Hyunwoo aids him in regening some HP level upon attacking. The best thing about this skill is that you also gain stacks if you are on the receiving end.  

Stomping Foot – Q

With his Q skill, Hyunwoo deals damage and causes some cracks on the surface. When the enemies pass through that surface, their movement speed gets reduced. This skill causes a 40% speed reduction and has a cooldown time of 6-10 seconds.

Bluff – W

Bluff is more like a defensive skill of Hyunwoo. It enables him to absorb enemy attacks for three seconds. This skill will help you in defending yourself from hammering attacks of Magnus or other players. It also provides immunity to slowing effects, helping you escape a tricky situation.

First Attack- E

E skill is arguably the most useful skill of Hyunwoo. Using his First Attack, Hyunwoo knocks back enemies in the targeted direction. First Attack deals a high amount of damage. The cooldown time for this skill is 11-13 seconds.  

Haymaker – R

Hyunwoo unleashes an energized punch in a targeted direction. This is a high risk, high reward kind of ability: both the casting time and cooldown time for this skill are high, yet it is mighty effective as it deals up to 1200 skill damage. 

Uppercut – D (Gloves)

The glove skill of Hyunwoo is more a skill enhancer than a damage-causing attack. The Uppercut increases the range of Hyunwoo’s auto-attacks. Besides this, the damage to his auto-attack is also enhanced while wearing gloves with Hyunwoo. It certainly is a useful weapon skill.

Quick Spin- D (Tonfa)

Hyunwoo uses quick spins for attacking as well as defensive strategies. It is a useful skill for blocking enemy attacks and cause some damage in the process. 

Skill Leveling Order

E> Q> W> R> Passive

Based on the playing experience, we recommend the above skill order while playing with Hyunwoo. The reason behind putting fewer points in R and passive skills of Hyunwoo is their limited damage-causing capabilities. However, you are free to have a different opinion. You may also tweak a bit with this order but make sure to choose the one that can win you games.  

Hyunwoo’s Builds

You would build around two weapons of Hyunwoo, i.e., glove and tonfa. Most players opt for Hyunwoo’s glove rather than going for the alternative (tonfa). The reason behind that is that gloves are useful and very powerful in Hyunwoo’s hands. However, we will provide you with a tonfa build as well to give you more build options. 

Stall Hyunwoo Build (Glove)

hyunwoo gloves build

Stall build for Hyunwoo; Saved Plan ID 280703

You would utilize Bloodwing Knuckle as your primary weapon in this build. The best thing about this build is its great movement speed. Items such as Rocker’s Jacket and Maverick Runner provide you tons of speed to run through any of your opponents. Hyunwoo is an aggressive player who runs towards his enemies, and this build caters perfectly to that movement speed and ultra-attacking nature. 

Items required for this build: 

  • Weapon: Bloodwing Knuckles 
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Helm of Banneret
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Legs: Maverick Runner
  • Accessories: White Crane Fan


Cemetery> Pond> Avenue> Archery Range> Hotel

You will have to pass through five zones to build your weapons and gear. This build route starts off with Cemetery and then quickly passing through Pond to reach Avenue. In the second zone, you would be able to try your hands at Bloodwing Knuckles. By the end of the fourth zone, you would have built your weapon, head, accessory items. So, overall, it is a quick and useful route with a good gameplay experience. 

Hyunwoo Skill Amplification Build (Glove)

hyunwoo skill amp build

Skill Amp build for Hyunwoo; Shared Plan ID 280708

This build is another variant with a glove weapon, and arguably the most popular Glove build for Hyunwoo. Your weapon in this build are the Budha’s Palm gloves in this build. This weapon will provide you cooldown reduction (+10%) and Skill Amplification (+18%). Besides, all other build items provide you skill amp as well. It is overall a winning build, and you must try it if you love using gloves with Hyunwoo. 

Items required for this build: 

  • Weapon: Buddha’s Palm
  • Chest: Commander’s Armor
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Draupnir
  • Legs: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessories: White Crane Fan


Temple> Alley> Forest> School> Archery Range

Again a five-zone build path, this route is a bit longer than the previous build path. You should find your glove weapon from Alley and then move to other zones quickly. The School zone is where you will probably spend the most time, as you will find most of Hyunwoo’s items there. 

Plasma Tonfa Hyunwoo Build

hyunwoo tonfa build eternal return

Hyunwoo build with Plasma Tonfa; Shared Plan ID 280711

And finally, the Tonfa build that utilizes Plasma tonfa as the primary weapon. This is a modified form of recommended tonfa Hyunwoo build and is a winning build. The items needed for this build are mentioned below. 

Items required for this build: 

  • Weapon: Plasma Tonfa
  • Chest: Battle Suit
  • Head: Imperial Burgonet
  • Arm: Sword Stopper
  • Legs: Feather Boots
  • Accessories: Schrodinger’s Box


School> Alley> Factory> Cemetery> Chapel> Beach

Starting off from School is not a new thing for Hyunwoo. However, the route may seem a bit longer while going from Alley to Factory. But, with the quick speed and aggressive nature of Hyunwoo, you can afford to take longer routes. Overall a fun build path and can win you games, for sure!

How to Play Hyunwoo

Weapon Guide

Hyunwoo has two options: whether to go for gloves or to choose tonfa as a primary weapon. This provides a variety of options to choose from  in terms of weapon types. Both tools are useful and can win you games; however, builds and routes will be different, depending on the type of weapon you choose. 

Passive Skill Guide

This skill is handy for restoring your HP level. You passively gain stacks of Dogfight with Hyunwoo with this skill when you attack or get attacked. And once you reach the maximum stacks, use any powerful skill with his passive to deal more damage and regen your HP level. 

Q Skill Guide 

Use the stomping foot of Hyunwoo only when the enemy is running towards you or beside you. However, you have to be precisely accurate in choosing the stomping area for this attack. You should make sure the enemy passes through the cracked surface to make it more useful. 

W Skill Guide

The Bluff skill of Hyunwoo is mainly useful in squad games, where you may end up surrounded by an enemy squad. If you are  being circled by enemies, the W button will surely come to the rescue. It will provide you relief of 3 seconds. The cooldown time is relatively higher for this skill, i.e., 16-28 seconds; therefore, you should use it wisely and make it count.

E Skill Guide

You should use this skill to either knock down a fleeing target or stun him for 1.5 seconds and cause more damage. To make this skill most effective, you should aim to knock your opponent into a wall while using the First Attack. You can target an enemy as far as 5 meters. It really is a handy range of attack, and you should use it to harness the maximum skill output. 

You can ambush your enemies with this skill. You should hide behind a box, wall, or in bushes and then appear from nowhere to surprise your opponents. This attack is handy in quickly damaging and knocking down your enemies once and for all.

Moreover, you can also make use of this skill to quickly move towards boxes. In this way, you would be able to grab items quickly and move towards other zones. It is a handy skill for item collection, especially in squad games.   

R Skill Guide 

The ultimate skill of Hyunwoo requires some seconds to fully cast. So, it would be better to use this skill with slowing or stunning attacks of Hyunwoo. This way, you give yourself a few seconds to channel the punch for the maximum damage. 

Glove Weapon Skill Guide (Uppercut) 

The weapon skill is useful for auto-attacks. Utilize it to unleash punching attacks of Hyunwoo to harness the maximum damage. The best way to use the Uppercut is using it on a stunned enemy. This can be ensured by using the E skill of Hyunwoo and then applying his auto-attacks. 

Tonfa Weapon Skill Guide (Quick Spin) 

The best use of this weapon skill would be to block big incoming damage, such as the ultimate attack of Chiara. You can also use it for countering other attacks and cause damage at the same time. It is a handy weapon move in many scenarios. This skill takes some time to fully master, but the only way to get better at using it is by playing more tonfas games with Hyunwoo.

Attack Combos

The best way to utilize each skill of Hyunwoo is to use these in a combination. The following attack combinations can help in defeating your enemies with fatal damage. 

  1. Use the E skill of Hyunwoo with his Ultimate:

Stunning your opponents with the E skill and then applying Hyunwoo’s ultimate is the best possible combo. However, you need to be sure that you managed to actually stun your opponent with E, before you start channeling your R. A fully energized punch of Haymaker on a stunned enemy can often result in a kill, so keep practicing until you master this combo.

  1. Using Stomping Foot with the First Attack is also a good option:

The combination of these two attacks will slow down the movement speed of opponents. Along with this, you can then stun your opponents with a quick and furious E attack. This skill combination will require more practice as you will have to be pinpoint accurate in targeting the right area for stomping foot attack.        

Teams and Match-ups for Hyunwoo

Hyunwoo is a very aggresive character, rather than being a conscious or a defensive player. You can afford to dive onto enemies and knock them down with tanky and speedy moves. You should use the following guidelines to ace in Both Duo and Squad gameplays.   

Duo gameplay

Choosing a partner for Duo gameplays can sometimes be a daunting task. You need to keep the tanky and aggressive nature of Hyunwoo in mind before making any choice. We would recommend you to go for Aya or Hart for Duo gameplays. In this way, you would have an option of knocking down enemies with long-ranged shots of Aya or Hart.

Playing duo styles with either of these two would mean you can take down duo combinations like Zahir-Yuki or Luke-Li-Dailin. However, you need to be careful of the Duo team involving Magnus, Chiara, or Isol.  

Squad gameplay

For Squad gameplays, Hyunwoo can perform better while teaming up with Jackie, Xiukai, Hart, and Chiara. You can also add other tanky characters based on your comfort and understanding. 

This group of players can easily dominate slow players, such as Xiukai, Emma, and Sissela. However, you need to be wary of Aya, Magnus, and Hart. These players as a team can give you a tough time.    

Hyunwoo’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • You can choose from two weapons that he has: Hyunwoo has two weapon types. You can choose different tools with this character to form a variety of build types.
  • Hyunwoo has both long-ranged and short-ranged skill attacks: This character has passive, Q, and W skills as short-ranged attacks. Whereas, E and R attacks of Hyunwoo are long-ranged. So, you can use both of these attack types, depending on the circumstances and gameplay scenarios.  
  • Hyunwoo’s E skill is handy to launch a quick attack: The speed and agility attributes of Hyunwoo are unmatchable. You would witness that in his E skill. It is a handy skill to have that can be used to surprise enemies by coming from nowhere. 


  • The Q skill of Hyunwoo (Stomping Foot) is a bit easier to escape from: Players can run away from the stomped area, and this skill can sometimes be a waste. 
  • Hyunwoo takes too much time to unleash his ultimate skill: Enemies can sometimes run away from the direction of the R attack of Hyunwoo. However, using this with other skills is a possible solution for this problem.

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