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Luke Guide (Eternal Return: Black Survival)

by Laura
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Luke is relatively new to the roster of character available in Eternal Return: Black Survival, but surely has made an impression! The Polish assassin is widely famous due to his winning skill abilities and unique kits. He is a character with the majority of his skill attacks as long-ranged. He is worth a try, for sure!

This article will discuss his skills, different build options, playing guide, duo and squad strategies, and his strengths and weaknesses. So, without further ado, let us discuss his passive, QWER, and weapon skills first. 

Luke’s Skills

Clean Sweep (Q)
30 SP; 16 secs cooldown
Luke throws a bottle of his favorite cleaning product in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and granting him vision of them. Reactivate this skill within the next 3 seconds to dash to the enemy hit, dealing damage and destroying their shield.

Evolution Effect: Reactivating Clean Sweep heals Luke based on damage dealt.
Elbow Grease (W)
20 SP; 10 secs cooldown
Passive: Reduces duration of CC on Luke (airborne/slow/root/stun/suppression).

Active: Luke strengthens his normal attacks for a few seconds, dealing extra skill damage to enemies hit. Hitting an enemy increases his attack speed for a few seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Evolution effect: Every time an enemy is hit by the enhanced normal attack of Elbow Grease, the cooldown of Clean Sweep is reduced.
Dirty Work (E)
70 SP; 22 secs cooldown
Passive: When attacking or killing an enemy, Luke does not alert enemies on the minimap.

Active: Luke teleports behind a targeted enemy and shoots them, dealing damage.

Evolution effect: Enemies damaged by Dirty Work are slowed.
Pressure Washer (R)
120 SP; 85 secs cooldown
Luke fires a bullet from his concealed gun, dealing damage to enemies hit based on their missing HP, slowing them, granting him vision of them, and pushing himself back.
Evolution effect: Hitting an enemy with the bullet resets the cooldown of Clean Sweep.
Neat 'n Tidy (Passive)
No cost
Neat: Luke recovers lost HP upon killing a player or Wickeline.

Tidy: Luke gains a stack of Tidy upon killing players, killing wild animals, or opening air supplies.
Luke gains an Evolution Point after some stacks, giving his skills extra effects.

Weapon Skill: Full Swing (D)
No cost; 25 secs cooldown
Deal damage to all enemies in front of you and knock them back. If the enemies hit a wall from the knockback, they are stunned.

Neat ‘n Tidy – Passive

The passive skill of Luke consists of two parts. Firstly, he gains a percentage of HP recovery upon killing rival players or Wickeline. The rate of HP recovery is higher if you kill Wickeline than if you kill a rival opponent. And secondly, Luke gains a stack of Tidy upon killing players, wild animals, or opening air supplies.       

Clean Sweep – Q

Luke throws a liquid in a given direction to deal damage with his Q skill attack. If you use this skill again within 3 seconds, Luke will dash towards enemies in no time and destroy their shield. This skill’s cooldown time is 8-14 seconds, and the SP cost is 30-110. The range of this attack is 9-10 meters. 

Moreover, you can add the evolution effect to this skill by spending a few stacks. The evolved Q skill will help Luke heal an amount proportional to the damage dealt upon using the Q skill again. 

Elbow Grease – W

This skill has two effects. Firstly, the passive effect will provide you with Crowd Control (CC) time reduction by 20%. It means that Luke will be stunned, slowed, airborne, and rooted 20% shorter than other characters.

Secondly, this skill’s active effect is that it enhances the Normal attacks of Luke for a few seconds. If Luke hits enemies with enhanced Normal attacks, his movement speed increases by 8% for 2 seconds.

Moreover, Luke can invest evolution points for enhanced W skill effects; he can reduce the Clean Sweep attack’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds for each buffed Normal attack used.

Dirty Work – E

This skill attack also has two effects. The passive impact enables Luke not to cause pings on the minimap while attacking his targets. And the active results make the Polish hitman teleport behind his target and deal damage. 

The evolution effect on this skill attack will slow enemies by 70% for 1 second. The cooldown time for this skill is 10-18 seconds, and the SP cost is 70-130. You can teleport behind your opponents in a range of 3 meters with this skill.  

Pressure Washer – R

With the ultimate skill, Luke unveils his hidden weapon and fires a bullet shot. This deals a decent amount of damage, and enemies’ movement speed is slowed for a few seconds with Luke’s R skill. 

The evolution effect on this move enables Luke to reset the cooldown time of his Q skill. The cooldown time for this skill is 60-100 seconds, and the SP cost is 120-160. 

Full Swing – D

This weapon skill will enable Luke to swing his bat weapon and cause damage to the targets. Enemies hit with this attack are pushed back and are stunned if they collide with a wall. 

The cooldown for the bat weapon skill is 25 seconds, and the bat’s range is 2.5 meters. 

Skill Leveling Order

W> Q> E> R> Passive

W and Q are the most valuable skills of Luke with multiple uses. You should put more points on them. However, passive and R skills are a bit lesser practical in our view. The passive does not do much except increasing the heal of Luke. 

His opponents can dodge the R skill of Luke, so try not to put too many points in this skill’s evolution. Do take the ultimate when it is available, but do not invest evolution points.

Luke’s Builds

Luke Build with Spy Umbrella

luke bat build erbs

Luke build with Spy Umbrella; Saved Plan ID 309317

Our first build choice would be Attack Power and Attack Speed oriented Spy Umbrella build. Spy Umbrella as the primary weapon will provide you added attack power of +65, Extra Skill Damage of +28, and SP regen of +0.8. The overall build items are handy in providing better defense options, movement speed, and SP regen. The list of items for this build is mentioned below. 

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Spy Umbrella 
  • Chest: Sunset Armor 
  • Head: Motorcycle Helmet
  • Arm: Radar
  • Leg: Straitjacket Sneakers
  • Accessory: Laced Quiver

Desired route for this build: 

Cemetery> Chapel> Alley> Avenue> Pond

This is a five zoner build path. The better thing about this build route is that all five zones are interconnected. The only difficulty you may face is when you would travel from the second zone to the third. 

A cemetery is a good place as your starting zone. The weapon build-up is three-zoner, so be careful and not try too much in terms of aggressive gameplay for the first two zones. Be cautious even when you pass to move from Chapel to Alley. Once Luke gets a weapon in his hands, you can switch to a more aggressive playstyle. So, you should kill as many players as you can in the final two zones.  

Luke Build with Mallet

best luke build eternal return mallet

Luke Build with Mallet; Saved Plan ID 309320

You can also try Mallet as your prime weapon instead of the Spy Umbrella. This weapon is primarily designed to provide you with an Attack Power of +85, Attack Speed of +50%, and Healing Reduction (Attacks) of -40%. Other items in the list for this build are also ideal for buffing your max HP & SP and formidable defensive options. 

Overall, it is a valuable build variant with a more comprehensive route. All you need to do is play safer in the first three zones and unleash Luke’s aggressiveness in the latter part of the game.

Items needed for this build are: 

  • Weapon: Mallet 
  • Chest: Sunset Armor 
  • Head: Helm of Banneret
  • Arm: Burnished Aegis
  • Leg: Bucephalus
  • Accessory: Uchiwa

Desired route for this build: 

Pond> Avenue> Hotel> Archery Range> Cemetery

This build has a five-zoner route. Acquisition of the significant weapon takes three zones. The hardest part regarding Luke’s builds is that items are scattered all over Lumia Island. However, considering the Polish assassin’s gameplay style, you can trust him to get around and go for the longer routes.

Once you try your hands at the Mallet, things will become easier for you while going through the final two zones. The cemetery should be the zone where you should unleash the killing mode. Before that, try to be careful and do not run into the faces of heavy opponents. 

How to Play Luke

Luke is a super aggressive player. He is full of quick reflexes and witty gameplay strategies. You can afford to play with an ultra-attacking mind-set and run into the enemy’s defense while controlling this character. Check out the skill guidelines for Luke in the following paragraph to master each of his skills. 

Passive Skill Guide

The best value for the passive skill would be to kill Wickeline. In this way, you would gain a higher percentage of the HP recovery and a stack of Tidy. The stack of Tidy earned through these killings will allow you to evolve your skills, giving them extra power and effects. These skill up-grading factors make the stacks of tidy highly important, and you should try to gain as many stacks as possible. More stacks would mean more chance of improved skills in the latter part of the game. 

Q Skill Guide

The low cooldown and moderate SP cost make this skill of Luke an ideal choice. You can use this move quite often. Try to gain more stacks of Tidy and upgrade this skill. Other than skill damage, upgrading Clean Sweep (with Evolution points) will help you in healing Luke. 

You can also use this skill in combination with other attacks. Once you use the Q button again within 3 seconds, it will destroy enemy shields. Then is the perfect time to cast another heavy skill attack over opponents with lesser defense. We would recommend you to use the ultimate skill or E skill of Luke immediately after using the Q button a second time.

Besides, the Clean Sweep skill is handy to catch up to the fleeing enemies as well. Just hit the Q button the second time, and Luke will dash towards the running target. 

W Skill Guide

The Elbow Grease skill attack has many features. The passive effect of this skill is fantastic. It will enable you to have lesser CC damage. Besides, the active and enhanced results for the W skill of Luke are also convenient. 

We would recommend you to enhance the W skill as soon as possible. Reduction in cooldown of Q skill with the use of Elbow Greece can be a clutch move. In a nutshell, this skill ensures more significant skill damage, reduced cooldown for Q skill, and increased movement speed for a few seconds. 

The cooldown time for this skill is lesser, and the SP cost is also moderate. You should use the W button quite often to ensure more powerful Normal attacks. 

E Skill Guide

Teleporting behind enemies is always useful. You can surely surprise your rivals in the middle of a fight with Dirty Work. You can use this skill to change the direction of your attacks as well as dodge your opponents. It is more beneficial to avoid heavy attacks of your opponents than being aggressive with this skill attack. The evolution effect is also quite helpful, as it slows enemies for 1 second.

R Skill Guide

The ultimate skill has more significant skill damage than the Q, W, and E skills of Luke. However, hitting a target with this attack is important – and not always easy. We would suggest you unleash Luke’s hidden weapon attack over a stunned enemy or a slowed enemy. In this way, chances would be higher than you hit your opponent. 

You can use the ultimate skill defensively as well. Try to get away from the dominating opponent with the pushback of R skill. It’s not ideal, but if it saves you from dying it’s well worth it.

Weapon Skill Guide

Stunning enemies with the Full Swing is always handy. Try to execute this weapon skill near a wall so that enemies get stunned. Once you do so, try combining other skill attacks over unconscious opponents to deal extra damage. 

Teams and Match-ups for Luke

Luke is a fast, furious, and wicked player of the game. You can combine him with many players in the game. He is a player who can tarnish his opponents in no time. Following guidelines for Duo and Squad gameplays will surely assist you further. 

Duo gameplay

Luke would love to team up with Magnus. The same weapon type would keep these players closer to each other. Magnus is not as fast as Luke; however, the American giant is super powerful. You can always bank on the smashing short-ranged Magnus skills and the rapid and robust skill attacks of Luke in a Duo team. 

With Magnus, you can challenge any opponent; however, you still need to be careful against a few players. Jackie, Aya, and Chiara are a bit harder opponents, so be conscious of these. Other than these, you can take on any duo team in Lumia Island. 

Squad gameplay

For squad games, Luke is better placed with Rozzi, Aya, Magnus, and Sissela.Most of these characters are fast like Luke and have long-ranged skill attacks. At the same time, Magnus can provide the balancing effect with powerful skill attacks and a rigid defensive body. 

Luke’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Luke has insane kit options: This character is in top demand due to his kit. 
  • The Polish assassin has amazing box opening animation: You will fall in love with this character once you look at his animations. These activities make him one of the coolest players to play around with within the game. 
  • Luke can evolve all his skill attacks: The Polish assassin can transform his skills at the cost of stacks earned to make them more effective. The upgrading of skills is highly handful for the late gameplay. 
  • Most of his skill attacks are long-ranged: Luke can target his opponents even while standing a bit farther away. 


  • This character has only one weapon to choose from: You may feel a bit limited in weapon variety. Luke can only opt for a bat weapon. It makes him limited in terms of build options too. 

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