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Silvia Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
eternal return silvia guide

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Silvia is a winning character of the game and a formidable competitor to beat; she has become popular due to her recent updates. This character has quick speed with the added advantage of riding a bike. The Argentinian biker runs through her opponents and kills many with her winning skillset. 

This article will discuss her skills, build options, playing guide, duo and squad gameplay options, and strengths & weaknesses. We will start this character spotlight by discussing the passive, QWER, and weapon skills of Silvia. 

Silvia’s Skills

Radar Gun (Q)
50 SP; 7.5 secs cooldown
Silvia fires a Radar Gun, dealing damage to enemies hit and healing herself and allies hit. Silvia gains fuel for each target she hits, excluding herself.
Finish Line (W)
35 SP; 16 secs cooldown
Silvia sets up a Finish Line in the targeted location, dealing damage and decreasing the movement speed of enemies that pass through it. This only occurs the first time an enemy passes through.
Spare Tire (E)
50 SP; 13 secs cooldown
Silvia launches a Spare Tire in the targeted direction, dealing damage based on the distance. Enemies in close range are knocked back. Upon hitting an enemy, Silvia gains based on the distance the tire traveled.
Shift Gears (R)
No Cost, 24 secs cooldown
Silvia hops on her motorcycle, consuming fuel every few seconds, increasing her movement speed and her defense, and giving her different skills.
Her movement speed is reduced until she warms up her motorcycle.
She can use bike skills when her fuel is above a certain amount.
Silvia cannot use normal attacks or weapon skills while riding her motorcycle.
Lumia Grand Prix (Passive)
No cost; 30 secs cooldown
Upon entering a new area, aside from the Research Center, Silvia's attack speed and skill damage is increased. If she visits all 15 areas, she gains an extra 5% attack speed and skill amplification. Every few seconds, Silvia can gain fuel when visiting a new area. She regains fuel every few seconds when not on her bike.
Aya_MovingReload_DWeapon Skill: Moving Reload (D)
No cost; 55 secs cooldown
Increase movement speed and quickly reload your gun.
The cooldowns of all your other skills are reduced, except for your passive and weapon skills.

Lumia Grand Prix – Passive

Silvia gets her attack speed and skill damage increased upon setting foot in a new area (except for Research Center). The increased attack speed is 1/2/3%; skill damage increases by 0.6/0.8/1%. If she travels through all the 15 zones of the Island, Silvia gains an additional 5% attack speed and skill amplification. Moreover, the Argentinian biker gains 10/12/14 fuel upon entering a new area. 

Radar Gun – Q

Through this skill attack, Silvia launches a radar gunshot to deal damage. She casts this skill in a given direction and gains five fuel for each target hit. Moreover, this skill is also a way for Silvia to heal her allies. The cooldown time for the Radar Gun attack ranges is 4.5 to 7.5 seconds, and the SP cost is 50-90.  

Finish Line – W

Silvia throws a Finish Line over her opponents and deals damage with this skill attack. The enemies under her stretched line are damaged and and have their movement speed reduced for 3 seconds. 

However, this reduction in the movement speed occurs only for the first time enemy passes through it. The cooldown time for the Finish Line is 12-16 seconds. The SP cost for the W skill of Silvia varies between 25 and 65. 

Spare Tire – E

With this skill attack, the Argentinian biker launches her spare tire in a given direction to deal damage. Besides causing damage, this skill is also helpful in knocking enemies airborne for some time. However, opponents need to be within the range of 3 meters for the airborne effect. 

Moreover, she also gains fuel for her bike using this skill. For that, enemies need to be outside the range of 3 meters. The cooldown time for this skill is 9-17 seconds. The SP cost is moderate, 50-90.

Shift Gears – R

Silvia rides on her bike and changes her skills using the R button. However, to use the bike, you need to have a certain level of fuel (30); otherwise, you will not be able to cast this skill variation. While she is on her bike, she consumes five fuel points for each second. 

Moreover, Silvia cannot use her weapon skill or her Normal attacks while riding a bike. Turning her bike left or right gives Silvia more movement speed, and she gets faster upon each 10-degree turn. The cooldown for this skill is 2-20 seconds. She does not consume any SP level points for skills on her bike and uses only the fuel. 

On Bike Q Skill (Power Slide) 

Silvia slides her bike and deals damage to the nearby enemies. The range of attack for this skill is limited, i.e., 2.5 meters. The cooldown for this skill is 1.7-3.7 seconds, and the fuel cost is 5. 

On Bike W Skill (Front Flip) 

This skill has more damage than the previous on-bike skill attack. Silvia jumps her bike over her opponent and deals damage. This skill attack causes damage and knocks enemies airborne for some time. The cooldown time for this skill is 6-10 seconds, and the fuel cost is 5. 

On Bike E Skill Guide (Wheelie)

With this on-bike skill, Silvia wheelies towards her opponents in a targeted area and deals damage. This skill attack causes considerable damage and knocks enemies 1 meter back. The cooldown for this skill is 9-13 seconds, and the fuel cost is 5. 

On Bike R Skill (Shift Gears) 

By pressing the R button again, will enable you to get off the bike. After dismounting, Silvia can use her Normal attacks with enhanced attack damage. The cooldown time for this skill is 2 seconds with no SP or fuel cost. 

Moving Reload – D

Silvia quickly reloads her pistol while running with this weapon skill. Besides, this weapon skill also increases the movement speed of Silvia. The cooldown for this skill is 30/50 seconds with 35/70%.  

Skill Leveling Order

R> Q> Passive> E> W

In terms of Skill order, we rate the ultimate skill higher than all other skill attacks. It allows you higher movement speed and more variety of skills. Other than the Ultimate skill option, the Radar Gun attack is relatively easier to execute with a lesser cooldown and moderate SP cost compared to her other abilities. 

In terms of skills, while riding a bike, the W skill attack is more convenient and has more damage. Of course you can modify the skill order as per your preference; however, keeping different aspects of her skills in mind, we suggest you stick to this order for the following two builds.           

Silvia’s Builds

Bruiser Amp Elegance Silvia Build

eternal return best silvia build pistol

Bruiser Amp build for Silvia; Shared Plan ID 308018

Our first build suggestion for Silvia is more like a bruiser amplification build with an Elegance pistol as the prime weapon. This pistol brings a massive addition to the attack power and vision range of Silvia. Most of the skill attacks of Silvia are powerful with an Elegance pistol. 

Besides the pistol, other build items are efficient to increase the Max HP and SP for Silvia. Overall, it is a winning build for different gameplay styles with just four zones to travel.  

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Elegance 
  • Chest: EOD Suit 
  • Head: Imperial Crown
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: Schrodinger’s Box

Desired route for this build: 

Hospital> Pond> Temple> School

This build has a two-weapon build-up. You would be starting your journey from the Hospital zone. The Hospital zone at the start is not that difficult, and the first three zones are connected. However, you would need to be careful in stepping foot outside the Temple zone.    

To get to the final zone, you must pass through Avenue, and things can get difficult out there. We would suggest you be aggressive with Silvia once you have the pistol weapon in your hands. And going on the bike for the final zone is always welcoming. 

Also, you need to realize the nature of this character. She’s a Tanky character; the Argentinian racer is extremely good at going into different zones and finding items quickly. You need to follow her nature and do not stick around in one zone for long. This way, you will quickly acquire the required build items and build your game strongly.  

Electron Blaster Silvia Build

good silvia build eternal return

Electron Blaster build for Silvia; Shared Plan ID 308020

Electron Blaster build is our second choice with Silvia. This build option has all that you will need with Silvia. The weapon itself will add +61 Attack Power, +50% Attack Speed, +25 Extra-Normal Attack Damage, and a little bit of Movement Speed. 

Besides the heavy Attack Power and Attack Speed option, this build also enhances the max HP, max SP, and SP regen of Silvia. To sum it up, it is a suitable build with most of the route zones connected. You should try out this build variant and see how it works for you.  

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Electron Blaster
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket
  • Head: Imperial Crown
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: Uchiwa

Desired route for this build: 

Avenue> Beach> School> Archery Range> Hotel

Avenue will be your starting zone for this build. You will need to go through only the first two zones of the route to acquire the Electron Blaster pistol. 

Avenue will be your base zone with a lot of items, especially batteries. Apart from the batteries, the rest of the items found from this build will be a bonus. Keep in mind to use the teleporter to reach the second zone. The Beach zone will be the place where you complete the Electron Blaster and Imperial Crown. 

Having the pistol weapon in your hands makes things relatively easier for the last three zones. Try to be fast and collect all the required items hurriedly. Keep the aggressive killing strategies for the final moments of the game. In this way, you will ace other players on the Island. 

How to Play Silvia

Silvia will not keep herself quiet for long, that’s for sure! You should not play as a defensive and cautious player and sneak around Lumia Island. Silvia makes her presence felt with her attacking gameplay. The ultra-attacking style will perfectly suit you while controlling Silvia in the game. The following skill guide will help you further regarding the skilled manual of Silvia.  

Passive Skill Guide

The passive skill of Silvia is a great tool to gain attack speed, skill amplification and fuel power. This skill proves the benefit of visiting more areas on the Island while controlling this character. Try exploring different places on the Island to gain fuel and stronger attacks and abilities. 

Q Skill Guide

Q skill of this character is a ranged skill attack with abilities to heal Silvia and her allies. This skill has a lesser cooldown, moderate SP cost, and a good range of attack. There is no harm in using this skill quite often. 

When you are in a duo or solo team, use this skill to heal yourself and your opponents. However, being precise with your target is compulsory. We recommend you to make sure your enemies are under your target and do not let them slip away or dodge the Radar Gun attack. 

W Skill Guide

The W-skill attack is a bit difficult to execute. The Finish Line attack requires a precise hand to place the line perfectly over enemies. Try using the W skill of Silvia only when you have experience of playing as Silvia. However, it is relatively easier to use this skill to attack animals rather than against your opponents. Animals generally have lesser mobility than rival characters. 

This skill attack slows opponents who pass through the range of this skill. Therefore, you can use other skill attacks over opponents with lesser mobility. The Q skill requires casting accuracy; it would be more productive to use the Q skill after the Finish Line attack. 

E Skill Guide

The E skill is an efficient tool to deal damage as well as gain fuel. You can also cause the airborne effect using a spare tire skill attack. Silvia needs a moderate SP level to cast this skill. You can use the spare tire move quite often, as this skill attack has a low cooldown time. 

R Skill Guide

Using the R button will allow you to ride a bike with Silvia. Use this skill option only when you have desired fuel level. It is a handy skill option, especially when you have to move different zones quickly. While on the bike, she also changes her Q, W, and E skill attacks. 

You can use this skill with an attacking mind-set or as a defensive tactic. This skill is a viable option to catch fleeing enemies or to run away from a dominating opponent. The cooldown for this skill does not matter as you are already on a bike (so there is no need casting it a second time any time soon); however, keep the fuel level above the minimum point for a safe ride. 

On Bike Q Skill Guide

The on-bike Q skill is a close-ranged skill attack with decent attack damage. However, you need to make sure your opponents are near you; otherwise, this skill attack would be a waste. 

On Bike W Skill Guide

The Front Flip skill attack requires precision in terms of targeting your opponent. Silvia will dive in the direction she is facing; however, you need to fix the targeted spot before casting this skill. This skill attack deals significant damage and knocks enemies airborne for some time.  

On Bike E Skill Guide

E-skill attack while riding a bike allows Silvia to charge towards her enemies and deal damage. This skill attack has the maximum attack range; you can deal damage to your opponents even a bit farther from you. 

You can use this skill to push back the charging enemies, and it buys you a few seconds to plan the next move. It is a handy skill with an extensive attack range. However, you need to make sure you are casting this skill right into the face of your opponent. 

On Bike R Skill Guide

This skill allows Silvia to get off her bike. You can dismount the bike any time you want in the game. However, we would suggest you press the R button only when your opponents are around. You would be able to use the enhanced Normal attack of Silvia within the next 3 seconds. 

Weapon Skill Guide

Quickly reload your weapon by using the Moving Reload skill. It is a handy skill for most of the characters with a pistol as their weapon runs out of bullets mid-fight. You can use it while charging towards your opponents or fleeing away in the middle of a fight. This weapon skill is a savior tool for range characters. Use it when you run out of ammo and refill the pistol weapon to kill your opponents. 

Teams and Match-ups for Silvia

The Argentinian biker is a fast player with a wide range of skill attacks; she can play well with almost any character. Silvia is a solid solo player, an equally able duo player, and an amazing Squad player. You can have the following characters in her team to win duo and squad games. 

Duo gameplay

As a duo team, you can pair perfectly with Aya or Rozzi. Both of these players are super-fast as Silvia herself. Together with either of these two players, she can form an ultra-attacking duo team with abilities to run into any opponent players.  

These two players are attacking by nature and have quick movement speeds. However, players like Chiara, Magnus, and Hart can be a bit tougher to beat; be careful against these. 

Squad gameplay

For squad games, Silvia has more options. She can choose either player with very attacking gameplay and quick reflexes like her or add a few powerful characters with defensive options. For this, Silvia can do well with Aya, Rozzi, and Luke. Or she can add Magnus to her team to provide the attacking and defensive hand. 

With these players, you can take on any opponent. Higher movement speeds of these players with Silvia will provide you an early gameplay advantage. Make full use of that factor and kill as many opponents as possible to win squad games.  

Silvia’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Silvia has more skills up her sleeves than other players: Silvia has different abilities while she is on foot or on her bike. This allows for more offensive and defensive options.
  • The Argentinian biker has no match in terms of her speed: Silvia is the speed devil of Lumia Island, and her bike adds more speed options for her. 


  • She only uses a pistol as a weapon: Silvia can only choose a pistol for her builds. It may limit your choice in terms of varying build options. 
  • Most of the skill attacks of Silvia need precision: You need to be precise and accurate. Silvia’s abilities aren’t point and click, but need accuracy in execution for more damage.    
  • Skills of this character are not easy to execute: You can’t expect to just hop on Silvia’s bike and start winning. Silvia is a complex character that takes some time to master; you will need to spend some time with this character to win games. 

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